BioModels is developed by the Molecular Networks team (EMBL-EBI, UK) and the SBML Team (Caltech, USA).
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BioModels funders

BioModels is supported by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Multimod, BB/N019482/1) and the Innovative Medicines Initiative (TransQST, 116030).

Former funders

BioModels also benefited from the help of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (DDMoRe), the Seventh Framework Programme (AgedBrainSYSBIO, ISBE), the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (USA), the Sauro Lab (University of Washington, USA), the Systems Biology Institute (Tokyo, JP), and from funds of the DARPA (USA).

BioModels collaboration

Former collaborators

BioModels collaborated with DOQCS (National Center for Biological Sciences, India), the Virtual Cell (University of Connecticut Health Center, USA) and the CellML Team (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, NZ).

BioModels would not exist without the continuous support of many people, whether by their contribution of models, of software, or by their constructive comments and criticisms. It is unfortunately impossible to acknowledge all of them here, without risking to be unfair. Therefore, a big collective thank-you all!

Scientific Advisory Board

Former members

  • Upinder S. Bhalla, National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, IN
  • Ion Moraru, University of Connecticut Health Center, USA
  • Herbert Sauro, University of Washington, USA
  • Jacky L. Snoep, Chair, University of Stellenbosch, SA