What is Ensembl?

Ensembl provides a genome browser that acts as a single point of access to annotated genomes for mainly vertebrate species (Video 1 and Figure 2).

Information about genes, transcripts and further annotation can be retrieved at the genome, gene and protein level. This includes information on protein domains, genetic variation, homology, syntenic regions and regulatory elements.

Video 1 Introduction to Ensembl
Information Ensembl imports genome sequences from consortia which keeps us consistent with many other bioinformatics projects. Each species in Ensembl has its own home page, where you can find out who provided the genome sequence and which version of the genome assembly is represented.  For an example, see the human home page.
Figure 2 Ensembl contains information on chordate genomes, including human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, panda, and takifugu.