Single particle reconstruction
8.3Å resolution

Molecular Architecture of the 'stressosome', a signal transduction hub

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Overview of EMD-1556
Source organism: Bacillus subtilis [1423]
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Primary publication:
Molecular architecture of the "stressosome," a signal integration and transduction hub.
Marles-Wright J, Grant T, Delumeau O, van Duinen G, Firbank SJ, Lewis PJ, Murray JW, Newman JA, Quin MB, Race PR, Rohou A, Tichelaar W, van Heel M, Lewis RJ
SCIENCE 322 92-96 (2008)
PMID: 18832644

Function and Biology Details

Sample name: Ternary RsbR RsbS RsbT complex
Protein: Ternary RsbR RsbS RsbT 'stressosome' complex

Experimental Information Details

Resolution: 8.3Å
Resolution method: FSC with half-bit criterion
Applied symmetry: D2
Reconstruction software: IMAGIC