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5945 organisms.

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List of available genomes (on 23-FEB-2015)

  Description Length (bp) Sequence Project Proteins
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1 Neophocaena asiaeorientalis mitochondrion 16,385 KP170488 KP170488   n/a
2 Rana chosenica mitochondrion 18,357 JF730436 JF730436   n/a
3 Triticum macha chloroplast 135,899 LC005978 LC005978   n/a
4 Xenopus victorianus mitochondrion 17,716 JX155858 JX155858   n/a
'Chlorella' mirabilis
5 'Chlorella' mirabilis culture-collection SAG:38.88 chloroplast 167,972 KM462865 KM462865   n/a
Abacion magnum
6 Abacion magnum mitochondrion 15,160 JX437062 JX437062   n/a
Abalistes stellaris
7 Abalistes stellaris mitochondrion 16,502 AP009202 AP009202   13 fasta UniProt
Abbottina rivularis
8a Abbottina rivularis mitochondrion 16,597 KF577979 KF577979   n/a
8b Abbottina rivularis mitochondrion 16,608 KJ183133 KJ183133   n/a
Abidama producta
9 Abidama producta mitochondrion 15,277 GQ337955 GQ337955   13 fasta UniProt
Abisara fylloides
10 Abisara fylloides mitochondrion 15,301 HQ259069 HQ259069   n/a
Abispa ephippium
11 Abispa ephippium mitochondrion 16,953 EU302588 EU302588   13 fasta UniProt
Ablennes hians
12 Ablennes hians mitochondrion 16,825 AB373007 AB373007   13 fasta UniProt
Abramis brama
13 Abramis brama mitochondrion 16,607 AP009305 AP009305   n/a
14 Abramis brama orientalis mitochondrion 16,610 KC894466 KC894466   13 fasta UniProt
Abrornis inornata
15 Abrornis inornata mitochondrion 16,875 KF742677 KF742677   n/a
Abrota ganga
16 Abrota ganga mitochondrion isolate N793 15,356 KF590536 KF590536   n/a
Abudefduf vaigiensis
17 Abudefduf vaigiensis mitochondrion 16,703 AP006016 AP006016   13 fasta UniProt
Acacia ligulata
18 Acacia ligulata chloroplast 158,724 LN555649 LN555649   n/a
Acanella eburnea
19 Acanella eburnea mitochondrion 18,616 EF672731 EF672731   14 fasta UniProt
Acanthacorydalis orientalis
20 Acanthacorydalis orientalis mitochondrion 15,753 KF840564 KF840564   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthaluteres brownii
21 Acanthaluteres brownii mitochondrion 16,441 AP009212 AP009212   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthamoeba castellanii
22 Acanthamoeba castellanii mitochondrion 41,591 U12386 U12386   40 fasta UniProt
Acanthaster brevispinus
23 Acanthaster brevispinus mitochondrion 16,254 AB231476 AB231476   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthaster planci
24 Acanthaster planci mitochondrion 16,234 AB231475 AB231475   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthocardia tuberculata
25 Acanthocardia tuberculata mitochondrion 16,104 DQ632743 DQ632743   12 fasta UniProt
Acanthocheilonema viteae
26 Acanthocheilonema viteae mitochondrion 13,724 HQ186249 HQ186249   12 fasta UniProt
Acanthogobius hasta
27a Acanthogobius hasta mitochondrion 16,663 AY486321 AY486321   13 fasta UniProt
27b Acanthogobius hasta mitochondrion 16,655 KM891736 KM891736   n/a
Acanthopagrus latus
28 Acanthopagrus latus mitochondrion 16,609 EF506764 EF506764   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthopagrus schlegelii
29 Acanthopagrus schlegelii mitochondrion 16,649 JQ746035 JQ746035   n/a
Acanthorhodeus chankaensis
30 Acanthorhodeus chankaensis mitochondrion 16,774 KF695385 KF695385   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthosaura armata
31 Acanthosaura armata mitochondrion 16,544 AB266452 AB266452   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthurus leucosternon
32 Acanthurus leucosternon mitochondrion 16,434 EU136032 EU136032   13 fasta UniProt
Acanthurus lineatus
33 Acanthurus lineatus mitochondrion 16,532 EU273284 EU273284   13 fasta UniProt
Acantopsis choirorhynchos
34 Acantopsis choirorhynchos mitochondrion 16,600 AB242161 AB242161   13 fasta UniProt
Accipiter gentilis
35 Accipiter gentilis mitochondrion 18,266 AP010797 AP010797   13 fasta UniProt
Accipiter virgatus
36 Accipiter virgatus mitochondrion 17,952 KJ699124 KJ699124   n/a
Acentrogobius chlorostigmatoides
37 Acentrogobius chlorostigmatoides mitochondrion 17,098 KC196074 KC196074   13 fasta UniProt
Acentrogobius pflaumii
38 Acentrogobius pflaumii mitochondrion 16,515 JX029961 JX029961   13 fasta UniProt
Acer buergerianum
39 Acer buergerianum subsp. ningpoense chloroplast 156,911 KF753631 KF753631   n/a
Aceros waldeni
40 Aceros waldeni mitochondrion 21,657 HQ834450 HQ834450   n/a
Acestrorhynchus sp. NM-2010
41 Acestrorhynchus sp. NM-2010 mitochondrion 16,758 AP011981 AP011981   n/a
Acetes chinensis
42 Acetes chinensis mitochondrion 15,740 JN689221 JN689221   n/a
Achalinus meiguensis
43 Achalinus meiguensis mitochondrion 17,239 FJ424614 FJ424614   13 fasta UniProt
Achatina fulica
44 Achatina fulica mitochondrion 15,057 KM114610 KM114610   n/a
Acheilognathus intermedia
45 Acheilognathus intermedia mitochondrion 16,610 EF483933 EF483933   13 fasta UniProt
Acheilognathus macropterus
46a Acheilognathus macropterus mitochondrion 16,774 EF483935 EF483935   13 fasta UniProt
46b Acheilognathus macropterus mitochondrion 16,773 KJ499466 KJ499466   n/a
Acheilognathus signifer
47a Acheilognathus signifer mitochondrion 16,566 EF483930 EF483930   13 fasta UniProt
47b Acheilognathus signifer mitochondrion, specimen voucher LEGO-F399 16,566 JQ714034 JQ714034   n/a
Acheilognathus somjinensis
48 Acheilognathus somjinensis mitochondrion 16,569 FJ515921 FJ515921   13 fasta UniProt
Acheilognathus typus
49 Acheilognathus typus mitochondrion 16,778 AB239602 AB239602   13 fasta UniProt
Acheilognathus yamatsutae
50 Acheilognathus yamatsutae mitochondrion 16,703 EF483936 EF483936   13 fasta UniProt
Achelia bituberculata
51 Achelia bituberculata mitochondrion 15,474 AY457170 AY457170   13 fasta UniProt
Achirus lineatus
52 Achirus lineatus mitochondrion 16,577 JQ639067 JQ639067   n/a
Achlya hypogyna
53 Achlya hypogyna mitochondrion 46,840 KF226724 KF226724   41 fasta UniProt
Acidosasa purpurea
54 Acidosasa purpurea chloroplast 139,697 HQ337793 HQ337793   n/a
Acinonyx jubatus
55 Acinonyx jubatus mitochondrion 17,047 AF344830 AF344830   13 fasta UniProt
Acipenser baerii
56 Acipenser baerii mitochondrion 16,763 JQ045341 JQ045341   13 fasta UniProt
Acipenser dabryanus
57 Acipenser dabryanus mitochondrion 16,438 AY510085 AY510085   13 fasta UniProt
Acipenser gueldenstaedtii
58 Acipenser gueldenstaedtii mitochondrion 16,594 FJ392605 FJ392605   13 fasta UniProt
