Postdocs at EMBL-EBI

Postdocs at EMBL-EBI

Find out more about the life and work of postdocs at EMBL-EBI.

Postdoctoral research at EMBL-EBI

Our international, interdisciplinary environment and world-class facilities set our postdoctoral programme apart. Researchers at EMBL-EBI work closely with experts in our data service and infrastructure teams, and benefit from the rich scientific exchange and collaborative culture of the Wellcome Genome Campus.

We offer many opportunities for postdoctoral fellows. Most of our postdocs have external funding, but we also offer fellowship positions on our jobs page. If you are interested in doing your postdoc with us, the first step is to contact the Group Leader of your choice directly.

You can find more information about fellowships on EMBL's five sites by visiting the EMBL Postdoctoral Programme page.

EBPOD: The EMBL‐EBI–Biomedical Research Centre postdoctoral programme

EBPOD researchers work on projects that apply computational approaches to translational clinical research involving human subjects. 

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ESPOD: The EMBL-EBI–Sanger Postdoctoral programme

EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Sanger Institute share the Genome Campus, a proximity that fosters close collaborations. The ESPOD programme is for researchers who take both an experimental and computational approach to their work. 

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EI3POD: The EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral programme

The EIPOD programme encourages candidates whose research crosses scientific boundaries. These projects bring together scientific fields that are usually separate or transfer techniques to a novel context. 

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