Gene Ontology Annotation (UniProt-GOA) Database

The UniProt GO annotation program aims to provide high-quality Gene Ontology (GO) annotations to proteins in the UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB).

The assignment of GO terms to UniProt records is an integral part of UniProt biocuration. UniProt manual and electronic GO annotations are supplemented with manual annotations supplied by external collaborating GO Consortium groups, to ensure a comprehensive GO annotation dataset is supplied to users.

UniProt is a member of the GO Consortium and a collaborator with The Evidence & Conclusion Ontology.

For fast access to the Gene Ontology terms and annotations, please use our QuickGO browser.

Release cycle

All UniProt-GOA Gene Association Files are released approximately every four weeks and can be accessed from our Downloads page. We aim to coordinate our release with the UniProtKB releases. In addition, we release our human and chicken Gene Association Files every two weeks to enable the GO Consortium Reference Genome project to use our most up-to-date annotations for curation of orthologous species. These interim releases can be downloaded from our ftp site.

Latest UniProt-GOA news

All the latest news and information relating to UniProt-GOA.

Date GOA News
20 December, 2017 We are pleased to announce that the latest set of GOA release files are available from ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/databases/GO/goa/



Current Funding:

  • EMBL
  • NIH-NHGRI [1U41HG006104-03]: UniProtKB Consortium
  • National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) [5P41HG002273-09]: Gene Ontology Consortium
  • British Heart Foundation [RG/13/5/30112]: The integration of biomedical research, describing the biological processes relevant to cardiovascular processes, into Gene Ontology, microRNA and protein interaction databases
  • Parkinson’s UK [G-1307]: The integration of biomedical research, describing the biological processes relevant to Parkinson’s disease, into the Gene Ontology database

Previous Funding:

  • British Heart Foundation grant [SP:07/007/23671] 'The Integration of the knowledge if genes involved in heart development and cardiovascular processes from biomedical research, using 
    standardised Gene Ontology'
  • Kidney Research UK Project Grant RP26/2008 - 'Integration of knowledge of genes involved in renal processes from biomedical research using the Gene Ontology'.
  • European Union grant number QLRI-CT-2001000015: TEMBLOR - The European Molecular Biology Linked Original Resources
  • European Union grant number QLRT-CT-2001-00981; BioBabel- Enhanced Interoperability of Biological Databases by Standardisation of Biochemical Terminology and Introduction of a Shared Ontology
  • BBSRC Tools and Resources Fund grant (BB/E023541/1) 'Further development of the QuickGO web interface for browsing and retrieving Gene Ontology Annotation Data'.


UniProt-GOA is also grateful to the developers and curators from the GO Consortium and GO associate member databases.

UniProt-GOA collaborates with

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