Acipenser ruthenus
59 Acipenser ruthenus mitochondrion 16,790 KF153104 KF153104   n/a
Acipenser schrenckii
60a Acipenser schrenckii mitochondrion 16,592 KC820796 KC820796   13 fasta UniProt
60b Acipenser schrenckii mitochondrion 16,684 KC905169 KC905169   13 fasta UniProt
60c Acipenser schrenckii mitochondrion 16,548 KF150287 KF150287   n/a
Acipenser sinensis
61a Acipenser sinensis mitochondrion 16,682 EU719645 EU719645   13 fasta UniProt
61b Acipenser sinensis mitochondrion 16,688 KJ174513 KJ174513   n/a
Acipenser stellatus
62 Acipenser stellatus mitochondrion 16,537 AJ585050 AJ585050   13 fasta UniProt
Acipenser transmontanus
63 Acipenser transmontanus mitochondrion 16,692 AB042837 AB042837   13 fasta UniProt
Acleris fimbriana
64 Acleris fimbriana mitochondrion 15,933 HQ662522 HQ662522   n/a
Acmaeodera sp. NCS-2009
65 Acmaeodera sp. NCS-2009 mitochondrion 16,217 FJ613420 FJ613420   13 fasta UniProt
Acomys cahirinus
66a Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A01 16,218 JN571139 JN571139   13 fasta UniProt
66b Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A15 16,218 JN571142 JN571142   13 fasta UniProt
66c Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A20 16,217 JN571143 JN571143   13 fasta UniProt
66d Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A32 16,217 JN571144 JN571144   13 fasta UniProt
66e Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A33 16,217 JN571145 JN571145   13 fasta UniProt
66f Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A51 16,217 JN571146 JN571146   13 fasta UniProt
66g Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A52 16,218 JN571147 JN571147   13 fasta UniProt
66h Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A101 16,218 JN571140 JN571140   13 fasta UniProt
66i Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate A102 16,218 JN571141 JN571141   13 fasta UniProt
66j Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E02 16,217 JN571151 JN571151   13 fasta UniProt
66k Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E03 16,217 JN571155 JN571155   13 fasta UniProt
66l Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E08 16,217 JN571148 JN571148   13 fasta UniProt
66m Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E09 16,217 JN571149 JN571149   13 fasta UniProt
66n Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E10 16,217 JN571152 JN571152   13 fasta UniProt
66o Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E14 16,217 JN571153 JN571153   13 fasta UniProt
66p Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E21 16,217 JN571154 JN571154   13 fasta UniProt
66q Acomys cahirinus mitochondrion, isolate E22 16,217 JN571150 JN571150   13 fasta UniProt
Aconitum barbatum
67 Aconitum barbatum var. puberulum chloroplast 156,749 KC844054 KC844054   n/a
Acorus americanus
68 Acorus americanus chloroplast 153,819 EU273602 EU273602   79 fasta UniProt
Acorus calamus
69 Acorus calamus chloroplast 153,821 AJ879453 AJ879453   79 fasta UniProt
Acorus gramineus
70 Acorus gramineus plastid 152,849 KP099646 KP099646   n/a
Acraea issoria
71 Acraea issoria mitochondrion 15,245 GQ376195 GQ376195   13 fasta UniProt
Acrasis kona
72 Acrasis kona culture-collection ATCC:MYA-3509 mitochondrion 51,458 KJ679272 KJ679272   n/a
Acreichthys tomentosus
73 Acreichthys tomentosus mitochondrion 16,446 AP009213 AP009213   13 fasta UniProt
Acremonium chrysogenum
74 Acremonium chrysogenum mitochondrion 27,266 KF757229 KF757229   n/a
Acrida cinerea
75 Acrida cinerea mitochondrion 15,599 GU344100 GU344100   n/a
Acrida willemsei
76 Acrida willemsei mitochondrion 15,601 EU938372 EU938372   13 fasta UniProt
Acridotheres cristatellus
77 Acridotheres cristatellus mitochondrion 16,820 JF810423 JF810423   n/a
Acridotheres tristis
78 Acridotheres tristis mitochondrion 16,822 HQ915864 HQ915864   n/a
Acrocephalus scirpaceus
79 Acrocephalus scirpaceus mitochondrion 17,903 AM889139 AM889139   13 fasta UniProt
Acrochordus granulatus
80 Acrochordus granulatus mitochondrion 17,604 AB177879 AB177879   13 fasta UniProt
Acroneuria hainana
81 Acroneuria hainana mitochondrion 15,804 KM199685 KM199685   n/a
Acropora aspera
82 Acropora aspera mitochondrion 18,479 KF448532 KF448532   n/a
Acropora digitifera
83 Acropora digitifera mitochondrion 18,479 KF448535 KF448535   n/a
Acropora divaricata
84 Acropora divaricata mitochondrion 18,481 KF448537 KF448537   n/a
Acropora florida
85 Acropora florida mitochondrion 18,365 KF448533 KF448533   n/a
Acropora horrida
86 Acropora horrida mitochondrion 18,480 KF448530 KF448530   n/a
Acropora humilis
87 Acropora humilis mitochondrion 18,479 KF448528 KF448528   n/a
Acropora hyacinthus
88 Acropora hyacinthus mitochondrion 18,566 KF448531 KF448531   n/a
Acropora muricata
89 Acropora muricata mitochondrion 18,481 KF448529 KF448529   n/a
Acropora nasuta
90 Acropora nasuta mitochondrion 18,481 KF448536 KF448536   n/a
Acropora robusta
91 Acropora robusta mitochondrion 18,480 KF448538 KF448538   n/a
Acropora tenuis
92 Acropora tenuis mitochondrion 18,338 AF338425 AF338425   13 fasta UniProt
Acropora yongei
93 Acropora yongei mitochondrion 18,342 KF448534 KF448534   n/a
Acrossocheilus barbodon
94 Acrossocheilus barbodon mitochondrion 16,596 KF113879 KF113879   n/a
Acrossocheilus fasciatus
95 Acrossocheilus fasciatus mitochondrion 16,589 KF781289 KF781289   13 fasta UniProt
Acrossocheilus hemispinus
96 Acrossocheilus hemispinus mitochondrion 16,590 KF113878 KF113878   n/a
Acrossocheilus monticola
97 Acrossocheilus monticola mitochondrion 16,599 KC788747 KC788747   13 fasta UniProt
Acrossocheilus stenotaeniatus
98 Acrossocheilus stenotaeniatus mitochondrion 16,594 KJ909660 KJ909660   n/a
Acrossocheilus wenchowensis
99a Acrossocheilus wenchowensis mitochondrion 16,591 KC161586 KC161586   13 fasta UniProt
99b Acrossocheilus wenchowensis mitochondrion 16,591 KC495074 KC495074   n/a
Acryllium vulturinum
100 Acryllium vulturinum mitochondrion 16,748 FJ752436 FJ752436   13 fasta UniProt
Actias artemis
101 Actias artemis aliena mitochondrion 15,243 KF927042 KF927042   13 fasta UniProt
Actias selene
102 Actias selene mitochondrion 15,236 JX186589 JX186589   n/a
Acutodesmus obliquus
103a Acutodesmus obliquus mitochondrion 42,781 X17375 X17375   20 fasta UniProt
103b Acutodesmus obliquus strain UTEX 78 mitochondrion 42,919 AF204057 AF204057   18 fasta UniProt
103c Acutodesmus obliquus strain UTEX 393 chloroplast 161,452 DQ396875 DQ396875   75 fasta UniProt
