The MEROPS Peptidase List

The Peptidase List (sometimes abbreviated PepList) is a selection of peptidases that are particularly thoroughly characterised.Many of them are the type peptidases of families in MEROPS and/or have published three-dimensional structures.When a peptidase is added to the list it is assigned an accession number in the form "PL00000", and a history of the use of each accession number is maintained.Please note that the equivalence to items in the EC List of IUBMB is only approximate.

The present content of the Peptidase List is as follows:See here for a description of this page.

PL00001 05-March-2003 A01.001 pepsin A EC
PL00002 05-March-2003 A01.003 gastricsin EC
PL00003 05-March-2003 A01.004 memapsin-2 EC
PL00004 05-March-2003 A01.006 chymosin EC
PL00005 05-March-2003 A01.007 renin EC
PL00006 05-March-2003 A01.008 renin-2
PL00007 05-March-2003 A01.009 cathepsin D EC
PL00008 05-March-2003 A01.010 cathepsin E EC
PL00009 05-March-2003 A01.011 penicillopepsin EC
PL00010 05-March-2003 A01.012 rhizopuspepsin EC
PL00011 05-March-2003 A01.013 mucorpepsin EC
PL00013 05-March-2003 A01.015 barrierpepsin EC
PL00014 05-March-2003 A01.016 aspergillopepsin I EC
PL00015 05-March-2003 A01.017 endothiapepsin EC
PL00016 05-March-2003 A01.018 saccharopepsin EC
PL00017 05-March-2003 A01.020 phytepsin EC
PL00018 05-March-2003 A01.022 plasmepsin-1 EC
PL00019 05-March-2003 A01.023 plasmepsin-2 EC
PL00020 05-March-2003 A01.030 yapsin-1 EC
PL00021 05-March-2003 A01.031 yapsin-2
PL00022 05-March-2003 A01.040 nepenthesin EC
PL00023 05-March-2003 A01.041 memapsin-1 EC
PL00024 05-March-2003 A01.046 napsin A
PL00025 05-March-2003 A02.001 HIV-1 retropepsin EC
PL00026 05-March-2003 A02.002 HIV-2 retropepsin EC
PL00027 05-March-2003 A02.003 simian immunodeficiency virus retropepsin
PL00028 05-March-2003 A02.004 equine infectious anaemia virus retropepsin
PL00029 05-March-2003 A02.007 feline immunodeficiency virus retropepsin
PL00030 05-March-2003 A02.008 murine leukemia virus-type retropepsin
PL00031 05-March-2003 A02.009 Mason-Pfizer leukemia virus retropepsin
PL00032 05-March-2003 A02.011 human endogenous retrovirus K retropepsin EC
PL00033 05-March-2003 A02.012 retropepsin (human T-cell leukemia virus)
PL00034 05-March-2003 A02.013 bovine leukemia virus retropepsin
PL00035 05-March-2003 A02.015 Rous sarcoma virus retropepsin
PL00036 05-March-2003 G01.001 scytalidoglutamic peptidase EC
PL00037 05-March-2003 G01.002 aspergilloglutamic peptidase EC
PL00038 05-March-2003 A05.001 thermopsin EC
PL00040 05-March-2003 A08.001 signal peptidase II EC
PL00041 05-March-2003 A09.001 spumapepsin
PL00043 05-March-2003 A24.001 type 4 prepilin peptidase 1 EC
PL00044 05-March-2003 A26.001 omptin EC
PL00045 05-March-2003 A26.003 plasminogen activator Pla EC
PL00046 05-March-2003 C01.001 papain EC
PL00047 05-March-2003 C01.002 chymopapain EC
PL00048 05-March-2003 C01.003 caricain EC
PL00049 05-March-2003 C01.004 glycyl endopeptidase EC
PL00050 05-March-2003 C01.005 stem bromelain EC
PL00051 05-March-2003 C01.006 ficin EC
PL00052 05-March-2003 C01.007 actinidin EC
PL00053 05-March-2003 C01.009 cathepsin V EC
PL00054 05-March-2003 C01.010 vignain
PL00055 05-March-2003 C01.013 cathepsin X EC
PL00056 05-March-2003 C01.017 zingipain EC
PL00057 05-March-2003 C01.018 cathepsin F EC
PL00058 05-March-2003 C01.026 ananain EC
PL00059 05-March-2003 C01.028 fruit bromelain EC
PL00060 05-March-2003 C01.032 cathepsin L EC
PL00061 05-March-2003 C01.033 cathepsin L1 (Fasciola sp.)
