EMDB EMD-21106

Single particle reconstruction
3.07Å resolution

RSC body (classified)

Map released:
Overview of EMD-21106
Source organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae [4932]
Primary publication:
Architecture of the chromatin remodeler RSC and insights into its nucleosome engagement.
Patel AB, Moore CM, Greber BJ, Luo J, Zukin SA, Ranish J, Nogales E
Elife 8 - (2019)
PMID: 31886770

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Remodeling the Structure of Chromatin (RSC)
Protein: Remodeling the Structure of Chromatin (RSC)

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 3.07Å
Resolution method: FSC 0.143 CUT-OFF
Detector: OTHER