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30 Nov 2018

Discovering new enzymes just got easier

EMBL-EBI's MGnify and Biocatalysts create an easy way to discover new enzymes. An industry case study. Read more

DNA bracelets at LifeLab 2018
29 Nov 2018

Silver Engage Watermark acknowledges public engagement efforts

The Wellcome Genome Campus, home of EMBL-EBI, has been rewarded with the Silver Engage Watermark for public engagement Read more

26 Nov 2018

Algorithm identifies multiple gene–environment relationships

New method will enhance understanding of relationship between genotype and environmental factors Read more

05 Nov 2018

Parasitic worm genomes reveal novel treatment possibilities

Largest ever genomic study of parasitic worms identifies new genes and predicts new potential drug targets Read more

01 Nov 2018

Genomes of all known UK species to be sequenced

The genomes of 66,000 UK species are to be sequenced as part of a global effort to sequence all known eukaryotic species on Earth Read more

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26 Oct 2018

Sanofi joins Open Targets

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi joins public-private collaboration Open Targets Read more

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