CHEBI:35883 - phosphine

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ChEBI Name phosphine
Definition Phosphane (PH3) and compounds derived from it by substituting one, two or three hydrogen atoms by hydrocarbyl groups: RPH2, R2PH, R3P (R ≠ H) are called primary, secondary and tertiary phosphines, respectively. A specific phosphine is preferably named as a substituted phosphane.
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Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): catalyst
A substance that increases the rate of a reaction without modifying the overall standard Gibbs energy change in the reaction.
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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing phosphine (CHEBI:35883) has role catalyst (CHEBI:35223)
phosphine (CHEBI:35883) is a phosphorus molecular entity (CHEBI:26082)
Incoming phosphine derivative (CHEBI:63258) has functional parent phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
Bromo[(6-bromo-1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)methyl]triphenylphosphorane (CHEBI:189237) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
Diphenylphosphine Acid (CHEBI:187316) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
phosphane (CHEBI:30278) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
primary phosphine (CHEBI:35884) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
secondary phosphine (CHEBI:35885) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
Tert-butyl (triphenylphosphoranylidene)acetate (CHEBI:188699) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
tertiary phosphine (CHEBI:35886) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
tetrofosmin (CHEBI:135598) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
Synonyms Sources
fosfinas IUPAC
phosphines ChEBI
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08 November 2021