Helical reconstruction
20.0Å resolution

Cryo-EM informed directed evolution of Nitrilase 4 leads to a change in quaternary structure.

Map released:
Overview of EMD-4804
Source organism: Arabidopsis thaliana [3702]
Related EM entries by publication: EMD-0320, EMD-4406, EMD-4407
Primary publication:
Cryo-EM and directed evolution reveal howArabidopsisnitrilase specificity is influenced by its quaternary structure.
Mulelu AE, Kirykowicz AM, Woodward JD
Commun Biol 2 260-260 (2019)
PMID: 31341959

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Arabidopsis thaliana NITRILASE 4 filament
Proteins: Arabidopsis thaliana NITRILASE 4 filament, Arabidopsis thaliana Nitrilase 4 R95T

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 20.0Å
Resolution method: FSC 1/2 BIT CUT-OFF
Reconstruction software: SPIDER
Microscope: FEI TECNAI F20
Detector: GATAN ULTRASCAN 4000 (4k x 4k)