CHEBI:88040 - ketomycolate type-3 (XIII'')

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ChEBI Name ketomycolate type-3 (XIII'')
Definition The conjugate base of ketomycolic acid type-3 (XIII''). A class of mycolic acids characterized by the presence of a proximal cis-cyclopropyl group followed by a cis C=C double bond and a distal oxo group in the meromycolic chain.
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Submitter Nevila Nouspikel
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Formula (CH2)l.(CH2)m.(CH2)n.(CH2)p.(CH2)q.C13H19O4
Net Charge -1
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing ketomycolate type-3 (XIII'') (CHEBI:88040) is a mycolate (CHEBI:25436)
Synonym Source
(Z)-cyclopropyl-(Z)-Δ-oxomycolate UniProt
Citation Waiting for Citations Type Source
12055308 PubMed citation SUBMITTER