CHEBI:26045 - phosphite ion

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ChEBI Name phosphite ion
Stars This entity has not been annotated and is a preliminary ChEBI entity.
ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing phosphite ion (CHEBI:26045) is a phosphorus oxoanion (CHEBI:33461)
Incoming dihydrogenphosphite (CHEBI:29258) is a phosphite ion (CHEBI:26045)
hydrogenphosphite (CHEBI:29259) is a phosphite ion (CHEBI:26045)
hydroxidodioxidophosphate(•1−) (CHEBI:29927) is a phosphite ion (CHEBI:26045)
phosphite(3−) (CHEBI:45064) is a phosphite ion (CHEBI:26045)
Last Modified
02 August 2006