EMDB (the Electron Microscopy Data Bank) is a public repository for electron cryo-microscopy maps and tomograms of macromolecular complexes and subcellular structures. It covers a variety of techniques, including single-particle analysis, electron tomography, sub-tomogram averaging, fibre diffraction and electron crystallography. More...

As of 21 February 2024, EMDB contains 33174 entries (latest entries, trends).


  • 06 January 2024: We are delighted to share that EMDB has officially been elevated to a Core Data Resource by ELIXIR, recognising it as a European data resource of fundamental importance to the wider life-science community and the long-term preservation of biological data.

  • 22 November 2023: We are happy to share the most recent version of the EMDB Nucleic Acids Research paper. The paper describes recent developments and future plans of the EMDB in the context of the worldwide Protein Data Bank. Check it out now! https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkad1019

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