How to search Ensembl


Figure 4. The Ensembl search box


Search using:

  • a gene name (for example, BRCA2);
  • an identifier from an external database, such as  UniProt accession number or a PDBe ID;
  • a disease name (for example, coronary heart disease);
  • a variation (for example, rs1223);
  • a location - a genomic region (for example, rat X:100000..200000);
  • a Gene Ontology (GO) term

Most search results will take you to the appropriate Ensembl view through a results page. If you search using a location you will be directed straight to the location tab (this tab provides a view of a region of a genome).

The different tabs in Ensembl will be explained in the later section 'Navigating Ensembl'. For now we will concentrate on how to search Ensembl.



Want to find genes or genomic regions for a sequence?  See the section 'Searching with a sequence using BLAT or BLAST'.