CHEBI:38313 - diazines

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ChEBI Name diazines
Definition Any organic heterocyclic compound containing a benzene ring in which two of the C-H fragments have been replaced by isolobal nitrogens (the diazine parent structure).
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing diazines (CHEBI:38313) is a organic heteromonocyclic compound (CHEBI:25693)
diazines (CHEBI:38313) is a organonitrogen heterocyclic compound (CHEBI:38101)
Incoming diazine (CHEBI:38627) is a diazines (CHEBI:38313)
pyrazines (CHEBI:38314) is a diazines (CHEBI:38313)
pyridazines (CHEBI:37921) is a diazines (CHEBI:38313)
pyrimidines (CHEBI:39447) is a diazines (CHEBI:38313)
Last Modified
22 December 2010
General Comment
2010-12-22 Two fragments are isolobal if the number, symmetry properties, approximate energy and shape of the frontier orbitals and the number of electrons in them are similar.