EMDB (the Electron Microscopy Data Bank) is a public repository for electron cryo-microscopy maps and tomograms of macromolecular complexes and subcellular structures. It covers a variety of techniques, including single-particle analysis, electron tomography, sub-tomogram averaging, fibre diffraction and electron crystallography. More...

As of 06 December 2023, EMDB contains 31541 entries (latest entries, trends).


  • 04 October 2023: We are now providing the metadata for all EMDB entries in mmCIF files as well as the existing XML format! For more details see wwPDB news.

  • 02 October 2023: Kyle Morris has joined the EMDB as our new team leader! Kyle brings 10 years of first-hand experience in cryoEM to our team, from his own research, as well as work in imaging and structural biology facilities. His vision for the EMDB includes strengthening its core functions, developing connections to complementary databases, and preparing the archive for future cryoEM technologies. Kyle will build on the long-standing and dedicated work of Ardan Patwardhan and other leaders of the EMDB. Ardan will continue to focus his efforts on EMPIAR going forward.

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