PL00062 05-March-2003 C01.034 cathepsin S EC
PL00063 05-March-2003 C01.036 cathepsin K EC
PL00064 05-March-2003 C01.040 cathepsin H EC
PL00065 05-March-2003 C01.041 aleurain
PL00066 05-March-2003 C01.050 histolysain EC
PL00067 05-March-2003 C01.060 cathepsin B EC
PL00068 05-March-2003 C01.070 dipeptidyl-peptidase I EC
PL00069 05-March-2003 C01.073 peptidase 1 (mite) EC
PL00070 05-March-2003 C01.074 CPB peptidase
PL00071 05-March-2003 C01.075 cruzipain EC
PL00072 05-March-2003 C01.083 V-cath peptidase EC
PL00073 05-March-2003 C01.084 bleomycin hydrolase (animal) EC
PL00074 05-March-2003 C01.085 bleomycin hydrolase (yeast)
PL00075 05-March-2003 C01.086 aminopeptidase C
PL00076 05-March-2003 C01.098 CPC peptidase
PL00077 05-March-2003 C02.001 calpain-1 EC
PL00078 05-March-2003 C02.002 calpain-2 EC
PL00079 05-March-2003 C02.004 calpain-3 EC
PL00080 05-March-2003 C02.022 Tpr peptidase (Porphyromonas gingivalis)
PL00081 05-March-2003 C03.001 poliovirus-type picornain 3C EC
PL00082 05-March-2003 C03.005 hepatitis A virus-type picornain 3C
PL00083 05-March-2003 C03.007 human rhinovirus 2-type picornain 3C
PL00084 05-March-2003 C03.008 foot-and-mouth disease virus picornain 3C
PL00085 05-March-2003 C03.020 enterovirus picornain 2A EC
PL00086 05-March-2003 C03.021 rhinovirus picornain 2A
PL00087 05-March-2003 C04.001 nuclear-inclusion-a peptidase (plum pox virus) EC
PL00088 05-March-2003 C04.004 tobacco etch virus NIa peptidase
PL00089 05-March-2003 C05.001 adenain EC
PL00090 05-March-2003 C06.001 potato virus Y-type helper component peptidase EC
PL00091 05-March-2003 C09.001 sindbis virus-type nsP2 peptidase
PL00092 05-March-2003 C10.001 streptopain EC
PL00093 05-March-2003 C11.001 clostripain EC
PL00094 05-March-2003 C12.001 ubiquitinyl hydrolase-L1
PL00095 05-March-2003 C12.003 ubiquitinyl hydrolase-L3 EC
PL00096 05-March-2003 C13.001 legumain (plant beta form) EC
PL00098 05-March-2003 C13.004 legumain, animal-type EC
PL00099 05-March-2003 C14.001 caspase-1 EC
PL00100 05-March-2003 C14.003 caspase-3 EC
PL00101 05-March-2003 C14.004 caspase-7 EC
PL00102 05-March-2003 C14.005 caspase-6 EC
PL00103 05-March-2003 C14.009 caspase-8 EC
PL00104 05-March-2003 C14.010 caspase-9 EC
PL00105 05-March-2003 C15.001 pyroglutamyl-peptidase I (prokaryote) EC
PL00106 05-March-2003 C15.010 pyroglutamyl-peptidase I (chordate) EC
PL00107 05-March-2003 C16.001 murine hepatitis coronavirus papain-like peptidase 1
PL00108 05-March-2003 C19.001 ubiquitin-specific peptidase 5 EC
PL00109 05-March-2003 C21.001 tymovirus peptidase
PL00110 05-March-2003 C24.001 rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 3C-like peptidase
PL00111 05-March-2003 C25.001 gingipain RgpA EC
PL00112 05-March-2003 C25.002 gingipain K EC
PL00113 05-March-2003 C26.001 gamma-glutamyl hydrolase EC
PL00114 05-March-2003 C28.001 foot-and-mouth disease virus L-peptidase EC
