Summary for peptidase S01.223: acrosin

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MEROPS Nameacrosin
Other namesacrosomal proteinase
Domain architecture
MEROPS Classification
Classification Clan PA >> Subclan PA(S) >> Family S1 >> Subfamily A >> S01.223
Holotypeacrosin (Sus scrofa), Uniprot accession P08001 (peptidase unit: 40-290), MERNUM MER0000079
History Identifier created: Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes (1998) Academic Press, London.
Catalytic typeSerine
PeplistIncluded in the Peplist with identifier PL00316
NC-IUBMBSubclass 3.4 (Peptidases) >> Sub-subclass 3.4.21 (Serine endopeptidases) >> Peptidase
EnzymologyBRENDA database
Proteolytic eventsCutDB database (1 cleavage)
Activity statushuman: active (Adham et al., 2004)
mouse: active (Brown, 1983)
PhysiologyPresumed role in fertilization.
KnockoutMice lacking acrosin are fertile, but the Acr(-) sperm have a selective disadvantage when they are in competition with Acr(+) sperm (Adham et al., 1997).
Other databases WIKIPEDIA
Relevant inhibitors antipain, MUGB
Human genetics
Gene symbol Locus Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene Gene Cards OMIM
ACR 22q13-qter ENSG00000100312 49 ACR 102480
Mouse genetics
Gene symbol Position Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene MGI
Acr 15:E-F ENSMUSG00000022622 11434 MGI:87884