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1000 Genomes

A deep catalog of shared human genetic variation in population groups worldwide.

ArrayExpress Archive of Functional Genomics Data

A database of functional genomics experiments including microarray or RNAseq expression data typically related to publications.


A library of JavaScript components to represent biological data

BioModels database

A repository of peer-reviewed, published, computational models.


A tool that screens query sequences against a reference collection of repeats.

ChEMBL: Bioactive data for drug discovery

An open data resource of binding, functional and ADMET bioactivity data.

Chemical Entities of Biological Interest

Reference chemical structures, nomenclature and ontological classification.

Clustal Omega

Multiple sequence alignment of DNA or protein sequences. Clustal Omega replaces the older ClustalW alignment tools.

Clustal Phylogeny

Commonly used phylogenetic tree generation methods provided by the ClustalW2 program.


Multiple sequence alignment of DNA or protein sequences. Clustal Omega often produces better results than ClustalW2.

Complex Portal

The Complex Portal is a manually curated, encyclopaedic resource of macromolecular complexes from a number of key model organisms.


DaliLite computes optimal and suboptimal structural alignments between two protein structures.

Database of Genomic Variants archive

A repository that provides archiving, accessioning and distribution of publicly available genomic structural variants, in all species.


Create a multiple sequence alignment from a protein BLAST result.


Programmatic-style retrieval of entries from EMBL-EBI databases

Distributed Annotation System (sensu protein sequences)

DAS provides client-side integration of protein sequence annotation.

EBI BioSamples Database

A database describing biological samples and providing links to associated experimental data

EBI Metagenomics

A resource for the analysis and archiving of metagenomic data.

EBI Search

The EBI Search presents search results that are up-to-date with the data resources and provides an easy inter-domain navigation via a network of cross-references.


Selected EMBOSS tools for sequence analysis, providing: pairwise sequence alignment, sequence format conversion, sequence translation and back-translation, and sequence statistics.

ENA Sequence Search

ENA/SVA - Sequence Version Archive

Historical repository of EMBL-Bank entries


Ensembl enables and advances genome science by providing high-quality, integrated annotation on vertebrate genomes within a consistent and accessible infrastructure.

Ensembl Genomes

An integrating portal for genome-scale data from non-veterbrate species.

Enzyme Portal: Integrated enzyme data from EMBL-EBI resources

Integrated functional, sequence, nomenclature, substrate, product and cofactor data for enzymes.

Europe PubMed Central

Europe's life sciences literature database

European Genome-phenome Archive

A service for permanent archiving and sharing of all types of potentially identifiable genetic, molecular and phenotypic data resulting from biomedical research projects.

European Mouse Mutation Archive

A repository for the collection, archiving and distribution of relevant mouse mutant strains essential for basic biomedical research.

European Nucleotide Archive

A comprehensive archive of submitted nucleotide sequence read, assembly and functional annotation data

European Variation Archive

The European Variation Archive is an open-access database of all types of genetic variation data, from all species. The EVA provides access to highly detailed, granular, raw variant data from human, with other species to follow. All users can download data from any study, or submit their own data to the archive. You can also query all variants in the EVA by study, gene, chromosomal location or dbSNP identifier using our VCF Browser.

Experimental Factor Ontology

Data-driven application ontology for annotation and data visualisation

Expression Atlas

An added-value database that shows which genes/proteins are expressed under which conditions, and how expression differs between conditions.

FASTA [nucleotide]

Similarity search tool for nucleotide sequence databases.

FASTA [protein]

Similarity search tool for protein sequence databases.

FASTM [nucleotide]

Nucleotide fragment similarity search tool

FASTM [protein]

Peptide fragment similarity search tool


Search PRINTS with a protein query sequence.

Gene Ontology

The Gene Ontology project aims to produce an unambiguous, universal language to describe biological phenomena across all species.


Compare a protein sequence to a genomic DNA sequence.

GGSEARCH [nucleotide]

Optimal global similarity search tool to search nucleotide databases for sequences homologous to your query.

GGSEARCH [protein]

Optimal global similarity search tool to search protein databases for sequences homologous to your query.

GLSEARCH [nucleotide]

Optimal global-query, local-database, similarity search tool to search nucleotide databases for sequences homologous to your query.

GLSEARCH [protein]

Optimal global-query, local-database, similarity search tool to search protein databases for sequences homologous to your query.

HMMER - protein homology search

Fast sensitive protein homology searches using profile hidden Markov models (HMMs). Variety of different search methods for querying against both sequence and HMM target databases.

HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee

A database of approved gene symbols, names and associated data for human genes and their vertebrate orthologs.


The IMGT/HLA Database provides a specialist database for sequences of the human major histocompatibility complex (HLA) and includes the official sequences for the WHO Nomenclature Committee For Factors of the HLA System.


The comprehensive resource for a European research network that is characterising, archiving and distributing mouse models of human disease.

IntAct Molecular Interaction Database

A freely available, curated database of molecular interactions.

Integrated GPCR bioactivity, sequence and structure data

Integrated bioactivity, sequence, structure and binding site data for rhodopsin-like GPCRs

Integrated Kinase biactivity, sequence and structure data

Integrated bioactivity, sequence, structure and binding site data for protein kinases.

IntEnz: Integrated relational enzyme database

Reference enzyme nomenclature and function.


A database for the classification of proteins into families, domains and conserved sites.

