Keyboard with open data key
16 Jan 2019

Open data and biodiversity

How open scientific databases can contribute to Access and Benefit Sharing Read more

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10 Jan 2019

Funding facilitates access to European proteomics facilities

EMBL-EBI and collaborators awarded grant for mass spectrometry-based proteomics research Read more

Ewan Birney, EMBL-EBI Director. Credit: Carrie Tang
28 Dec 2018

Ewan Birney awarded CBE in New Year’s Honours List

Honour recognises services to computational genomics and leadership across the life sciences Read more

Janet Thornton, Director Emeritus at EMBL-EBI and Vice President of the Scientific Council
20 Dec 2018

EMBL-EBI’s Director Emeritus named Vice President of European Research Council’s governing body

Janet Thornton will take up the role of joint Vice President of the Scientific Council in the new year Read more

Graphic illustrating the concept of networking
07 Dec 2018

SourceData and BioStudies collaboration makes published data more accessible

SourceData and BioStudies collaboration brings open data sharing to EMBO Press Read more

Biocatalysts logo. Discover new enzymes with MGnify
30 Nov 2018

Discovering new enzymes just got easier

EMBL-EBI's MGnify and Biocatalysts create an easy way to discover new enzymes. An industry case study. Read more

Service news from EMBL-EBI

  • 17 Jan 2019

    New releases: InterPro 72.0 and InterProScan 5.33-72.0

    InterPro version 72.0 and InterProScan 5.33-72.0 are now available! InterPro now features hundreds of new methods integrated from partner databases, and InterProScan draws on over 36,000 entries.

    Read more
  • 14 Jan 2019

    Ensembl 95 has been released

    The latest version of Ensembl, release 95, is out. This release brings a brand new human regulatory build for GRCh37 and GRCh38, incorporating new data from the ENCODE and Roadmap epigenomics project, plus an update to the mouse GENCODE gene set.

    Read more
  • 22 Nov 2018

    Bone remodelling - BioModels Model of the Month

    Bone is an organ undergoing a continuous remodelling process where old bone cells get absorbed and replaced with new bone cells. Osteoclasts are cells that absorb old bone tissue during growth to repair bones with micro-fractures.

    Read more
  • 13 Nov 2018

    New releases: InterPro 71.0 and InterProScan 5.32-71.0

    InterPro version 71.0 and InterProScan 5.32-71.0 are now available! InterPro now features hundreds of new methods integrated from partner databases, and InterProScan draws on over 35,000 entries.

    Read more

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