Acyrthosiphon pisum
104 Acyrthosiphon pisum mitochondrion 16,971 FJ411411 FJ411411   13 fasta UniProt
Addax nasomaculatus
105 Addax nasomaculatus mitochondrion, isolate VZ 16,751 JN632591 JN632591   13 fasta UniProt
Adelium sp. NCS-2009
106 Adelium sp. NCS-2009 mitochondrion 16,449 FJ613422 FJ613422   13 fasta UniProt
Adelphocoris fasciaticollis
107 Adelphocoris fasciaticollis mitochondrion 15,434 KJ001714 KJ001714   13 fasta UniProt
Adiantum capillus-veneris
108 Adiantum capillus-veneris chloroplast 150,568 AY178864 AY178864   84 fasta UniProt
Adoxophyes honmai
109 Adoxophyes honmai mitochondrion 15,680 DQ073916 DQ073916   13 fasta UniProt
Adoxophyes orana
110 Adoxophyes orana mitochondrion 15,343 JX872403 JX872403   n/a
Aedes aegypti
111 Aedes aegypti mitochondrion 16,655 EU352212 EU352212   13 fasta UniProt
Aedes albopictus
112 Aedes albopictus mitochondrion 16,665 AY072044 AY072044   13 fasta UniProt
Aegilops cylindrica
113 Aegilops cylindrica chloroplast 113,490 KF534489 KF534489   77 fasta UniProt
Aegilops geniculata
114 Aegilops geniculata chloroplast 113,893 KF534490 KF534490   79 fasta UniProt
Aegilops speltoides
115 Aegilops speltoides isolate SPE0661 chloroplast 113,536 JQ740834 JQ740834   77 fasta UniProt
Aegilops tauschii
116 Aegilops tauschii chloroplast 114,112 JQ754651 JQ754651   80 fasta UniProt
Aegithalos bonvaloti
117 Aegithalos bonvaloti mitochondrion 17,953 KF951087 KF951087   13 fasta UniProt
Aegithalos caudatus
118 Aegithalos caudatus caudatus mitochondrion 17,935 KF951088 KF951088   13 fasta UniProt
Aegithalos concinnus
119 Aegithalos concinnus concinnus mitochondrion 17,940 KF951091 KF951091   13 fasta UniProt
120 Aegithalos concinnus talifuensis mitochondrion 17,940 KF951092 KF951092   13 fasta UniProt
Aegithalos fuliginosus
121 Aegithalos fuliginosus mitochondrion 17,953 KF951086 KF951086   13 fasta UniProt
Aegithalos glaucogularis
122 Aegithalos glaucogularis mitochondrion 17,937 KF951089 KF951089   13 fasta UniProt
123 Aegithalos glaucogularis vinaceus mitochondrion 17,938 KF951090 KF951090   13 fasta UniProt
Aegotheles cristatus
124 Aegotheles cristatus mitochondrion 18,607 EU344979 EU344979   13 fasta UniProt
Aegypius monachus
125 Aegypius monachus mitochondrion 17,811 KF682364 KF682364   n/a
Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
126 Aelurostrongylus abstrusus mitochondrion 13,913 JX519458 JX519458   12 fasta UniProt
Aeneolamia contigua
127 Aeneolamia contigua mitochondrion 15,613 JX844626 JX844626   n/a
Aeolesthes oenochrous
128 Aeolesthes oenochrous mitochondrion 15,747 AB703463 AB703463   n/a
Aeoliscus strigatus
129 Aeoliscus strigatus mitochondrion 16,392 AP009198 AP009198   13 fasta UniProt
Aepyceros melampus
130 Aepyceros melampus mitochondrion, isolate PhC20 16,422 JN632592 JN632592   13 fasta UniProt
Aeschyntelus notatus
131 Aeschyntelus notatus mitochondrion 14,532 EU427333 EU427333   13 fasta UniProt
Aesopia cornuta
132 Aesopia cornuta mitochondrion 16,737 KF000065 KF000065   n/a
Aethaloperca rogaa
133 Aethaloperca rogaa mitochondrion 16,538 KC593376 KC593376   n/a
Aethionema cordifolium
134 Aethionema cordifolium chloroplast 154,168 AP009366 AP009366   77 fasta UniProt
Aethionema grandiflorum
135 Aethionema grandiflorum chloroplast 154,243 AP009367 AP009367   77 fasta UniProt
Aetobatus flagellum
136 Aetobatus flagellum strain 09A06 mitochondrion 20,201 KF482070 KF482070   n/a
Africonus borgesi
137 Africonus borgesi mitochondrion 15,536 EU827198 EU827198   13 fasta UniProt
Agamermis sp. BH-2006
138 Agamermis sp. BH-2006 isolate Riverside mitochondrion 16,561 DQ665656 DQ665656   12 fasta UniProt
Agapornis roseicollis
139 Agapornis roseicollis mitochondrion 16,732 EU410486 EU410486   13 fasta UniProt
Agaricia humilis
140 Agaricia humilis mitochondrion 18,735 DQ643831 DQ643831   13 fasta UniProt
Agaricus bisporus
141 Agaricus bisporus var. bisporus H97 mitochondrion 135,005 JX271275 JX271275   n/a
Agathis dammara
142 Agathis dammara chloroplast 145,625 AB830884 AB830884   81 fasta UniProt
Agelaius phoeniceus
143a Agelaius phoeniceus mitochondrion 16,775 JX516062 JX516062   13 fasta UniProt
143b Agelaius phoeniceus mitochondrion 16,773 KM078767 KM078767   n/a
Agelas schmidti
144 Agelas schmidti mitochondrion 20,360 EU237475 EU237475   n/a
Ageratina adenophora
145 Ageratina adenophora chloroplast 150,698 JF826503 JF826503   80 fasta UniProt
Agkistrodon piscivorus
146 Agkistrodon piscivorus mitochondrion 17,213 DQ523161 DQ523161   13 fasta UniProt
Agonostomus monticola
147 Agonostomus monticola mitochondrion 16,734 JF911702 JF911702   n/a
Agriosphodrus dohrni
148 Agriosphodrus dohrni mitochondrion 16,470 HM071001 HM071001   n/a
Agrostemma githago
149 Agrostemma githago chloroplast 151,733 KF527884 KF527884   77 fasta UniProt
Agrostis stolonifera
150 Agrostis stolonifera cultivar Penn A-4 chloroplast 136,584 EF115543 EF115543   78 fasta UniProt
Agrotis ipsilon
151 Agrotis ipsilon mitochondrion 15,377 KF163965 KF163965   n/a
Agrotis segetum
152 Agrotis segetum mitochondrion 15,378 KC894725 KC894725   13 fasta UniProt
Ahamus yunnanensis
153 Ahamus yunnanensis mitochondrion 15,816 HM744695 HM744695   n/a
Ahnfeltia plicata
154 Ahnfeltia plicata mitochondrion 32,878 KF649303 KF649303   n/a
Ailuropoda melanoleuca
155 Ailuropoda melanoleuca mitochondrion 16,805 EF212882 EF212882   13 fasta UniProt
Ailurus fulgens
156 Ailurus fulgens mitochondrion 16,493 AM711897 AM711897   13 fasta UniProt
157 Ailurus fulgens styani mitochondrion 16,374 AB291074 AB291074   13 fasta UniProt
Aiptasia pulchella
158a Aiptasia pulchella mitochondrion, isolate NOR1 19,791 HG423147 HG423147   n/a
158b Aiptasia pulchella mitochondrion, isolate US1 19,790 HG423148 HG423148   n/a
Aix galericulata
159a Aix galericulata mitochondrion 16,651 KF437906 KF437906   13 fasta UniProt
159b Aix galericulata mitochondrion 16,605 KJ169568 KJ169568   n/a
Ajuga reptans
160a Ajuga reptans mitochondrion 352,069 KF709392 KF709392   30 fasta UniProt
160b Ajuga reptans plastid 149,963 KF709391 KF709391   79 fasta UniProt
Alauda arvensis
161 Alauda arvensis mitochondrion 17,018 JQ322641 JQ322641   13 fasta UniProt
Albinaria caerulea
162 Albinaria caerulea mitochondrion 14,130 X83390 X83390   13 fasta UniProt
Albula glossodonta
163 Albula glossodonta mitochondrion 16,255 AP002973 AP002973   13 fasta UniProt
Alburnus alburnus
164 Alburnus alburnus mitochondrion 16,605 AB239593 AB239593   13 fasta UniProt
