Structure for peptidase M13.002: endothelin-converting enzyme 1

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PDB Organism Resolution Comment
3DWB Homo sapiens 2.38 Å complex with phosphoramidon
The catalytic zinc atom is shown as a light grey CPK sphere. The zinc ligands are shown in ball-and-stick representation: His607 and His611 in purple, Glu667 in blue. The catalytic residues are shown in ball-and-stick representation: Glu608 in blue and Asp671 in pink. The bound inhibitor is shown in grey ball-and-stick representation.
Comment Resolution PDB PDBe SCOP CATH PDBSum Proteopedia Reference
Homo sapiens
complex with phosphoramidon 2.38 Å 3DWB 3DWB 3DWB 3DWB 3DWB 3DWB Schulz et al., 2009