PL00115 05-March-2003 C30.004 porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus-type main peptidase
PL00116 05-March-2003 C37.001 calicivirin EC
PL00117 05-March-2003 C47.001 staphopain A EC
PL00118 05-March-2003 C48.001 Ulp1 peptidase EC
PL00119 05-March-2003 C50.001 separase (yeast-type) EC
PL00120 05-March-2003 C55.001 YopJ protein
PL00121 05-March-2003 C56.001 PfpI peptidase
PL00122 05-March-2003 C60.001 sortase A (Staphylococcus-type) EC
PL00123 05-March-2003 M01.001 aminopeptidase N EC
PL00124 05-March-2003 M01.002 lysyl aminopeptidase (bacteria)
PL00125 05-March-2003 M01.003 aminopeptidase A EC
PL00126 05-March-2003 M01.004 leukotriene A4 hydrolase EC
PL00127 05-March-2003 M01.008 pyroglutamyl-peptidase II EC
PL00128 05-March-2003 M01.010 cytosol alanyl aminopeptidase EC
PL00129 05-March-2003 M01.011 cystinyl aminopeptidase EC
PL00130 05-March-2003 M01.014 aminopeptidase B EC
PL00131 05-March-2003 M01.016 aminopeptidase Ey EC
PL00132 05-March-2003 M02.001 angiotensin-converting enzyme peptidase unit 1 EC
PL00133 05-March-2003 M02.002 peptidyl-dipeptidase Acer EC
PL00134 05-March-2003 M02.004 angiotensin-converting enzyme peptidase unit 2 EC
PL00135 05-March-2003 M02.006 angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 EC
PL00136 05-March-2003 M03.001 thimet oligopeptidase EC
PL00137 05-March-2003 M03.002 neurolysin EC
PL00138 05-March-2003 M03.003 saccharolysin EC
PL00139 05-March-2003 M03.004 oligopeptidase A EC
PL00140 05-March-2003 M03.005 peptidyl-dipeptidase Dcp EC
PL00141 05-March-2003 M03.006 mitochondrial intermediate peptidase EC
PL00142 05-March-2003 M03.007 oligopeptidase F
PL00143 05-March-2003 M04.001 thermolysin EC
PL00144 05-March-2003 M04.003 vibriolysin EC
PL00145 05-March-2003 M04.005 pseudolysin EC
PL00146 05-March-2003 M04.007 coccolysin EC
PL00147 05-March-2003 M04.009 aureolysin EC
PL00148 05-March-2003 M04.018 stearolysin
PL00149 05-March-2003 M05.001 mycolysin EC
PL00150 05-March-2003 M07.001 snapalysin
PL00151 05-March-2003 M08.001 leishmanolysin EC
PL00152 05-March-2003 M09.001 bacterial collagenase V EC
PL00153 05-March-2003 M09.002 bacterial collagenase G/A EC
PL00154 05-March-2003 M10.001 matrix metallopeptidase-1 EC
PL00155 05-March-2003 M10.002 matrix metallopeptidase-8 EC
PL00156 05-March-2003 M10.003 matrix metallopeptidase-2 EC
PL00157 05-March-2003 M10.004 matrix metallopeptidase-9 EC
PL00158 05-March-2003 M10.005 matrix metallopeptidase-3 EC
PL00159 05-March-2003 M10.006 matrix metallopeptidase-10 (Homo sapiens-type) EC
PL00160 05-March-2003 M10.007 matrix metallopeptidase-11
PL00161 05-March-2003 M10.008 matrix metallopeptidase-7 EC
PL00162 05-March-2003 M10.009 matrix metallopeptidase-12 EC
PL00163 05-March-2003 M10.010 envelysin EC
PL00164 05-March-2003 M10.013 matrix metallopeptidase-13
PL00165 05-March-2003 M10.014 membrane-type matrix metallopeptidase-1 EC
PL00166 05-March-2003 M10.015 membrane-type matrix metallopeptidase-2
PL00167 05-March-2003 M10.019 matrix metallopeptidase-20