Alburnus chalcoides
165 Alburnus chalcoides aralensis mitochondrion 16,604 KF534726 KF534726   n/a
Alburnus istanbulensis
166 Alburnus istanbulensis mitochondrion 16,612 JX844591 JX844591   n/a
Alburnus tarichi
167 Alburnus tarichi mitochondrion 16,602 JX844592 JX844592   n/a
Alcelaphus buselaphus
168a Alcelaphus buselaphus mitochondrion, isolate CYTO 16,371 JN632593 JN632593   13 fasta UniProt
168b Alcelaphus buselaphus mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,373 JN632594 JN632594   13 fasta UniProt
Alces alces
169 Alces alces mitochondrion, isolate Kazakhstan 16,417 JN632595 JN632595   13 fasta UniProt
Aldrichetta forsteri
170 Aldrichetta forsteri mitochondrion 16,797 JF911703 JF911703   n/a
Aldrovandia affinis
171 Aldrovandia affinis mitochondrion 16,649 AP002974 AP002974   13 fasta UniProt
Alectoris chukar
172 Alectoris chukar mitochondrion 16,686 FJ752426 FJ752426   13 fasta UniProt
Alectura lathami
173 Alectura lathami mitochondrion 16,698 AY346091 AY346091   13 fasta UniProt
Alepes kleinii
174 Alepes kleinii mitochondrion 16,571 KF728081 KF728081   n/a
Alepocephalus agassizii
175 Alepocephalus agassizii mitochondrion 16,657 AP009570 AP009570   13 fasta UniProt
Alepocephalus australis
176 Alepocephalus australis mitochondrion 16,640 AP009571 AP009571   13 fasta UniProt
Alepocephalus bairdii
177 Alepocephalus bairdii mitochondrion 16,637 AP009572 AP009572   13 fasta UniProt
Alepocephalus bicolor
178 Alepocephalus bicolor mitochondrion 16,829 AP009399 AP009399   13 fasta UniProt
Alepocephalus productus
179 Alepocephalus productus mitochondrion 16,636 AP009574 AP009574   13 fasta UniProt
Alepocephalus tenebrosus
180 Alepocephalus tenebrosus mitochondrion 16,644 AP004100 AP004100   13 fasta UniProt
Alepocephalus umbriceps
181 Alepocephalus umbriceps mitochondrion 16,640 AP009575 AP009575   13 fasta UniProt
Aleurochiton aceris
182 Aleurochiton aceris mitochondrion 15,388 AY572538 AY572538   13 fasta UniProt
Aleurodicus dugesii
183 Aleurodicus dugesii mitochondrion 15,723 AY521251 AY521251   13 fasta UniProt
Aleuroglyphus ovatus
184a Aleuroglyphus ovatus mitochondrion 14,305 KJ571488 KJ571488   n/a
184b Aleuroglyphus ovatus mitochondrion specimen voucher WH201026080281 14,328 KC700022 KC700022   n/a
Allenopithecus nigroviridis
185 Allenopithecus nigroviridis mitochondrion 16,517 KJ434962 KJ434962   n/a
Alligator mississippiensis
186 Alligator mississippiensis mitochondrion 16,646 Y13113 Y13113   13 fasta UniProt
Alligator sinensis
187 Alligator sinensis mitochondrion 16,746 AF511507 AF511507   13 fasta UniProt
Allium cepa
188a Allium cepa genotype male sterile (S) chloroplast 153,355 KF728079 KF728079   n/a
188b Allium cepa genotype normal (N) male fertile chloroplast 153,538 KF728080 KF728080   n/a
Allocyttus niger
189 Allocyttus niger mitochondrion 16,750 AP004435 AP004435   13 fasta UniProt
Alloeorhynchus bakeri
190 Alloeorhynchus bakeri mitochondrion 15,851 HM235722 HM235722   13 fasta UniProt
Allomyces macrogynus
191 Allomyces macrogynus mitochondrion 57,473 U41288 U41288   25 fasta UniProt
Allopsontus sp. 1 JZ-2014
192 Allopsontus sp. 1 JZ-2014 mitochondrion 15,532 KJ754500 KJ754500   n/a
Allopsontus sp. 2 JZ-2014
193 Allopsontus sp. 2 JZ-2014 mitochondrion 15,538 KJ754501 KJ754501   n/a
Allosyncarpia ternata
194 Allosyncarpia ternata chloroplast 159,593 KC180806 KC180806   79 fasta UniProt
Allothyrus sp. LamingtonNP-QMS95173
195 Allothyrus sp. LamingtonNP-QMS95173 mitochondrion 14,578 KC769586 KC769586   13 fasta UniProt
Alopias pelagicus
196 Alopias pelagicus mitochondrion 16,692 KF412639 KF412639   n/a
Alopias superciliosus
197 Alopias superciliosus mitochondrion 16,719 KC757415 KC757415   13 fasta UniProt
Alosa alosa
198 Alosa alosa mitochondrion 16,698 AP009131 AP009131   13 fasta UniProt
Alosa pseudoharengus
199 Alosa pseudoharengus mitochondrion 16,646 AP009132 AP009132   13 fasta UniProt
Alosa sapidissima
200 Alosa sapidissima mitochondrion 16,697 HQ331537 HQ331537   13 fasta UniProt
Alouatta caraya
201 Alouatta caraya mitochondrion 16,517 KC757384 KC757384   n/a
Alpheus distinguendus
202 Alpheus distinguendus mitochondrion 15,700 GQ892049 GQ892049   13 fasta UniProt
Alpheus sp. Darwin12
203 Alpheus sp. Darwin12 mitochondrion 15,735 KP276147 KP276147   n/a
Alsophila spinulosa
204 Alsophila spinulosa chloroplast 156,661 FJ556581 FJ556581   85 fasta UniProt
Alulatettix yunnanensis
205 Alulatettix yunnanensis mitochondrion 15,104 JQ272702 JQ272702   n/a
Aluterus scriptus
206 Aluterus scriptus mitochondrion 16,451 AP009183 AP009183   13 fasta UniProt
Alveopora sp. MFL-2014
207 Alveopora sp. MFL-2014 mitochondrion 18,146 KJ634271 KJ634271   n/a
Alvinocaris chelys
208 Alvinocaris chelys mitochondrion 15,910 JX184903 JX184903   13 fasta UniProt
Alvinocaris longirostris
209a Alvinocaris longirostris mitochondrion 16,022 AB821296 AB821296   n/a
209b Alvinocaris longirostris mitochondrion specimen voucher 6K-1000-072153 16,050 JQ035659 JQ035659   n/a
Alytes obstetricans
210 Alytes obstetricans pertinax mitochondrion 17,490 AY585337 AY585337   13 fasta UniProt
Amalda northlandica
211 Amalda northlandica mitochondrion 15,354 GU196685 GU196685   n/a
Amanses scopas
212 Amanses scopas mitochondrion 16,440 AP009214 AP009214   13 fasta UniProt
Amata formosae
213 Amata formosae mitochondrion 15,463 KC513737 KC513737   13 fasta UniProt
Amaurornis akool
214 Amaurornis akool mitochondrion 16,950 KJ192198 KJ192198   n/a
Amaurornis phoenicurus
215 Amaurornis phoenicurus mitochondrion 17,213 KJ874440 KJ874440   n/a
Amazilia versicolor
216 Amazilia versicolor mitochondrion 16,861 KF624601 KF624601   n/a
Amazona barbadensis
217 Amazona barbadensis barbadensis mitochondrion isolate POTNW101 18,983 JX524615 JX524615   13 fasta UniProt
Amazonsprattus scintilla
218 Amazonsprattus scintilla mitochondrion 16,720 AP009617 AP009617   n/a
Amblydoras gonzalezi
219 Amblydoras gonzalezi mitochondrion 16,505 AP012001 AP012001   n/a
Amblyomma cajennense
220 Amblyomma cajennense mitochondrion 14,780 JX573118 JX573118   13 fasta UniProt
Amblyomma elaphense
221 Amblyomma elaphense mitochondrion 14,627 JN863729 JN863729   n/a
Amblyomma fimbriatum
222 Amblyomma fimbriatum mitochondrion 14,705 JN863730 JN863730   n/a
Amblyomma sphenodonti
223 Amblyomma sphenodonti mitochondrion 14,772 JN863731 JN863731   n/a
Amblyomma triguttatum
224 Amblyomma triguttatum mitochondrion 14,740 AB113317 AB113317   13 fasta UniProt
Amblyraja radiata
