Person holding tablet showing 3D protein structure in PDBe
30 Nov 2017

Exploring 3D macromolecules in a flash

New techniques from gaming allow users to load giant 3D protein images quickly in PDBe Read more

BioModels logo on gray background
29 Nov 2017

BioModels performance boost, new model formats

Public repository upgraded to handle more types of mathematical models and offer improved performance and search Read more

Food security and bioinformatics: Illustration by Spencer Phillips, EMBL-EBI
21 Nov 2017

Food security and bioinformatics

EMBL-EBI supports data-driven research into plants, pathogens, pollinators and pests. What’s next? Read more

Gametocytes of malaria-causing Plasmodium parasites
21 Nov 2017

How malaria parasites reproduce: new insights

Study into the reproduction of malaria parasites reveals faster and broader protein regulation than expected Read more

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health logo
09 Nov 2017

Driving genomics: EMBL-EBI and GA4GH

EMBL-EBI is involved in three GA4GH Driver Projects, which are developing and testing the data standards needed to enable genomics in healthcare. Read more

25 genomes logo and image of robin. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons and Sanger Institute, Genome Research Ltd.
07 Nov 2017

Public to vote in 25 Genomes Project

The story EMBL-EBI is helping celebrate the 25th anniversary of its close collaborator, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, by participating in the 25 Genomes Project. Read more

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EMBL-EBI: why does it matter?

Understanding how genetics affects the health of humans, plants and animals is essential to advances in disease prevention, food security and biodiversity. We work with the best scientists on research endeavours of all sizes, and provide the infrastructure needed to share data openly in the life sciences.

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