Fourier Shell Correlation (FSC) server

Welcome to the PDBe Fourier Shell Correlation (FSC) server!
This web service will calculate and plot the FSC curve from two 3D reconstructions that you upload. You will be able to download the FSC curve as an XML file that can then be uploaded as a part of a deposition to EMDB. This server uses the EMAN2 package for the FSC calculation. The implementation of the 3 sigma and half bit threshold curves is based on Imagic code kindly provided by Michael Schatz (ImageScience Software GmbH).

Supported input file formats include CCP4/MRC, Imagic, Spider, EMAN2 HDF5 and others. We have one test data sets that you can use to try out the service here. We appreciate your continuing support and feedback!

The uploaded maps will be deleted after the calculation is completed.