Summary for clan AC

Summary Structure Literature
HistoryMEROPS 5.00 (20 Apr 2000)
DescriptionWater nucleophile; water bound by two Asp; all membrane-bound endopeptidases known only from eubacteria with active site on periplasmic side of cell membrane.
Contents of clanClan AC contains endopeptidases.
EvidenceAlthough the tertiary structure has not been determined, the fold is unlikely to be similar to that of any other aspartic peptidase (see protein fold) and so family A8 is assigned to its own clan, AC.
Catalytic mechanism(See family A8.)
Peptidase activity(See family A8.)
Protein foldNo tertiary structures have been determined for any member of the clan. Because the members of the clan are all membrane-bound endopeptidases with helical transmembrane domains, the fold must be different to that of the all-beta proteins in clan AA. The active site is on the periplasmic side of the cell membrane.


Family Family Type Peptidase Structure
A8 signal peptidase II (Escherichia coli) -

Distribution of clan AC among Kingdoms of Organisms