Single particle reconstruction
6.3Å resolution

6.3 Angstrom structure of the Salmonella SPI-1 type III secretion injectisome basal body

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Overview of EMD-8400
Fitted atomic model: 5tcr
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Primary publication:
Near-atomic-resolution cryo-EM analysis of the Salmonella T3S injectisome basal body.
Worrall LJ, Hong C, Vuckovic M, Deng W, Bergeron JR, Majewski DD, Huang RK, Spreter T, Finlay BB, Yu Z, Strynadka NC
Nature 540 597-601 (2016)
PMID: 27974800

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Type III injectisome basal body
Proteins: Type III injectisome basal body, Protein InvG, Lipoprotein PrgK, Protein PrgH

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 6.3Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF
Applied symmetry: C1
Reconstruction software: FREALIGN
Detector: GATAN K2 QUANTUM (4k x 4k)