EMDB EMD-22401

Single particle reconstruction
2.68Å resolution

Rubisco in the apo state

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Overview of EMD-22401
Source organism: Chlamydomonas reinhardtii [3055]
Fitted atomic model: 7jn4
Primary publication:
The Structural Basis of Rubisco Phase Separation in the Pyrenoid
He S, Chou H, Matthies D, Wunder T, Meyer MT, Atkinson N, Martinez-Sanchez A, Jeffrey PD, Port SA, Patena W, He G, Chen VK, Hughson FM, McCormick AJ, Mueller Cajar O, Engel BD, Yu Z, Jonikas MC
Nature Plants - ()

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Rubisco at apo state
Ligand: water
Proteins: Rubisco at apo state, Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase large chain, Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase small chain 2, chloroplastic

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 2.68Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF
Applied symmetry: D4
Reconstruction software: RELION
Detector: GATAN K2 SUMMIT (4k x 4k)