Incompletely Sequenced Peptidases

There are still a number of peptidases for which we have not got complete sequence information. Most of the incompletely sequenced peptidases cannot be allocated to families, and special identifiers are needed for these. Each such identifier starts with a letter for the catalytic type (Aspartic, Cysteine, Metallo, Serine, Threonine or Unknown) followed by 9 and then a letter indicating the type of peptidase activity (A, aminopeptidase; B, dipeptidase; C, di- or tri-peptidyl-peptidase; D, peptidyl-dipeptidase; E, carboxypeptidase; F, omega peptidase, or G, endopeptidase.

aspartic peptidase, plasma A9G.001 -
acid peptidase (Cladosporium) A9G.017 -
acid peptidase (Paecilomyces) A9G.018 -
acrocylindropepsin A9G.019 EC
pycnoporopepsin A9G.010 EC
yapsin A A9G.020 EC
bothropain C9G.030 -
cathepsin N C9G.001 -
cathepsin T C9G.005 EC
cathepsin M (old) C9G.009 -
cysteine peptidase (Micrococcus sp. INIA 528) C9G.022 -
dipeptidyl-dipeptidase C9C.001 EC
lysosomal dipeptidase II C9B.001 -
leucoegresin-generating peptidase C9G.002 -
mitochondrial cysteine peptidase C9G.004 -
nuclear cysteine peptidase C9G.006 -
PlyPy phage lysin C104.002 -
protease-B-17N-1 (Bacillus sp. 17N-1) C9G.031 -
atrolysin F M12.146 EC
alpha peptidase (Crotalus atrox) M12.168 -
ammodytase M12.190 -
acutolysin D M12.317 -
aminopeptidase X M9A.009 -
alanine carboxypeptidase M9E.002 EC
acrolysin M9G.003 -
aharin M9G.041 -
atroxin M9G.059 -
BHRa hemorrhagin (Bitis arietans) M12.137 -
BaH1 peptidase (Bothrops asper) M12.166 -
bilitoxin 2 (Agkistrodon bilineatus) M12.179 -
BHRb haemorrhagin (Bitis arietans) M12.306 -
BJ-PI peptidase M12.340 -
clostridial aminopeptidase M9A.005 EC
carboxypeptidase G3 M9E.007 -
cyclic peptidase (Lactocobacillus) M9G.031 -
dipeptidyl-peptidase III (Caldithrix abyssi) M49.007 -
dactylysin M9G.026 EC
dynorphin-processing endopeptidase (metallo-type) M9G.030 -
dithiothreitol-sensitive tetrameric peptidase M9G.037 -
dispase (Paenibacillus/Bacillus polymyxa) M9G.055 -
extracellular metallopeptidase (Pseudomonas fluorescens M3/6) M9G.054 -
fibrinolytic peptidase M5 (Crotalus molossus) M12.176 -
FALGPA-peptidase (Treponema denticola) M9G.010 -
glycyl aminopeptidase (Actinomucor elegans) M9A.012 -
gonadotropin beta-subunit nicking enzyme M9G.036 -
horrilysin M12.149 EC
hemorrhagin VRH-1 (Daboia russellii) M12.165 -
HT-1 peptidase (Crotalus viridis) M12.171 -
hemorrhagic toxin I (Crotalus ruber) M12.175 -
hemorrhagic factor a (Trimeresurus mucrosqamatus) M12.181 -
hemorrhagic metallopeptidase a (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus) M12.182 -
hemorrhagic metallopeptidase b (Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus) M12.183 -
halylysin b M12.307 -
halylysin c M12.308 -
hemorrhagic toxin I (Gloydius halys blomhoffii) M12.309 -
hepatitis B virus binding factor M9G.040 -
hementin (Haementeria ghilianii) M9G.052 -
insulin-cleaving periplasmic peptidase (Acinetobacter calcoaceticus) M9G.047 -
leucolysin M12.136 EC
matrix metallopeptidase-23A M10.037 -
metallopeptidase B (Bothrops moojeni) M12.169 -
moojeni peptidase A M12.345 -
Met-Xaa dipeptidase M9B.004 EC
mitochondrial carboxypeptidase M9E.003 -
membrane Pro-Xaa carboxypeptidase M9E.004 EC
metallopeptidase QG (Escherichia coli) M9G.021 -
magnolysin M9G.025 EC
magaininase M9G.028 -
metallopeptidase ShpII (Staphylococcus hyicus) M9G.034 -
najalysin M12.167 -
neuron-specific aminopeptidase M9A.011 -
neuron-specific aminopeptidase-2 M9A.013 -
neutral endopeptidase (Aspergillus oryzae) M9G.009 -
neutral endopeptidase (Micrococcus caseolyticus) M9G.018 -
NPS peptidase (Saccharomonospora canescens) M9G.060 -
ophiolysin M12.152 EC
peptidyl-dipeptidase B M9D.001 EC
proline-specific peptidyl-dipeptidase (Streptomyces) M9D.002 -
peptidase Ci (Escherichia coli) M9G.022 -
procollagen II N-peptidase M9G.039 -
peptidase Thr-N M9G.044 -
partitagin (Hippasa partita) M9G.057 -
prothrombin activator (Dispholidus typus) M9G.061 -
prothrombin activator (Thelotornis sp.) M9G.062 -
subfamily M14D nonpeptidase homologue M14.954 -
