Summary for clan ST

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DescriptionSerine nucleophile; transmembrane protein with catalytic residues in the order Ser, His embedded in the membrane
Contents of clanClan ST contains membrane-bound endopeptidases that cleave within transmembrane domains of substrate proteins.
EvidenceThe tertiary structure of the GlpG protein (S54.016) from Escherichia coli has been determined (Wang et al., 2006).
Catalytic mechanism(See family S54.)
Peptidase activity(See family S54.)
Protein foldThe fold consists of a bundle of helices.
Homologous non-peptidase familiesThe fold is unique to clan ST.


Family Family Type Peptidase Structure
S54 rhomboid-1 (Diptera) (Drosophila melanogaster) Yes

Distribution of clan ST among Kingdoms of Organisms