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its a mathematical model explaining the impact of chemotherapy and immunotherpay together on Tumor cells involving cytokines like Il2, IL10 and TGFbeta, immune cells like CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, Memory T cells, NK cells, dendrtic cells. This model is based on the previous model published by Robertson-Tessi M 2012 (PMID:22051568).
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  • Optimal treatment strategy for a tumor model under immune suppression.
  • Kim KS, Cho G, Jung IH
  • Computational and mathematical methods in medicine , 1/ 2014 , Volume 2014 , pages: 206287 , PubMed ID: 25140193
  • Department of Mathematics, Pusan National University, Busan 609-735, Republic of Korea.
  • We propose a mathematical model describing tumor-immune interactions under immune suppression. These days evidences indicate that the immune suppression related to cancer contributes to its progression. The mathematical model for tumor-immune interactions would provide a new methodology for more sophisticated treatment options of cancer. To do this we have developed a system of 11 ordinary differential equations including the movement, interaction, and activation of NK cells, CD8(+)T-cells, CD4(+)T cells, regulatory T cells, and dendritic cells under the presence of tumor and cytokines and the immune interactions. In addition, we apply two control therapies, immunotherapy and chemotherapy to the model in order to control growth of tumor. Using optimal control theory and numerical simulations, we obtain appropriate treatment strategies according to the ratio of the cost for two therapies, which suggest an optimal timing of each administration for the two types of models, without and with immunosuppressive effects. These results mean that the immune suppression can have an influence on treatment strategies for cancer.
Submitter of the first revision: Krishna Kumar Tiwari
Submitter of this revision: Krishna Kumar Tiwari
Modellers: Krishna Kumar Tiwari

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