225 Amblyraja radiata mitochondrion 16,783 AF106038 AF106038   13 fasta UniProt
Amblyramphus holosericeus
226 Amblyramphus holosericeus mitochondrion 16,768 JX516063 JX516063   13 fasta UniProt
Amborella trichopoda
227 Amborella trichopoda chloroplast 162,686 AJ506156 AJ506156   81 fasta UniProt
Ambystoma 'unisexual hybrid complex'
228 Ambystoma unisexual lineage LJJJ mitochondrion 16,367 GU078472 GU078472   n/a
Ambystoma andersoni
229 Ambystoma andersoni mitochondrion 16,370 AY659993 AY659993   13 fasta UniProt
Ambystoma barbouri
230 Ambystoma barbouri mitochondrion 16,365 GU078469 GU078469   n/a
Ambystoma californiense
231 Ambystoma californiense mitochondrion 16,374 AY659995 AY659995   13 fasta UniProt
Ambystoma dumerilii
232 Ambystoma dumerilii mitochondrion 16,370 AY659994 AY659994   13 fasta UniProt
Ambystoma laterale
233 Ambystoma laterale mitochondrion 16,367 AY728218 AY728218   13 fasta UniProt
Ambystoma mexicanum
234 Ambystoma mexicanum 16,369 AJ584639 AJ584639   13 fasta UniProt
Ambystoma texanum
235 Ambystoma texanum mitochondrion 16,367 GU078471 GU078471   n/a
Ambystoma tigrinum
236 Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum mitochondrion 16,375 AY659992 AY659992   13 fasta UniProt
Amia calva
237 Amia calva mitochondrion 16,210 AB042952 AB042952   13 fasta UniProt
Ammodytes hexapterus
238 Ammodytes hexapterus mitochondrion 16,527 KC422441 KC422441   13 fasta UniProt
Ammodytes personatus
239a Ammodytes personatus mitochondrion 16,537 JQ085861 JQ085861   13 fasta UniProt
239b Ammodytes personatus mitochondrion 16,527 KF672362 KF672362   n/a
Ammothea carolinensis
240 Ammothea carolinensis mitochondrion 15,101 GU065293 GU065293   13 fasta UniProt
Ammotragus lervia
241 Ammotragus lervia mitochondrion 16,530 EF466060 EF466060   13 fasta UniProt
Amolops chunganensis
242 Amolops chunganensis mitochondrion 2,663 KF771305 KF771305   n/a
Amolops granulosus
243 Amolops granulosus mitochondrion 2,663 KF771306 KF771306   n/a
Amolops kangtingensis
244 Amolops kangtingensis mitochondrion 2,664 KF771307 KF771307   n/a
Amolops loloensis
245 Amolops loloensis mitochondrion 2,661 KF771308 KF771308   n/a
Amolops mantzorum
246a Amolops mantzorum mitochondrion 2,663 KF771309 KF771309   n/a
246b Amolops mantzorum mitochondrion 17,744 KJ546429 KJ546429   n/a
Amolops ricketti
247a Amolops ricketti mitochondrion 2,661 KF771310 KF771310   n/a
247b Amolops ricketti mitochondrion isolate WUSTW01 17,772 KF956111 KF956111   n/a
Amolops wuyiensis
248 Amolops wuyiensis mitochondrion 2,662 KF771311 KF771311   n/a
Amoya chusanensis
249 Amoya chusanensis mitochondrion 16,486 KC196075 KC196075   13 fasta UniProt
Ampelocalamus calcareus
250 Ampelocalamus calcareus plastid 139,689 KJ496369 KJ496369   n/a
Amphiascoides atopus
251 Amphiascoides atopus mitochondrion 13,831 KF667526 KF667526   n/a
Amphibalanus amphitrite
252 Amphibalanus amphitrite mitochondrion 15,683 KF588709 KF588709   n/a
Amphidinium massartii
253a Amphidinium massartii chloroplast 23S rRNA gene, extrachromosomal minicircle, strain: TM16 3,922 AB818491 AB818491   n/a
253b Amphidinium massartii chloroplast psbA gene, extrachromosomal minicircle, strain: TM16 3,569 AB818490 AB818490   n/a
Amphilius sp. NM-2010
254 Amphilius sp. NM-2010 mitochondrion 16,539 AP012002 AP012002   n/a
Amphilophus citrinellus
255a Amphilophus citrinellus mitochondrion 16,522 KJ081546 KJ081546   n/a
255b Amphilophus citrinellus mitochondrion 16,521 KJ562277 KJ562277   n/a
Amphimedon compressa
256 Amphimedon compressa mitochondrion 18,564 EU237474 EU237474   n/a
Amphimedon queenslandica
257 Amphimedon queenslandica mitochondrion 19,960 DQ915601 DQ915601   13 fasta UniProt
Amphioctopus fangsiao
258 Amphioctopus fangsiao mitochondrion 15,979 AB240156 AB240156   13 fasta UniProt
Amphipholis squamata
259 Amphipholis squamata mitochondrion 16,907 FN562578 FN562578   13 fasta UniProt
Amphiporus formidabilis
260 Amphiporus formidabilis mitochondrion 14,616 KC710979 KC710979   13 fasta UniProt
Amphiprion bicinctus
261 Amphiprion bicinctus mitochondrion, isolate RSRCmb2010 16,645 JQ030887 JQ030887   n/a
Amphiprion clarkii
262 Amphiprion clarkii mitochondrion 16,976 KJ174498 KJ174498   n/a
Amphiprion frenatus
263 Amphiprion frenatus mitochondrion isolate AF20131222A 16,774 KJ833752 KJ833752   n/a
Amphiprion ocellaris
264 Amphiprion ocellaris mitochondrion 16,649 AP006017 AP006017   13 fasta UniProt
Amphiprion percula
265 Amphiprion percula mitochondrion 16,645 KJ174497 KJ174497   n/a
Amphiprion polymnus
266 Amphiprion polymnus mitochondrion 16,804 KJ101554 KJ101554   n/a
Amphisbaena schmidti
267 Amphisbaena schmidti mitochondrion voucher MVZ 232754 17,423 AY605475 AY605475   13 fasta UniProt
Amynthas aspergillus
268 Amynthas aspergillus mitochondrion isolate M01 15,115 KJ830749 KJ830749   13 fasta UniProt
Anabrus simplex
269 Anabrus simplex mitochondrion 15,766 EF373911 EF373911   13 fasta UniProt
Anacropora matthai
270 Anacropora matthai mitochondrion 17,888 AY903295 AY903295   13 fasta UniProt
Anadara sativa
271 Anadara sativa mitochondrion 48,161 KF667521 KF667521   n/a
Ananas comosus
272 Ananas comosus chloroplast 159,636 AP014632 AP014632   n/a
Anarchias sp. Ansp
273 Anarchias sp. Ansp mitochondrion 16,497 AP010843 AP010843   13 fasta UniProt
Anarhichas denticulatus
274 Anarhichas denticulatus mitochondrion 16,519 EF427918 EF427918   11 fasta UniProt
Anarhichas lupus
275 Anarhichas lupus mitochondrion 16,516 EF427916 EF427916   13 fasta UniProt
Anarhichas minor
276 Anarhichas minor mitochondrion 16,519 EF427917 EF427917   12 fasta UniProt
Anas acuta
277 Anas acuta mitochondrion 16,599 KF312717 KF312717   n/a
Anas crecca
278a Anas crecca mitochondrion 16,601 KF203133 KF203133   n/a
278b Anas crecca mitochondrion specimen voucher AHNU:K0147 16,596 KC771255 KC771255   n/a
Anas formosa
279 Anas formosa mitochondrion 16,594 JF730435 JF730435   13 fasta UniProt
Anas platyrhynchos
280a Anas platyrhynchos breed Linwu duck mitochondrion 16,605 KJ637997 KJ637997   n/a
280b Anas platyrhynchos breed Pekin mitochondrion 16,604 EU009397 EU009397   13 fasta UniProt
280c Anas platyrhynchos breed Rongshui duck mitochondrion 16,605 KJ833587 KJ833587   n/a
280d Anas platyrhynchos breed Xilin duck mitochondrion 16,604 KJ833586 KJ833586   n/a
280e Anas platyrhynchos breed You Xian mitochondrion 16,606 KJ778676 KJ778676   n/a
280f Anas platyrhynchos mitochondrion 16,603 KJ689447 KJ689447   n/a
Anas poecilorhyncha
