Khanin1998 - Mathematical Model of Blood Coagulation Prothrombin Time Test

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Blood coagulation model for prothrombin time test.
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  • Mathematical model for the blood coagulation prothrombin time test.
  • Khanin MA, Rakov DV, Kogan AE
  • Thrombosis research , 3/ 1998 , Volume 89 , Issue 5 , pages: 227-232 , PubMed ID: 9645916
  • Laboratory of Theoretical Biology, Russian State University of Technology, Moscow.
  • A mathematical model for the prothrombin time test is proposed. The time course of clotting factor activation during coagulation was calculated, and the sensitivity of the test to a decrease in the concentrations of coagulation proteins or their activities was studied. The model predicts that only severe coagulation disorders connected with a more than five-fold decrease in the concentrations or activities of the blood coagulation factors can be revealed by the test.
Submitter of the first revision: Matthew Roberts
Submitter of this revision: Matthew Roberts
Modellers: Matthew Roberts

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PubMed 9645916

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Taxonomy Homo sapiens

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Gene Ontology blood coagulation

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