Internship opportunities

Curation internship: Literature curation of mechanistic models of disease pathways

BioModels is a central repository of mathematical models of biological/biomedical processes. It is hosted at EMBL-EBI and is one of the resources of the molecular systems cluster. The models distributed through BioModels are extensively tested and encoded in standard formats (for example, SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language)) and are free to use. In addition, the models and their components are cross-referenced with external data resources and ontologies, which facilitates search and retrieval, and maximises the benefits of the growing number of already existing models.

Curating models of biological processes is an effective training in computational systems biology, where the curators gain an integrative knowledge on biological systems, modelling and bioinformatics. We have a number of internship opportunities available within the team, to carry out targeted curation of mechanistic models of certain disease pathways. The topics likely to be focused, but not limited to, are cancer, diabetes [1], arthritis (inflammation & immunology), plant systems, and neurodegeneration [2].

The internships might be ideal for a master degree thesis or for candidates who are in between their masters and PhD. An initial knowledge of biology, mathematics and computing is desirable. The successful candidate will be a master student in bioinformatics or systems biology. Training will be given to understand basics of modelling, and on modelling and simulation tools. The position is ideally for 6 months, but can be extended up to one year. A fixed monthly allowance is provided to help towards living costs.

For further enquiries or to make an application (attach your CV and a cover letter), please contact: Rahuman Sheriff (sheriff AT

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