Cheetah, mouse and gorilla on jungle background with DNA double helix
29 May 2018

Of mice and gorillas: how wild species may benefit from mouse genetic data

Functional catalogue of the mouse genome can inform the conservation of endangered species Read more

Health professionals being trained in using DNA sequencing to diagnose drug-resistant tuberculosis
23 May 2018

Using DNA sequencing to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis in Madagascar

Public health teams in Madagascar pioneer portable, real time DNA sequencing to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis  Read more logo on white background
08 May 2018

New global standards for biomedical data citation establish compact identifiers to improve long-term and consistent data citation Read more

Celgene logo on white background
02 May 2018

Celgene joins Open Targets

New industry partner strengthens drug discovery collaboration Read more

C elegans microscopy. Credit Arturo Agostino.
30 Apr 2018

New insights into the origins of mutations in cancer

Scientists use data from human cancers and C. elegans to understand mutational causes of cancer Read more

White mice next to data repository with PDX Finder logo
05 Apr 2018

PDX Finder - Free global portal for cancer models

First global online catalogue of Patient Derived Xenograft models helps cancer researchers save valuable time Read more

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