EMDB EMD-30350

Single particle reconstruction
3.6Å resolution

Cryo-EM structure of the flagellar export apparatus with FliE from Salmonella

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Overview of EMD-30350
Fitted atomic model: 7cg4
Primary publication:
Structural basis of assembly and torque transmission of the bacterial flagellar motor.
Tan J, Zhang X, Wang X, Xu C, Chang S, Wu H, Wang T, Liang H, Gao H, Zhou Y, Zhu Y
Cell - (2021)
PMID: 33882274

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Flagellar motor-hook complex
Proteins: Flagellar motor-hook complex, Flagellar hook-basal body complex protein FliE, Flagellar biosynthetic protein FliP

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 3.6Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF
Detector: GATAN K2 SUMMIT (4k x 4k)