Summary for peptidase M10.023: membrane-type matrix metallopeptidase-5

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MEROPS Namemembrane-type matrix metallopeptidase-5
Other namesmembrane-type matrix metalloproteinase 5, MT5-MMP, MMP-24, MTMMP-5
Domain architecture
MEROPS Classification
Classification Clan MA >> Subclan MA(M) >> Family M10 >> Subfamily A >> M10.023
Holotypemembrane-type matrix metallopeptidase-5 (Homo sapiens), Uniprot accession Q9Y5R2 (peptidase unit: 152-342), MERNUM MER0005638
History Identifier created: MEROPS 3.30 (20 July 1999)
Catalytic typeMetallo
NC-IUBMBNot yet included in IUBMB recommendations.
Proteolytic eventsCutDB database (1 cleavage)
Activity statushuman: active (Pei, 2004)
mouse: active (Wang et al., 1999)
PhysiologyMembrane-type matrix metalloproteinase 5 was identified as neuron-specific, and suggested to contribute to neuronal circuit formation and plasticity.
KnockoutDeficient mice were born normally, but showed abnormal responses to sciatic nerve injury (Komori et al., 2004).
Other databases TREEFAM
Human genetics
Gene symbol Locus Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene Gene Cards OMIM
MMP24 20q11.2 ENSG00000125966 10893 MMP24 604871
Mouse genetics
Gene symbol Position Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene MGI
Mmp24 2:H1 ENSMUSG00000027612 17391 MGI:1341867