PL00168 05-March-2003 M10.020 fragilysin EC
PL00169 05-March-2003 M10.029 matrix metallopeptidase-26
PL00170 05-March-2003 M10.051 serralysin EC
PL00171 05-March-2003 M10.056 aeruginolysin EC
PL00172 05-March-2003 M11.001 gametolysin EC
PL00173 05-March-2003 M12.001 astacin EC
PL00174 05-March-2003 M12.002 meprin alpha subunit EC
PL00175 05-March-2003 M12.004 meprin beta subunit EC; EC
PL00176 05-March-2003 M12.005 procollagen C-peptidase EC
PL00177 05-March-2003 M12.006 choriolysin L EC
PL00178 05-March-2003 M12.007 choriolysin H EC
PL00179 05-March-2003 M12.066 flavastacin EC
PL00180 05-March-2003 M12.133 fibrolase EC
PL00181 05-March-2003 M12.138 jararhagin EC
PL00182 05-March-2003 M12.141 adamalysin EC
PL00183 05-March-2003 M12.142 atrolysin A EC
PL00184 05-March-2003 M12.143 atrolysin B EC
PL00185 05-March-2003 M12.144 atrolysin C EC
PL00186 05-March-2003 M12.145 atrolysin E EC
PL00188 05-March-2003 M12.147 atroxase EC
PL00189 05-March-2003 M12.158 russellysin EC
PL00190 05-March-2003 M12.201 ADAM1 peptidase
PL00191 05-March-2003 M12.209 ADAM9 peptidase
PL00192 05-March-2003 M12.210 ADAM10 peptidase EC
PL00193 05-March-2003 M12.211 Kuzbanian peptidase (non-mammalian)
PL00194 05-March-2003 M12.212 ADAM12 peptidase
PL00195 05-March-2003 M12.217 ADAM17 peptidase EC
PL00196 05-March-2003 M12.221 ADAMTS4 peptidase EC
PL00197 05-March-2003 M12.222 ADAMTS1 peptidase
PL00198 05-March-2003 M12.225 ADAMTS5 peptidase
PL00199 05-March-2003 M12.241 ADAMTS13 peptidase EC
PL00200 05-March-2003 M12.301 procollagen I N-peptidase EC
PL00201 05-March-2003 M13.001 neprilysin EC
PL00202 05-March-2003 M13.002 endothelin-converting enzyme 1 EC
PL00203 05-March-2003 M13.004 oligopeptidase O1
PL00204 05-March-2003 M13.008 neprilysin-2
PL00205 05-March-2003 M13.091 PHEX peptidase
PL00206 05-March-2003 M14.001 carboxypeptidase A1 EC
PL00207 05-March-2003 M14.002 carboxypeptidase A2 EC
PL00208 05-March-2003 M14.003 carboxypeptidase B EC
PL00209 05-March-2003 M14.004 carboxypeptidase N EC
PL00210 05-March-2003 M14.005 carboxypeptidase E EC
PL00211 05-March-2003 M14.006 carboxypeptidase M EC
PL00212 05-March-2003 M14.007 carboxypeptidase T EC
PL00213 05-March-2003 M14.009 carboxypeptidase B2 EC
PL00214 05-March-2003 M14.010 carboxypeptidase A3
PL00215 05-March-2003 M14.011 metallocarboxypeptidase D peptidase unit 1 EC
PL00216 05-March-2003 M14.016 metallocarboxypeptidase D peptidase unit 2 EC
PL00217 05-March-2003 M15.001 zinc D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase (Streptomyces-type) EC
PL00218 05-March-2003 M15.010 vanY D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase
PL00219 05-March-2003 M15.011 vanX D-Ala-D-Ala dipeptidase EC
PL00220 05-March-2003 M16.001 pitrilysin EC
PL00221 05-March-2003 M16.002 insulysin EC
PL00222 05-March-2003 M16.003 mitochondrial processing peptidase beta-subunit EC
PL00223 05-March-2003 M16.005 nardilysin EC
