Naski1991 - alpha-Thrombin-catalyzed conversion of Fibrinogen

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Mathematical model of blood coagulation factor alpha-thrombin and conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin with ATIII inhibition.
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  • A kinetic model for the alpha-thrombin-catalyzed conversion of plasma levels of fibrinogen to fibrin in the presence of antithrombin III.
  • Naski MC, Shafer JA
  • The Journal of biological chemistry , 7/ 1991 , Volume 266 , Issue 20 , pages: 13003-13010 , PubMed ID: 2071587
  • Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 48109.
  • In this study we report a kinetic model for the alpha-thrombin-catalyzed production of fibrin I and fibrin II at pH 7.4, 37 degrees C, gamma/2 0.17. The fibrin is produced by the action of human alpha-thrombin on plasma levels of human fibrinogen in the presence of the major inhibitor of alpha-thrombin in plasma, antithrombin III (AT). This model quantitatively accounts for the time dependence of alpha-thrombin-catalyzed release of fibrinopeptides A and B concurrent with the inactivation of alpha-thrombin by AT and delineates the concerted interactions of alpha-thrombin, fibrin(ogen), and AT during the production of a fibrin clot. The model also provides a method for estimating the concentration of alpha-thrombin required to produce a clot of known composition and predicts a direct relationship between the plasma concentration of fibrinogen and the amount of fibrin produced by a bolus of alpha-thrombin. The predicted relationship between the concentration of fibrinogen and the amount of fibrin produced in plasma provides a plausible explanation for the observed linkage between plasma concentrations of fibrinogen and the risk for ischemic heart disease.
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