Tomographic reconstruction

Influenza A virus-like particles containing HA-MAY, NA, M1, and M2 proteins incubated with liposomes at pH 5 (MAY denotes three amino acids that replace three cysteines in the cytoplasmic tail of hemagglutinin)

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Overview of EMD-8846
Source organism: Influenza A virus [11320]
Related EM entries by publication: EMD-8843, EMD-8844, EMD-8845
Primary publication:
Palmitoylation contributes to membrane curvature in Influenza A virus assembly and hemagglutinin-mediated membrane fusion.
Chlanda P, Mekhedov E, Waters H, Sodt A, Schwartz C, Nair V, Blank PS, Zimmerberg J
J. Virol. - (2017)
PMID: 28794042

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Influenza A virus
Virus: Influenza A virus

Experimental Information Details

Reconstruction software: Imod
Detector: FEI FALCON II (4k x 4k)