Single particle reconstruction
9.4Å resolution

P22 tail machine

Map released:
Overview of EMD-5051
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Primary publication:
The P22 tail machine at subnanometer resolution reveals the architecture of an infection conduit.
Lander GC, Khayat R, Li R, Prevelige PE, Potter CS, Carragher B, Johnson JE
STRUCTURE 17 789-799 (2009)
PMID: 19523897

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: P22 tail machine
Protein: tail machine

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 9.4Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.5
Applied symmetry: C6
Reconstruction software: EMAN, SPIDER
Microscope: FEI TECNAI F20
Detector: TVIPS TEMCAM-F415 (4k x 4k)