Finding the variation tab

Finding the variation tab

Access from the Ensembl home page:

  • Search for a variant (for example, rs1333049) using the search box on the Ensembl home page (Figure 29). The search results will take you to the variation tab. (see 'How to search Ensembl' for more information).

Search for a variant

Expand 'Variation'.  Click on Human.

 The search results

Figure 29. The search results will show a quick summary of information about the variant. To open the variation tab for rs1333049, just click on the variation ID.


Access from other views:

Ambiguity code from the transcript cDNA sequence view

Figure 30. Click on an ambiguity or IUPAC code above a highlighted nucleotide in the cDNA view. 

  • Draw the variations on the sequence view, and click on any of the variation IDs
  • Click on a variation ID from the gene variation table
  • Turn on the variation track in the location tab, and click on a variant of interest.