EMDB EMD-21208

Single particle reconstruction
3.43Å resolution

Cryo-EM structure of VRC01.23 in complex with HIV-1 Env BG505 DS.SOSIP

Map released:
Overview of EMD-21208
Source organisms:
Fitted atomic model: 6vi0
To be published

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: HIV-1 Env BG505 DS-SOSIP and antibodies VRC01.23
Ligand: 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-beta-D-glucopyranose
Proteins: HIV-1 Env BG505 DS-SOSIP and antibodies VRC01.23, BG505 DS.SOSIP with antibody VRC01.23 Fab, Envelope glycoprotein gp41, BG505 gp120, VRC01.23 Light chain, VRC01.23 Heavy chain

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 3.43Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF
Applied symmetry: C3
Reconstruction software: cryoSPARC
Detector: GATAN K2 SUMMIT (4k x 4k)