281a Anas poecilorhyncha mitochondrion 16,608 KF156760 KF156760   n/a
281b Anas poecilorhyncha mitochondrion 16,606 KF751616 KF751616   n/a
281c Anas poecilorhyncha mitochondrion specimen voucher A0182 16,603 KC466567 KC466567   n/a
Ancherythroculter nigrocauda
282 Ancherythroculter nigrocauda mitochondrion 16,623 KC513573 KC513573   13 fasta UniProt
Anchoviella sp. LBP 2297
283 Anchoviella sp. LBP 2297 mitochondrion 16,660 AP011557 AP011557   n/a
Ancylostoma caninum
284 Ancylostoma caninum mitochondrion 13,717 FJ483518 FJ483518   12 fasta UniProt
Ancylostoma duodenale
285 Ancylostoma duodenale mitochondrion 13,721 AJ417718 AJ417718   12 fasta UniProt
Andalucia godoyi
286 Andalucia godoyi strain ATCC PRA-185 mitochondrion 67,656 KC353352 KC353352   n/a
Andinoacara rivulatus
287 Andinoacara rivulatus mitochondrion 16,585 LC009435 LC009435   n/a
Andrias davidianus
288 Andrias davidianus mitochondrion 16,503 AJ492192 AJ492192   13 fasta UniProt
Andrias japonicus
289 Andrias japonicus mitochondrion 16,298 AB208679 AB208679   13 fasta UniProt
Andrographis paniculata
290 Andrographis paniculata chloroplast 150,249 KF150644 KF150644   80 fasta UniProt
Aneides flavipunctatus
291 Aneides flavipunctatus mitochondrion 20,197 AY728214 AY728214   13 fasta UniProt
Aneides hardii
292 Aneides hardii mitochondrion 22,184 AY728226 AY728226   13 fasta UniProt
Aneura mirabilis
293 Aneura mirabilis chloroplast 108,007 EU043314 EU043314   62 fasta UniProt
Angiopteris angustifolia
294 Angiopteris angustifolia plastid 153,596 KP099647 KP099647   n/a
Angiopteris evecta
295 Angiopteris evecta chloroplast 153,901 DQ821119 DQ821119   86 fasta UniProt
Angiostrongylus cantonensis
296 Angiostrongylus cantonensis mitochondrion 13,497 GQ398121 GQ398121   12 fasta UniProt
Angiostrongylus costaricensis
297 Angiostrongylus costaricensis mitochondrion 13,585 GQ398122 GQ398122   12 fasta UniProt
Angiostrongylus vasorum
298 Angiostrongylus vasorum mitochondrion 13,422 JX268542 JX268542   12 fasta UniProt
Angophora costata
299 Angophora costata chloroplast 160,326 KC180805 KC180805   79 fasta UniProt
Angophora floribunda
300 Angophora floribunda chloroplast 160,245 KC180804 KC180804   79 fasta UniProt
Anguilla anguilla
301a Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion 16,683 AP007233 AP007233   13 fasta UniProt
301b Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate BU_Y_8 16,683 KJ564246 KJ564246   n/a
301c Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LGL_G_2 16,681 KJ564251 KJ564251   n/a
301d Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_3 16,691 KJ564227 KJ564227   n/a
301e Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_9 16,686 KJ564232 KJ564232   n/a
301f Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate BU_Y_10 16,685 KJ564252 KJ564252   n/a
301g Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate BU_Y_11 16,683 KJ564244 KJ564244   n/a
301h Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate BU_Y_13 16,687 KJ564245 KJ564245   n/a
301i Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_4 16,685 KJ564263 KJ564263   n/a
301j Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_6 16,686 KJ564264 KJ564264   n/a
301k Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_7 16,684 KJ564265 KJ564265   n/a
301l Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_8 16,686 KJ564266 KJ564266   n/a
301m Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_9 16,685 KJ564267 KJ564267   n/a
301n Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_10 16,683 KJ564254 KJ564254   n/a
301o Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_11 16,683 KJ564255 KJ564255   n/a
301p Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_12 16,683 KJ564256 KJ564256   n/a
301q Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_13 16,684 KJ564257 KJ564257   n/a
301r Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_14 16,687 KJ564258 KJ564258   n/a
301s Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_15 16,685 KJ564259 KJ564259   n/a
301t Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_16 16,685 KJ564260 KJ564260   n/a
301u Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_19 16,683 KJ564261 KJ564261   n/a
301v Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LE_G_20 16,682 KJ564262 KJ564262   n/a
301w Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LGL_G_1 16,684 KJ564250 KJ564250   n/a
301x Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate LGL_G_3 16,684 KJ564253 KJ564253   n/a
301y Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate MO_G_21 16,682 KJ564268 KJ564268   n/a
301z Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate MO_G_24 16,686 KJ564269 KJ564269   n/a
301A Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate MO_G_25 16,686 KJ564270 KJ564270   n/a
301B Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_1 16,685 KJ564225 KJ564225   n/a
301C Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_2 16,682 KJ564226 KJ564226   n/a
301D Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_4 16,685 KJ564228 KJ564228   n/a
301E Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_5 16,683 KJ564229 KJ564229   n/a
301F Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_6 16,685 KJ564230 KJ564230   n/a
301G Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_8 16,689 KJ564231 KJ564231   n/a
301H Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_11 16,688 KJ564218 KJ564218   n/a
301I Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_12 16,686 KJ564219 KJ564219   n/a
301J Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_13 16,687 KJ564220 KJ564220   n/a
301K Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_14 16,684 KJ564221 KJ564221   n/a
301L Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_15 16,688 KJ564222 KJ564222   n/a
301M Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_16 16,689 KJ564223 KJ564223   n/a
301N Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RH_G_17 16,685 KJ564224 KJ564224   n/a
301O Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RM_G_1 16,681 KJ564247 KJ564247   n/a
301P Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RM_G_2 16,682 KJ564248 KJ564248   n/a
301Q Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate RM_G_3 16,681 KJ564249 KJ564249   n/a
301R Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_2 16,683 KJ564239 KJ564239   n/a
301S Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_4 16,684 KJ564240 KJ564240   n/a