PL00224 05-March-2003 M17.001 leucine aminopeptidase 3 EC
PL00225 05-March-2003 M17.002 leucyl aminopeptidase (plant-type) EC
PL00226 05-March-2003 M18.001 aminopeptidase I EC
PL00227 05-March-2003 M18.002 aspartyl aminopeptidase EC
PL00228 05-March-2003 M19.001 membrane dipeptidase EC
PL00229 05-March-2003 M20.001 glutamate carboxypeptidase EC
PL00230 05-March-2003 M20.003 peptidase T
PL00231 05-March-2003 M20.008 carboxypeptidase Ss1
PL00233 05-March-2003 M23.001 beta-lytic metallopeptidase EC
PL00234 05-March-2003 M23.002 staphylolysin
PL00235 05-March-2003 M23.004 lysostaphin EC
PL00236 05-March-2003 M24.001 methionyl aminopeptidase 1 (Escherichia-type) EC
PL00237 05-March-2003 M24.002 methionyl aminopeptidase 2 EC
PL00238 05-March-2003 M24.003 Xaa-Pro dipeptidase (bacteria-type) EC
PL00239 05-March-2003 M24.004 aminopeptidase P (bacteria) EC
PL00240 05-March-2003 M24.005 aminopeptidase P2 EC
PL00241 05-March-2003 M24.007 Xaa-Pro dipeptidase (eukaryote)
PL00242 05-March-2003 M26.001 IgA1-specific metallopeptidase EC
PL00243 05-March-2003 M27.001 tentoxilysin EC
PL00244 05-March-2003 M27.002 bontoxilysin EC
PL00245 05-March-2003 M28.001 aminopeptidase Y EC
PL00246 05-March-2003 M28.002 aminopeptidase Ap1 EC
PL00247 05-March-2003 M28.003 aminopeptidase S (Streptomyces-type) EC
PL00248 05-March-2003 M28.010 glutamate carboxypeptidase II EC
PL00249 05-March-2003 M32.001 carboxypeptidase Taq EC
PL00250 05-March-2003 M34.001 anthrax lethal factor EC
PL00251 05-March-2003 M35.002 deuterolysin EC
PL00252 05-March-2003 M35.004 peptidyl-Lys metallopeptidase EC
PL00253 05-March-2003 M41.001 FtsH peptidase
PL00254 05-March-2003 M41.003 m-AAA peptidase
PL00255 05-March-2003 M41.004 i-AAA peptidase
PL00256 05-March-2003 M41.005 AtFtsH2 peptidase
PL00257 05-March-2003 M43.004 pappalysin-1 EC
PL00258 05-March-2003 M48.001 Ste24 peptidase EC
PL00259 05-March-2003 M49.001 dipeptidyl-peptidase III EC
PL00260 05-March-2003 M50.001 site 2 peptidase EC
PL00261 05-March-2003 M50.002 sporulation factor SpoIVFB
PL00262 05-March-2003 A31.001 HybD peptidase
PL00263 05-March-2003 A25.001 gpr peptidase EC
PL00264 05-March-2003 S01.001 chymotrypsin A (cattle-type) EC
PL00265 05-March-2003 S01.010 granzyme B (Homo sapiens-type)
PL00267 05-March-2003 S01.033 factor VII-activating peptidase
PL00268 05-March-2003 S01.101 trypsin (Streptomyces griseus-type)
PL00269 05-March-2003 S01.121 hypodermin C EC
PL00270 05-March-2003 S01.131 elastase-2 EC
PL00271 05-March-2003 S01.133 cathepsin G EC
PL00272 05-March-2003 S01.134 myeloblastin EC
PL00273 05-March-2003 S01.135 granzyme A EC
PL00274 05-March-2003 S01.139 granzyme M
PL00275 05-March-2003 S01.140 chymase (Homo sapiens-type) EC
PL00276 05-March-2003 S01.141 mast cell peptidase 1 (Rattus-type)
PL00277 05-March-2003 S01.142 duodenase
PL00278 05-March-2003 S01.143 tryptase alpha EC
PL00279 05-March-2003 S01.146 granzyme K
