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× Explore the new EMDB website (under development).

We are developing a completely new website for EMDB, taking into account the plentiful and useful feedback provided by the community in a recent survey. An early development version of the website is now available for our users to explore. Please note the following limitations and caveats:

  • this is a preliminary website - parts may be missing or slow to respond, and any elements of it may change, break or disappear without notice
  • the EMDB data included is at least one week behind the current EMDB release
  • the new Validation Analysis pages are still under development and not shown yet
  • all URLs are temporary so you are recommended not to use them in bookmarks, hyperlinks, manuscripts, etc.

With these provisos we invite our users to explore the new website, including a powerful new search system and completely revamped entry pages. We appreciate any constructive feedback - please email Néli Fonseca

× Release of EMDB validation reports.

On 16 December 2020, the EMDB archive will begin to make validation reports available for newly released EMDB entries. The reports and auxiliary files will be available for download from the EMDB public FTP site: ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/databases/emdb/validation_reports/. We will also generate validation reports for all entries released prior to 16 December 2020 and estimate to have these publicly available by early next year. For questions or comments on the EMDB validation reports, please contact emdbhelp@ebi.ac.uk.

The Electron Microscopy Data Bank (EMDB) at PDBe

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The Electron Microscopy Data Bank (EMDB) is a public repository for electron microscopy density maps of macromolecular complexes and subcellular structures. It covers a variety of techniques, including single-particle analysis, electron tomography, and electron (2D) crystallography.

The EMDB was founded at EBI in 2002, under the leadership of Kim Henrick. Since 2007 it has been operated jointly by the PDBe, and the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB PDB) as a part of EMDataBank which is funded by a joint NIH grant to PDBe, the RCSB and the National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI).


A wealth of additional resources can be found at EMDataResource including:

Gallery of recent structures

14218 released maps, and 4510 associated publications. Last update: 2021-02-24 - 53 maps released this week