Single particle reconstruction
4.9Å resolution

Cryo EM density of GDP-bound dynamic microtubules

Map released:
Overview of EMD-5896
Source organisms:
Fitted atomic model: 3j6f
Related EM entries by publication: EMD-5895, EMD-5897, EMD-5898, EMD-5899
Primary publication:
High resolution microtubule structures reveal the structural transitions in alpha-beta tubulin upon GTP hydrolysis.
Alushin GM, Lander GC, Kellogg EH, Zhang R, Baker D, Nogales E
CELL(CAMBRIDGE,MASS.) 157 1117-1129 (2014)
PMID: 24855948

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Dynamic GDP-bound microtubule
Proteins: Alpha tubulin, Beta tubulin, kinesin

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 4.9Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143, semi-independent
Applied symmetry: C1
Reconstruction software: FREALIGN
Microscope: FEI TITAN
Detector: KODAK SO-163 FILM