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January,  2024

DeBoeck2021 - Modular approach to modelling the cell cycle

To multiply, a cell goes through a sequence of phases in the cell division cycle. The transitions between these phases are quick and robust due to a so-called bistable switch. Moreover, lowering cyclin B values does not immediately lead to mitotic exit – the threshold for inactivation of Cdk1 is lower than its activation threshold, leading to hysteresis. In our paper, we propose a solution to this problem. We modify a Hill-type ultrasensitive response such that it produces a bistable response. These bistable responses can, just like Hill functions, be included directly in larger models.

Model(s) associated with this Model of the Month: BIOMD0000001079,   BIOMD0000001080.

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Rahuman S Malik-Sheriff, Mihai Glont, Tung V N Nguyen, Krishna Tiwari, Matthew G Roberts, Ashley Xavier, Manh T Vu, Jinghao Men, Matthieu Maire, Sarubini Kananathan, Emma L Fairbanks, Johannes P Meyer, Chinmay Arankalle, Thawfeek M Varusai, Vincent Knight-Schrijver, Lu Li, Corina Dueñas-Roca, Gaurhari Dass, Sarah M Keating, Young M Park, Nicola Buso, Nicolas Rodriguez, Michael Hucka, and Henning Hermjakob
Nucl. Acids Res. 2020
Mihai Glont, Tung V N Nguyen, Martin Graesslin, Robert Hälke, Raza Ali, Jochen Schramm, Sarala M Wimalaratne, Varun B Kothamachu, Nicolas Rodriguez, Maciej J Swat, Jurgen Eils, Roland Eils, Camille Laibe, Rahuman S Malik-Sheriff, Vijayalakshmi Chelliah, Nicolas Le Novère, and Henning Hermjakob
Nucl. Acids Res. 2018