succinyl-tri-alanyl-p-nitroaniline hydrolase M9G.005 -
triflamp (Trimeresurus flavoviridis) M12.316 -
tripeptide aminopeptidase M9A.002 EC
tryptophanyl aminopeptidase (Trichosporon cutaneum) M9A.008 -
Xaa-Trp aminopeptidase M9A.007 EC
Xaa-Arg dipeptidase M9B.001 EC
ZPA-processing enzyme M9G.051 -
EGF-like module containing mucin-like hormone receptor-like 1 P02.954 -
archealysin S9G.064 -
apoptotic serine peptidase AP24 S9G.069 -
beta-secretase Matsumoto S9G.058 -
clipsin S9G.014 -
collagenolytic endopeptidase (Entomophthora) S9G.036 -
cryptolepain (Cryptolepis buchanani) S9G.106 -
CP790 peptidase (Lactobacillus helveticus CP790) S9G.114 -
coagulant peptidase (Trimeresurus flavoviridis) S9G.117 -
CLE-processing peptidase S9G.119 -
crinumin (Crinum asiaticum) S9G.122 -
dog pancreatic collagenase S9G.002 -
dipeptidyl-peptidase IV beta S9G.084 -
elastase-like enzyme, platelet S9G.005 -
endopeptidase So S9G.038 EC
extracellular serine endopeptidase (Arthrobacter) S9G.049 -
erythrocyte membrane high molecular mass peptidase S9G.072 -
euphorbain S9G.108 -
fibroblast elastase S9G.006 -
flavovilase (Trimeresurus flavoviridis) S9G.089 -
glycylprolyl peptidase (Bacteroides gingivalis) S9C.001 -
guanidinobenzoatase S9G.013 -
habutobin S9G.101 -
hurain S9G.110 -
hevain (Hevea brasiliensis) S9G.115 -
Hag-protease (Hippasa agelenoides) S9G.120 -
ingobsin S9G.023 -
jerdonobin (Trimeresurus jerdonii) S9G.087 -
jerdofibrase (Trimeresurus jerdonii) S9G.088 -
leucyl endopeptidase (Spinacia oleracea) S9G.031 EC
Mcpt2-rs2a peptidase (Mus musculus) S01.468 -
Mcpt2-rs2c peptidase (Mus musculus) S01.469 -
Mcpt8-rs4 peptidase (Mus musculus) S01.471 -
macrophage chymotrypsin-like peptidase S9G.009 -
metridin S9G.034 EC
M003 endopeptidase (Bothrops moojeni) S9G.092 -
MSP 1 endopeptidase (Bothrops moojeni) S9G.093 -
MSP 2 endopeptidase (Bothrops moojeni) S9G.094 -
nuclear histone endopeptidase S9G.018 -
okinaxobin II (Trimeresurus okinavensis) S9G.100 -
peptidyl-glycinamidase S9F.001 EC
peptidase V (Escherichia coli) S9G.041 -
peptidase Mi (Escherichia coli) S9G.042 -
peptidase Fa (Escherichia coli) S9G.043 -
peptidase VI (Escherichia coli) S9G.050 -
profilaggrin endopeptidase 1 S9G.054 -
peptidase In (Escherichia coli) S9G.063 -
plant Asp/Glu serine endopeptidase S9G.079 -
PofibS endopeptidase (Philodryas olfersii) S9G.103 -
similar to natural killer cell protease 1 (Rattus norvegicus) (but not S01.380) S01.928 -
snake venom coagulation factor X activator, serine-type (Bungarus fasciatus, Cerastes vipera, Ophiophagus hannah) S9G.025 -
serine endopeptidase (Alternaria) S9G.035 -
serine endopeptidase (Pseudomonas) S9G.040 -
SP220K peptidase S9G.081 -
soluble dipeptidyl-peptidase IV S9G.083 -
seaprose (Aspergillus melleus) S9G.107 -
solanain (Solanum elaeagnifolium) S9G.109 -
serine endopeptidase (Rubrivivax gelatinosus) S9G.121 -
tryase S9G.012 -
thymus chromatin endopeptidase S9G.016 -
thermostable serine endopeptidase (Sulfolobus) S9G.055 -
thrombocytin S9G.062 -
wrightin (Wrightia tinctoria) S9G.116 -
Nysius proteinase S9G.118 -
cathepsin F (old) U9G.001 -
calmitine-specific mitochondrial peptidase U9G.031 -
cancer procoagulant U9G.066 EC
dipeptidylaminopeptidase dDAP U9C.001 -
dibasic processing endopeptidase (unsequenced) U9G.007 -
D-aspartyl endopeptidase U9G.055 -
ES-31 antigen (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) U9G.065 -
Glu-Glu dipeptidase U9B.003 EC
LD-dipeptidase (Bacillus sphaericus) U9B.005 -
Lys-D-Ala carboxypeptidase U9E.004 -
leulysin U9G.008 -
LPXTGase (Streptococcus pyogenes) and similar U9G.054 -
mytilidase U9G.011 -
miniglucagon endopeptidase U9G.053 -
N-formylmethionyl-peptidase U9F.002 EC
nuclear-scaffold peptidase activity U9G.060 -
peptidyl-D-amino acid hydrolase (cephalopod) U9B.004 EC
peptidase yscJ U9G.012 -
prolyl endopeptidase (Spinacia) U9G.029 -
prelamin endopeptidase U9G.041 -
peptidase C (mammalian) U9G.044 -
peptidase E (mammalian) U9G.046 -
substance P endopeptidase (of CSF) U9G.033 -
sea urchin 41 kDa collagenase/gelatinase U9G.050 -
salivary glutaminyl endopeptidase U9G.070 -
transthyretin U9G.071 -