PhenoMenal logo on binary data background
29 Aug 2018

PhenoMeNal: an online portal for metabolomics

PhenoMeNal enables researchers to perform complex metabolomics analyses in the cloud Read more

Single cells and DNA
22 Aug 2018

New approach for testing cancer drug response

First large-scale systematic analysis explores how inherited genome effects drug response of cancer cells Read more

Europe PMC now indexes preprints. Credit: Europe PMC.
11 Jul 2018

Towards a comprehensive literature search: Europe PMC now indexes preprints

Europe PMC has started indexing preprint abstracts, providing researchers with a more comprehensive picture of current life science research. Read more

Close up image of Culicoides biting midge
24 Aug 2018

The first complete biting midge genome

Collaboration with Pirbright Institute produces first complete Culicoides biting midge genome. Read more

Close-up of mosquito on skin. Infravec2 collaboration with EMBL-EBI. Credit: Shutterstock
30 Jul 2018

Fighting mosquito-transmitted diseases

EU-funded Infravec2 releases no-cost resources for scientists fighting mosquito-transmitted diseases Read more

2018 PDBe Art exhibition private viewing at Michaelhouse Cafe in Cambridge, UK. PHOTO: Sreenath Nair /EMBL-EBI
26 Jul 2018

Art meets structural biology

The Protein Data Bank in Europe celebrates its schools art project with its largest exhibition yet   Read more

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EMBL-EBI: why does it matter?

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