CHEBI:30278 - phosphane

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ChEBI Name phosphane
Definition The simplest phosphine, consisting of a single phosphorus atom with three hydrogens attached.
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Formula H3P
Net Charge 0
Average Mass 33.99758
Monoisotopic Mass 33.99724
InChI InChI=1S/H3P/h1H3
Roles Classification
Chemical Role(s): catalyst
A substance that increases the rate of a reaction without modifying the overall standard Gibbs energy change in the reaction.
(via phosphine )
Biological Role(s): carcinogenic agent
A role played by a chemical compound which is known to induce a process of carcinogenesis by corrupting normal cellular pathways, leading to the acquistion of tumoral capabilities.
Application(s): fumigant insecticide

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ChEBI Ontology
Outgoing phosphane (CHEBI:30278) has role carcinogenic agent (CHEBI:50903)
phosphane (CHEBI:30278) has role fumigant insecticide (CHEBI:39277)
phosphane (CHEBI:30278) is a mononuclear parent hydride (CHEBI:37176)
phosphane (CHEBI:30278) is a phosphanes (CHEBI:35878)
phosphane (CHEBI:30278) is a phosphine (CHEBI:35883)
phosphane (CHEBI:30278) is conjugate acid of phosphanide (CHEBI:29938)
phosphane (CHEBI:30278) is conjugate base of phosphonium (CHEBI:30282)
Incoming phosphine derivative (CHEBI:63258) has parent hydride phosphane (CHEBI:30278)
phosphonium (CHEBI:30282) is conjugate acid of phosphane (CHEBI:30278)
phosphanide (CHEBI:29938) is conjugate base of phosphane (CHEBI:30278)
phosphanediyl group (CHEBI:29944) is substituent group from phosphane (CHEBI:30278)
phosphanetriyl group (CHEBI:30206) is substituent group from phosphane (CHEBI:30278)
phosphanyl group (CHEBI:29936) is substituent group from phosphane (CHEBI:30278)
phosphanylidene group (CHEBI:29945) is substituent group from phosphane (CHEBI:30278)
phosphorus trihydride
Synonyms Sources
fosfano IUPAC
fosfina IUPAC
phosphine NIST Chemistry WebBook
Phosphorwasserstoff NIST Chemistry WebBook
Manual Xrefs Databases
1456 PPDB
CPD-21528 MetaCyc
FDB013348 FooDB
HMDB0034790 HMDB
Phosphane Wikipedia
phosphine Alan Wood's Pesticides
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287 Gmelin Registry Number Gmelin
3600171 Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys
7803-51-2 CAS Registry Number ChemIDplus
7803-51-2 CAS Registry Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
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