PL00280 05-March-2003 S01.150 mast cell peptidase 5 (mouse numbering)
PL00281 05-March-2003 S01.151 trypsin 1 EC
PL00282 05-March-2003 S01.152 chymotrypsin B
PL00283 05-March-2003 S01.153 elastase-1 EC
PL00284 05-March-2003 S01.154 pancreatic endopeptidase E EC
PL00285 05-March-2003 S01.155 pancreatic elastase II EC
PL00286 05-March-2003 S01.156 enteropeptidase EC
PL00287 05-March-2003 S01.157 chymotrypsin C EC
PL00288 05-March-2003 S01.159 prostasin
PL00289 05-March-2003 S01.160 kallikrein 1 EC
PL00290 05-March-2003 S01.161 kallikrein-related peptidase 2
PL00291 05-March-2003 S01.162 kallikrein-related peptidase 3 EC
PL00292 05-March-2003 S01.167 kallikrein 1 (Mus musculus)
PL00293 05-March-2003 S01.170 kallikrein 1-related peptidase b3
PL00294 05-March-2003 S01.172 kallikrein 1-related peptidase c2 (Rattus norvegicus)
PL00295 05-March-2003 S01.173 kallikrein 13 (Mus musculus)
PL00297 05-March-2003 S01.178 ancrod
PL00298 05-March-2003 S01.179 bothrombin
PL00299 05-March-2003 S01.191 complement factor D EC
PL00300 05-March-2003 S01.192 complement component activated C1r EC
PL00301 05-March-2003 S01.193 complement component activated C1s EC
PL00302 05-March-2003 S01.196 complement factor Bb
PL00303 05-March-2003 S01.198 mannan-binding lectin-associated serine peptidase 1
PL00304 05-March-2003 S01.199 complement factor I EC
PL00305 05-March-2003 S01.211 coagulation factor XIIa EC
PL00306 05-March-2003 S01.212 plasma kallikrein EC
PL00307 05-March-2003 S01.213 coagulation factor XIa EC
PL00308 05-March-2003 S01.214 coagulation factor IXa EC
PL00309 05-March-2003 S01.215 coagulation factor VIIa EC
PL00310 05-March-2003 S01.216 coagulation factor Xa EC
PL00311 05-March-2003 S01.217 thrombin EC
PL00312 05-March-2003 S01.218 protein C (activated) EC
PL00313 05-March-2003 S01.219 coagulation factor C (Limulus, Tachypleus), activated EC
PL00314 05-March-2003 S01.220 coagulation factor B (Limulus, Tachypleus), activated EC
PL00315 05-March-2003 S01.221 clotting enzyme (Tachypleus-type) EC
PL00316 05-March-2003 S01.223 acrosin EC
PL00317 05-March-2003 S01.224 hepsin
PL00318 05-March-2003 S01.229 mannan-binding lectin-associated serine peptidase 2
PL00319 05-March-2003 S01.231 urokinase-type plasminogen activator EC
PL00320 05-March-2003 S01.232 t-plasminogen activator EC
PL00321 05-March-2003 S01.233 plasmin EC
PL00322 05-March-2003 S01.236 kallikrein-related peptidase 6
PL00323 05-March-2003 S01.239 plasminogen activator (Desmodus-type)
PL00325 05-March-2003 S01.244 kallikrein-related peptidase 8 EC
PL00326 05-March-2003 S01.251 kallikrein-related peptidase 4
PL00327 05-March-2003 S01.261 streptogrisin A EC
PL00328 05-March-2003 S01.262 streptogrisin B EC
PL00330 05-March-2003 S01.267 streptogrisin E EC
PL00331 05-March-2003 S01.268 alpha-lytic endopeptidase EC
PL00332 05-March-2003 S01.269 glutamyl endopeptidase I EC
PL00333 05-March-2003 S01.273 DegP peptidase
PL00334 05-March-2003 S01.278 HtrA2 peptidase