InterProScan 5

InterProScan 5 searches sequences against InterPro's predictive protein signatures. Please note that InterProScan 4.8 has been retired.

Job Dispatcher

JDispatcher is an analysis tool framework for job submission/dispatching and result retrieval/presentation


Very fast multiple sequence alignment tool, suitable for large alignments.

LALIGN [nucleotide]

LALIGN finds internal duplications by calculating non-intersecting local alignments of protein or nucleotide sequences.

LALIGN [protein]

LALIGN finds internal duplications by calculating non-intersecting local alignments of protein or nucleotide sequences.


Multiple sequence alignment tool that uses Fast Fourier Transforms, suitable for medium alignments.


Automated mapping and analysis of miRNA sequences across genomes


MaxSprout generates protein backbone and side chain co-ordinates from a C(alpha) trace.


A database of proteolytic enzymes, their substrates and inhibitors.

MetaboLights: Metabolomics archive and reference database

A cross-species, cross-application, open-access, open-submission archive and reference database for metabolomics.


Accurate multiple sequence alignment tool, especially good with proteins. Suitable for medium alignments.


Transform a sequence similarity search result into a multiple sequence alignment or reformat a multiple sequence alignment.

NCBI BLAST [nucleotide]

Fast local similarity search tool for nucleotide sequence databases.

NCBI BLAST [protein]

Fast local similarity search tool for protein sequence databases.


The NHGRI GWAS Catalog is co-developed with the NHGRI and provides access to all curated data and a karyotype visualisation of the GWAS Catalog data hosted at EBI. It is integrated with Ensembl and Europe PubMedCentral.

Ontology Lookup Service

OLS provides a unified interface to multiple ontologies on OBO format.

Patent databases

Non-redundant patent sequence databases providing access to full-text patent documents.

PDBe EM Resources

PDBe Electron Microscopy resources

PDBe NMR Resources

PDBe NMR resources


A dictionary of chemical components referred to in PDB entries and maintained by the wwPDB.


Provides interactive service for matching protein structures in 3D and looking for structural homologues in PDB and SCOP databases


Protein small structure motif search and statistics wrapped into integrated protein sequence and protein structure search


protein interactions, surfaces and assemblies


A database of hidden Markov models and alignments to describe conserved protein families and domains.


Tool to predict transmembrane topology and signal peptides from the amino acid sequence of a protein.

PICR: The Protein Identifier Cross-Reference Service

Provides web services for mapping between protein identifier namespaces.


A model organism database for Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Pratt - Pattern Matching

Discover patterns in unaligned protein sequences.

PRIDE: The Proteomics Identifications Database

An archive of protein expression data determined by mass spectrometry.


PromoterWise compares two DNA sequences allowing for inversions and translocations, ideal for promoters.


Search a protein query sequence for protein motifs using the patterns and profiles in PROSITE.

Protein Data Bank in Europe

The European resource for the collection, organisation and dissemination of 3D structural data (from PDB and EMDB) on biological macromolecules and their complexes.


Fast iterative motif-based similarity search tool for proteins


Highly accurate iterative motif-based similarity search tool for proteins combining sensitive Smith-Waterman searching with PSI-BLAST style iterations.


A web interface for browsing GO terms and annotations.


Rapid Automatic Detection and Alignment of Repeats in protein sequences

Reactome pathways database

A manually curated, peer-reviewed database of biomolecular pathways.


Conversion between common biological sequence formats.


A database of covariance models and alignments to describe non-coding RNA families.

Rhea: Enzyme-catalysed reactions

A curated database of enzyme-catalysed reactions.


A database of non-coding RNA sequences.

SAPS - Statistical Analysis of Protein Sequences

Evaluate a wide variety of protein sequence properties

Sequence Checksum Generator

Generation of checksums for protein and nucleotide sequences.

SSEARCH [nucleotide]

Smith-Waterman sequence similarity search against nucleotide databases.

SSEARCH [protein]

Smith-Waterman sequence similarity search against protein databases.


Consistency-based multiple sequence alignment tool that attempts to mitigate the pitfalls of progressive alignment methods. Suitable for small alignments.

Taxonomy services

Integrated taxonomic data and connection point for biomolecular data resources.

The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium

A centralised data centre and portal for gene-phenotype associations generated in an international effort to characterize a knockout mouse strain for over 20,000 mouse genes.


A database of phylogenetic trees of animal species to provide orthologue/paralogue definitions.

UniChem: Chemical Structure Cross-referencing

Rapid lookup of EBI chemical structure objects across resources

UniProt: The Universal Protein Resource

The gold-standard, comprehensive resource for protein sequence and functional annotation data.


A historical repository of UniProtKB entry versions.


An NIH-NIAID Bioinformatics Resource Centerfor invertebrate vectors of human patohgens.

Web Services

Programmatic access to various data resources and analysis tools via Web Services technologies.


Whatizit is a text processing system that allows you to do textmining tasks on text

Wise2DBA - DNA Block Aligner

Aligns two sequences under the assumption that the sequences share a number of colinear blocks of conservation separated by potentially large and varied lengths of DNA in the two sequences.


A nematode-centric model organism database.

WU-BLAST [nucleotide]

Sequence similarity search of nucleotide databases using WU-BLAST.

WU-BLAST [protein]

Sequence similarity search of protein databases with WU-BLAST.