301T Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_5 16,686 KJ564241 KJ564241   n/a
301U Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_8 16,684 KJ564242 KJ564242   n/a
301V Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_9 16,685 KJ564243 KJ564243   n/a
301W Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_10 16,685 KJ564233 KJ564233   n/a
301X Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_12 16,685 KJ564234 KJ564234   n/a
301Y Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_13 16,683 KJ564235 KJ564235   n/a
301Z Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_16 16,680 KJ564236 KJ564236   n/a
301[ Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_17 16,683 KJ564237 KJ564237   n/a
301\ Anguilla anguilla mitochondrion isolate VA_Y_19 16,682 KJ564238 KJ564238   n/a
Anguilla australis
302 Anguilla australis australis mitochondrion 16,686 AP007234 AP007234   13 fasta UniProt
303 Anguilla australis schmidtii mitochondrion 16,682 AP007235 AP007235   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla bengalensis
304 Anguilla bengalensis labiata mitochondrion 16,833 AP007245 AP007245   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla bicolor
305 Anguilla bicolor bicolor mitochondrion 16,700 AP007236 AP007236   13 fasta UniProt
306 Anguilla bicolor pacifica mitochondrion 16,693 AP007237 AP007237   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla celebesensis
307 Anguilla celebesensis mitochondrion 16,700 AP007239 AP007239   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla dieffenbachii
308 Anguilla dieffenbachii mitochondrion 16,687 AP007240 AP007240   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla interioris
309 Anguilla interioris mitochondrion 16,713 AP007241 AP007241   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla japonica
310 Anguilla japonica mitochondrion 16,685 AB038556 AB038556   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla luzonensis
311a Anguilla luzonensis HYT-2008 mitochondrion 16,632 EU917054 EU917054   13 fasta UniProt
311b Anguilla luzonensis mitochondrion 16,635 AB469437 AB469437   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla malgumora
312 Anguilla malgumora mitochondrion 16,550 AP007238 AP007238   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla marmorata
313 Anguilla marmorata mitochondrion 16,745 AP007242 AP007242   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla megastoma
314 Anguilla megastoma mitochondrion 16,714 AP007243 AP007243   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla mossambica
315 Anguilla mossambica mitochondrion 16,694 AP007244 AP007244   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla nebulosa
316 Anguilla nebulosa nebulosa mitochondrion 16,707 AP007246 AP007246   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla obscura
317 Anguilla obscura mitochondrion 16,704 AP007247 AP007247   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla reinhardtii
318 Anguilla reinhardtii mitochondrion 16,690 AP007248 AP007248   13 fasta UniProt
Anguilla rostrata
319a Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion 16,678 AP007249 AP007249   13 fasta UniProt
319b Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_G_27 16,679 KJ564204 KJ564204   n/a
319c Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_3 16,679 KJ564209 KJ564209   n/a
319d Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_13 16,680 KJ564191 KJ564191   n/a
319e Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_29 16,679 KJ564206 KJ564206   n/a
319f Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate SJR_Y_34 16,679 KJ564216 KJ564216   n/a
319g Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate BH_G_1 16,678 KJ564172 KJ564172   n/a
319h Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate BH_G_2 16,679 KJ564173 KJ564173   n/a
319i Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate MR_Y_20 16,678 KJ564177 KJ564177   n/a
319j Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate MR_Y_21 16,675 KJ564178 KJ564178   n/a
319k Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate MR_Y_22 16,673 KJ564179 KJ564179   n/a
319l Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate MR_Y_23 16,679 KJ564180 KJ564180   n/a
319m Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate MR_Y_24 16,675 KJ564181 KJ564181   n/a
319n Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate NE_G_3 16,678 KJ564186 KJ564186   n/a
319o Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate NE_G_4 16,679 KJ564187 KJ564187   n/a
319p Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate NE_G_5 16,682 KJ564188 KJ564188   n/a
319q Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate NE_G_19 16,679 KJ564182 KJ564182   n/a
319r Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate NE_G_20 16,677 KJ564183 KJ564183   n/a
319s Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate NE_G_29 16,682 KJ564184 KJ564184   n/a
319t Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate NE_G_30 16,679 KJ564185 KJ564185   n/a
319u Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_G_10 16,683 KJ564271 KJ564271   n/a
319v Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_G_11 16,680 KJ564189 KJ564189   n/a
319w Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_G_20 16,680 KJ564199 KJ564199   n/a
319x Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_G_28 16,680 KJ564205 KJ564205   n/a
319y Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_1 16,680 KJ564198 KJ564198   n/a
319z Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_2 16,682 KJ564207 KJ564207   n/a
319A Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_4 16,678 KJ564210 KJ564210   n/a
319B Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_5 16,678 KJ564211 KJ564211   n/a
319C Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_7 16,678 KJ564213 KJ564213   n/a
319D Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_12 16,679 KJ564190 KJ564190   n/a
319E Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_14 16,676 KJ564192 KJ564192   n/a
319F Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_15 16,676 KJ564193 KJ564193   n/a
319G Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_16 16,679 KJ564194 KJ564194   n/a
319H Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_17 16,682 KJ564195 KJ564195   n/a
319I Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_18 16,681 KJ564196 KJ564196   n/a
