BioModels Parameters

BioModels Parameters is a resource that facilitates easy search and retrieval of parameter values used in the SBML models stored in the BioModels repository. Users can search for a model entity (e.g. a protein or drug) to retrieve the rate equations describing it; the associated parameter values and the initial concentration from the SBML models in BioModels. Although these data are directly extracted from the curated SBML models, they are not individually curated or validated; rather presented as such in the table below. Hence BioModels Parameters table will only provide a quick overview of available parameter values for guidance and original model should be referred to understand the complete context of the parameter usage. To learn more about BioModels Parameters, please read our article.

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If you use BioModels Parameters, please cite:

Mihai Glont, Chinmay Arankalle, Krishna Tiwari, Tung V N Nguyen, Henning Hermjakob, Rahuman S Malik Sheriff
BioModels Parameters: a treasure trove of parameter values from published systems biology models

Bioinformatics, 2020, btaa560,