EMDB EMD-10187

Single particle reconstruction
3.7Å resolution

Structure of protomer 1 of the ESX-3 core complex

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Overview of EMD-10187
Fitted atomic model: 6sgx
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Primary publication:
Architecture of the mycobacterial type VII secretion system.
Famelis N, Rivera-Calzada A, Degliesposti G, Wingender M, Mietrach N, Skehel JM, Fernandez-Leiro R, Bottcher B, Schlosser A, Llorca O, Geibel S
Nature - (2019)
PMID: 31597161

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Protomer1 of the ESX-3 core complex
Proteins: Protomer1 of the ESX-3 core complex, ESX-3 secretion system EccB3, ESX-3 secretion system protein EccD3, ESX-3 secretion system protein EccC3, ESX-3 secretion system protein EccE3

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 3.7Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF
Applied symmetry: C1
Reconstruction software: RELION
Detector: FEI FALCON III (4k x 4k)