PL00335 05-March-2003 S01.280 lysyl endopeptidase (bacteria) EC
PL00336 05-March-2003 S01.300 kallikrein-related peptidase 7 EC
PL00337 05-March-2003 S01.302 matriptase
PL00338 05-March-2003 S03.001 togavirin EC
PL00339 05-March-2003 S06.001 IgA1-specific serine peptidase (Neisseria-type) EC
PL00340 05-March-2003 S07.001 flavivirin EC
PL00342 05-March-2003 S08.001 subtilisin Carlsberg EC
PL00343 05-March-2003 S08.003 subtilisin lentus
PL00344 05-March-2003 S08.007 thermitase EC
PL00345 05-March-2003 S08.009 subtilisin Ak1
PL00346 05-March-2003 S08.019 lactocepin I EC
PL00347 05-March-2003 S08.020 C5a peptidase
PL00348 05-March-2003 S08.024 dentilisin
PL00349 05-March-2003 S08.034 subtilisin BPN’ EC
PL00350 05-March-2003 S08.036 subtilisin E
PL00351 05-March-2003 S08.051 aqualysin 1
PL00352 05-March-2003 S08.052 cerevisin EC
PL00353 05-March-2003 S08.053 oryzin EC
PL00354 05-March-2003 S08.054 endopeptidase K EC
PL00355 05-March-2003 S08.057 thermomycolin EC
PL00356 05-March-2003 S08.063 site-1 peptidase
PL00357 05-March-2003 S08.070 kexin EC
PL00358 05-March-2003 S08.071 furin EC
PL00359 05-March-2003 S08.072 PCSK1 peptidase EC
PL00360 05-March-2003 S08.073 PCSK2 peptidase EC
PL00361 05-March-2003 S08.074 PCSK4 peptidase
PL00362 05-March-2003 S08.075 PCSK6 peptidase
PL00363 05-March-2003 S08.076 PCSK5 peptidase
PL00364 05-March-2003 S08.077 PCSK7 peptidase
PL00365 05-March-2003 S08.090 tripeptidyl-peptidase II EC
PL00366 05-March-2003 S08.092 cucumisin EC
PL00367 05-March-2003 S09.001 prolyl oligopeptidase EC
PL00368 05-March-2003 S09.003 dipeptidyl-peptidase IV (eukaryote) EC
PL00369 05-March-2003 S09.004 acylaminoacyl-peptidase EC
PL00370 05-March-2003 S09.007 fibroblast activation protein alpha subunit EC 3.4.21.B28
PL00371 05-March-2003 S09.010 oligopeptidase B EC
PL00372 05-March-2003 S10.001 carboxypeptidase Y EC
PL00373 05-March-2003 S10.002 serine carboxypeptidase A EC
PL00374 05-March-2003 S10.004 serine carboxypeptidase C EC
PL00375 05-March-2003 S10.005 serine carboxypeptidase D EC
PL00376 05-March-2003 S10.007 kex carboxypeptidase EC
PL00377 05-March-2003 S11.001 D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase A EC
PL00378 05-March-2003 S11.004 K15-type DD-transpeptidase
PL00379 05-March-2003 S12.001 D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase B EC
PL00380 05-March-2003 S12.002 aminopeptidase DmpB EC
PL00381 05-March-2003 S13.001 D-Ala-D-Ala peptidase C EC
PL00382 05-March-2003 S14.001 peptidase Clp (type 1) EC
PL00383 05-March-2003 S15.001 Xaa-Pro dipeptidyl-peptidase EC
PL00384 05-March-2003 S16.001 Lon-A peptidase EC
PL00385 05-March-2003 S16.002 PIM1 peptidase
PL00386 05-March-2003 S21.001 assemblin EC
PL00387 05-March-2003 S21.002 cytomegalovirus assemblin
PL00388 05-March-2003 S21.006 herpesvirus 8-type assemblin
PL00389 05-March-2003 S24.001 repressor LexA EC
PL00390 05-March-2003 S24.003 UmuD protein
PL00391 05-March-2003 S26.001 signal peptidase I EC
