Adding data tracks

The region view can be altered by clicking on the blue 'Configure this page' button (Figure 24).
Figure 24. The blue 'Configure this page' button can be used to add or remove tracks to the region view.

Data tracks that can be drawn in the ‘region in detail’ view range from sequence variation from dbSNP and the 1000 Genomes project, through to regulatory features, to whole genome alignments. In the following example, a whole genome alignment between human and gorilla is selected using the 'configure this page' tool (Figure 25).

Figure 25. A whole genome alignment between human and gorilla is indicated by pink bars. Click on any bar to find out which region of the gorilla genome aligns to the BRCA2 locus.  

The data tracks in the 'configure this page' menu are separated into various menus on the left (Figure 26). Sections include Genes and transcripts, mRNA and protein alignments, Variation, Regulation, and Comparative genomics.

Figure 26. The configure this page button opens a window of track options. Menus on the left allow you to explore tracks by category and indicate how many tracks are turned on in each category. Tracks that have been turned on can be seen in the active tracks menu above.

InformationTest yourself! Can you configure data tracks in Region in Detail? Try this exercise to find out.