CHEBI:36338 - lepton

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ChEBI Name lepton
Definition Lepton is a fermion that does not experience the strong force (strong interaction). The term is derived from the Greek λεπτοσ (small, thin).
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing lepton (CHEBI:36338) is a fermion (CHEBI:36340)
lepton (CHEBI:36338) is a fundamental particle (CHEBI:33233)
Incoming antimuon (CHEBI:30214) is a lepton (CHEBI:36338)
electron (CHEBI:10545) is a lepton (CHEBI:36338)
muon (CHEBI:36356) is a lepton (CHEBI:36338)
neutrino (CHEBI:36352) is a lepton (CHEBI:36338)
positron (CHEBI:30225) is a lepton (CHEBI:36338)
tau lepton (CHEBI:36355) is a lepton (CHEBI:36338)
Synonym Source
leptons ChEBI
Last Modified
04 August 2006