Cardiovascular Gene Ontology Annotation Initiative

Cardiovascular Gene Ontology Annotation Initiative

This initiative ( ), headed by Dr Ruth Lovering, represents a collaboration between University College London, King’s College London and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), funded by the British Heart Foundation.

The Gene Ontology (GO) vocabulary is the established standard for the functional annotation of gene products. By using GO to curate scientific literature and by integrating results from high-quality high-throughput experiments we will create an information-rich resource for the cardiovascular-research community, enabling researchers to rapidly evaluate and interpret existing data and generate hypotheses to guide future research.

Cardiovascular Annotation Committee

Principal Investigator Dr Ruth Lovering, Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics, Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL.
Co-applicants Dr Maria Martin, Protein Function Development, EMBL-EBI.
Professor Philippa Talmud, Head of Lipid Subgroup, Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics, Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL.
Professor Steve Humphries, Professor of Cardiovascular Genetics,Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics, Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL.
Professor Manuel Mayr, Professor of Cardiovascular Proteomics, The James Black Centre, King's College London, University of London.
GO annotators Dr Nancy Campbell, Dr Rachael Huntley, Dr Ruth Lovering, Dr Barabara Kramarz, Dr Jessica Buxton
GOA programmer Tony Sawford

Over 4000 cardiovascular-associated genes have been identified as targets for annotation with GO terms.  From this extensive cardiovascular-associated list genes are being prioritised for annotation, in close consultation with an expert advisory panel, based on criteria such as the volume of biomedical literature available, involvement in cardiovascular processes or disease and requests from the cardiovascular community. If you have any suggestions for additional targets, please email or .

The GOA group produces, in collaboration with the Cardiovascular GO Annotation Initiative, a BHF-UCL gene association file, which contains all GO annotations for over 4,000 human proteins implicated in cardiovascular development or disease. The BHF-UCL file is a sub-set of the UniProt gene association file, and will provide the cardiovascular community with a discrete set of relevant GO annotations. This file will be updated by GOA monthly and can be downloaded from

Target List

The current list of proteins being prioritised for annotation by the Cardiovascular Gene Ontology 
Annotation Initiative is located here .