PL00392 05-March-2003 S26.002 mitochondrial inner membrane peptidase 1 EC
PL00393 05-March-2003 S26.003 signal peptidase SipS EC
PL00394 05-March-2003 S26.010 signalase (animal) 21 kDa component EC
PL00395 05-March-2003 S28.001 lysosomal Pro-Xaa carboxypeptidase EC
PL00396 05-March-2003 S28.002 dipeptidyl-peptidase II EC
PL00397 05-March-2003 S29.001 hepacivirin EC
PL00398 05-March-2003 S30.001 potyvirus P1 peptidase
PL00399 05-March-2003 S31.001 pestivirus NS3 polyprotein peptidase
PL00400 05-March-2003 S32.001 equine arteritis virus serine peptidase
PL00401 05-March-2003 S33.001 prolyl aminopeptidase EC
PL00402 05-March-2003 S41.001 C-terminal processing peptidase-1 EC
PL00403 05-March-2003 S41.002 C-terminal processing peptidase-2 EC
PL00404 05-March-2003 S41.005 tricorn core peptidase (archaea)
PL00405 05-March-2003 S49.001 signal peptide peptidase A
PL00406 05-March-2003 S50.001 infectious pancreatic necrosis birnavirus Vp4 peptidase
PL00407 05-March-2003 S51.001 dipeptidase E EC
PL00408 05-March-2003 S53.001 sedolisin EC
PL00409 05-March-2003 S53.002 sedolisin-B EC
PL00410 05-March-2003 S53.003 tripeptidyl-peptidase I EC
PL00411 05-March-2003 S53.004 kumamolisin
PL00412 05-March-2003 S53.006 physarolisin EC
PL00413 05-March-2003 S55.001 SpoIVB peptidase EC
PL00415 05-March-2003 T01.002 archaean proteasome, beta component EC
PL00416 05-March-2003 T01.005 bacterial proteasome, beta component EC
PL00417 05-March-2003 T01.006 HslV component of HslUV peptidase EC
PL00418 05-March-2003 T01.010 proteasome subunit beta1c EC
PL00419 05-March-2003 T01.011 proteasome subunit beta2c EC
PL00420 05-March-2003 T01.012 proteasome subunit beta5c EC
PL00421 05-March-2003 T03.001 gamma-glutamyltransferase 1 (bacterial-type) EC
PL00424 05-March-2003 S66.002 murein tetrapeptidase LD-carboxypeptidase (Escherichia-type) EC
PL00425 15-September-2005 M17.003 PepA aminopeptidase EC
PL00426 15-September-2005 A22.001 presenilin 1
PL00427 11-May-2006 A01.019 polyporopepsin EC
PL00428 11-May-2006 A01.037 canditropsin
PL00429 11-May-2006 A01.060 candidapepsin SAP2
PL00430 11-May-2006 C14.006 caspase-2 EC
PL00431 11-May-2006 C14.019 caspase DRONC (Drosophila melanogaster)-type peptidase
PL00432 11-May-2006 C19.016 ubiquitin-specific peptidase 7
PL00433 11-May-2006 C30.003 human coronavirus 229E main peptidase
PL00434 11-May-2006 C30.005 SARS coronavirus picornain 3C-like peptidase EC
PL00435 11-May-2006 C58.002 AvrPphB peptidase
PL00436 11-May-2006 C60.002 sortase B EC
PL00437 11-May-2006 M10.062 psychrophilic alkaline metallopeptidase (Pseudomonas sp.)
PL00438 11-May-2006 M12.131 acutolysin A
PL00439 11-May-2006 M29.005 aminopeptidase S (Staphylococcus-type)
PL00440 11-May-2006 M32.002 carboxypeptidase Pfu
PL00441 11-May-2006 M38.001 isoaspartyl dipeptidase (metallo-type)
PL00442 11-May-2006 M55.001 D-aminopeptidase DppA
PL00443 11-May-2006 M74.001 murein endopeptidase