System Biology Format Converter (SBFC) online

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Step 1 : Choose your input format

The input format you choose should match the model(s) you will submit, otherwise you will get an error. We strongly advise you validate your model(s) before the conversion

Model input format :

Step 2 : Choose your output format

The output format you choose will determine the converter to use, if the format you want doesn't appear here it means the converter is not implemented yet

Model output format :

Step 3 : Enter your email address to get a URL to your results (optional)

If you choose to enter an email address, you will receive a link to your conversion results. This field is optional as you will be redirected to the result page after submitting your model(s) anyway

Email address :

Step 4 : Choose the model(s) you want to convert

You have three different ways to submit model(s), you can upload your files on the server, give the URL to a model or copy/paste it directly

Choose a method for submitting your model(s):

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