A quick start with MEROPS

The MEROPS database is a resource for information on peptidases (sometimes also termed proteases, proteinases and proteolytic enzymes). Please use the green Menu on the left of the main screen to navigate through the database. MEROPS also includes the proteins that inhibit peptidase.

About 4000 individual peptidases and inhibitors are included in the database, and there is a Summary page describing each one. You can navigate to this by any of several routes. There are indexes of Name, MEROPS Identifier and source Organism on the menu bar. (For an inhibitor, first click the button at the top of the menu bar to reach the Inhibitors side of MEROPS.)

Each Summary page describes the classification and nomenclature of the peptidase or inhibitor, and provides links to supplementary pages showing sequence identifiers, the structure if known, literature references and more.

The MEROPS database uses hierarchical, structure-based schemes for the classification of the peptidases and inhibitors. Each is assigned to a Family on the basis of statistically significant similarities in amino acid sequence, and families that are thought to be homologous are grouped together in a Clan. There is a Summary page for each family and clan, and again there are indexes for these. Each of the Summary pages offers further links to supplementary pages.

We have prepared a small slide show to introduce MEROPS. If you would care to copy any slides from it for teaching purposes please feel free to do so.

Slide Show