319J Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_19 16,676 KJ564197 KJ564197   n/a
319K Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_21 16,680 KJ564200 KJ564200   n/a
319L Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_22 16,678 KJ564201 KJ564201   n/a
319M Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_23 16,678 KJ564202 KJ564202   n/a
319N Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_24 16,683 KJ564203 KJ564203   n/a
319O Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate RB_Y_30 16,677 KJ564208 KJ564208   n/a
319P Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate SJR_Y_31 16,679 KJ564170 KJ564170   n/a
319Q Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate SJR_Y_32 16,678 KJ564214 KJ564214   n/a
319R Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate SJR_Y_33 16,678 KJ564215 KJ564215   n/a
319S Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate SJR_Y_35 16,681 KJ564217 KJ564217   n/a
319T Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate WR_Y_1 16,680 KJ564174 KJ564174   n/a
319U Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate WR_Y_2 16,680 KJ564175 KJ564175   n/a
319V Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate WR_Y_3 16,679 KJ564176 KJ564176   n/a
319W Anguilla rostrata mitochondrion isolate WR_Y_4 16,677 KJ564171 KJ564171   n/a
Anguis fragilis
320 Anguis fragilis mitochondrion 17,479 EU443256 EU443256   13 fasta UniProt
Anilius scytale
321 Anilius scytale mitochondrion 17,713 FJ755180 FJ755180   13 fasta UniProt
Anisakis simplex
322a Anisakis simplex mitochondrion 13,916 AY994157 AY994157   12 fasta UniProt
322b Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate 5_4 13,864 JN786322 JN786322   n/a
322c Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate 126r 13,914 JN786318 JN786318   n/a
322d Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate BA60 13,946 JN786321 JN786321   n/a
322e Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate BA65 13,919 JN786320 JN786320   n/a
322f Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate BA70 13,880 JN786319 JN786319   n/a
322g Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate J1 13,886 JN786323 JN786323   n/a
322h Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate J3 13,881 JN786327 JN786327   n/a
322i Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate J4 13,927 JN786328 JN786328   n/a
322j Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate S6 13,876 JN786325 JN786325   n/a
322k Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate S7 13,861 JN786326 JN786326   n/a
322l Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate S8 13,928 JN786324 JN786324   n/a
322m Anisakis simplex mitochondrion isolate Tb1 13,875 JN786317 JN786317   n/a
Anisakis simplex C Nascetti et al., 1986
323 Anisakis simplex C Nascetti et al., 1986 mitochondrion isolate 2c 13,915 JN786316 JN786316   n/a
Annulohypoxylon stygium
324 Annulohypoxylon stygium mitochondrion 133,782 KF545917 KF545917   n/a
Anodonta anatina
325a Anodonta anatina isolate 106 haplotype F mitochondrion 15,653 KF030964 KF030964   n/a
325b Anodonta anatina isolate 146 haplotype F mitochondrion 15,645 KF030967 KF030967   n/a
325c Anodonta anatina isolate 218 haplotype F mitochondrion 15,637 KF030965 KF030965   n/a
325d Anodonta anatina isolate 245 haplotype F mitochondrion 15,640 KF030966 KF030966   n/a
325e Anodonta anatina isolate 247 haplotype M mitochondrion 16,906 KF030962 KF030962   14 fasta UniProt
325f Anodonta anatina isolate 314 haplotype F mitochondrion 15,645 KF030968 KF030968   n/a
325g Anodonta anatina isolate 320 haplotype M mitochondrion 16,906 KF030963 KF030963   14 fasta UniProt
Anodontostoma chacunda
326a Anodontostoma chacunda mitochondrial DNA, incomplete 13,848 AP011614 AP011614   9 fasta UniProt
326b Anodontostoma chacunda mitochondrion 16,772 KC466691 KC466691   13 fasta UniProt
Anolis carolinensis
327 Anolis carolinensis mitochondrion 17,223 EU747728 EU747728 PRJNA18787 13 fasta UniProt
Anomalopteryx didiformis
328 Anomalopteryx didiformis mitochondrion, partial 16,716 AF338714 AF338714   13 fasta UniProt
Anomalurus sp. GP-2005
329 Anomalurus sp. GP-2005 mitochondrion 16,923 AM159537 AM159537   13 fasta UniProt
Anomochloa marantoidea
330 Anomochloa marantoidea chloroplast 138,412 GQ329703 GQ329703   78 fasta UniProt
Anomodon attenuatus
331 Anomodon attenuatus mitochondrion 104,252 JX402749 JX402749   40 fasta UniProt
Anomodon rugelii
332 Anomodon rugelii mitochondrion 104,239 JF973314 JF973314   n/a
Anopheles albitarsis
333 Anopheles albitarsis mitochondrion 15,413 HQ335344 HQ335344   n/a
Anopheles albitarsis F
334 Anopheles albitarsis F mitochondrion 15,418 HQ335349 HQ335349   n/a
Anopheles albitarsis G
335 Anopheles albitarsis G mitochondrion 15,474 HQ335346 HQ335346   n/a
Anopheles cracens
336 Anopheles cracens mitochondrion isolate B1 15,412 JX219733 JX219733   n/a
Anopheles darlingi
337 Anopheles darlingi mitochondrion 15,386 GQ918272 GQ918272   n/a
Anopheles deaneorum
338 Anopheles deaneorum mitochondrion 15,424 HQ335347 HQ335347   n/a
Anopheles dirus
339 Anopheles dirus A mitochondrion isolate A1 15,404 JX219731 JX219731   n/a
Anopheles farauti No. 4
340a Anopheles farauti No. 4 mitochondrion isolate 7_10-11 15,412 JX219735 JX219735   n/a
340b Anopheles farauti No. 4 mitochondrion isolate 8_11-12 15,412 JX219736 JX219736   n/a
Anopheles funestus
341 Anopheles funestus mitochondrion 15,354 DQ146364 DQ146364   7 fasta UniProt
Anopheles gambiae (Description)
342 Anopheles gambiae mitochondrion 15,363 L20934 L20934   13 fasta UniProt
Anopheles hinesorum
343 Anopheles hinesorum mitochondrion isolate ESP039 15,336 JX219734 JX219734   n/a
Anopheles janconnae
344 Anopheles janconnae mitochondrion 15,425 HQ335348 HQ335348   n/a
Anopheles oryzalimnetes
345 Anopheles oryzalimnetes mitochondrion 15,422 HQ335345 HQ335345   n/a
Anopheles quadrimaculatus A
346 Anopheles quadrimaculatus A mitochondrion 15,455 L04272 L04272   13 fasta UniProt
Anoplocapros lenticularis
347 Anoplocapros lenticularis mitochondrion 16,492 AP009186 AP009186   13 fasta UniProt
Anoplogaster cornuta
348 Anoplogaster cornuta mitochondrion 16,511 AP004425 AP004425   13 fasta UniProt
Anoplophora glabripennis
349 Anoplophora glabripennis mitochondrion 15,774 DQ768215 DQ768215   13 fasta UniProt
Anoplopoma fimbria
350 Anoplopoma fimbria mitochondrion 16,507 JX070112 JX070112   n/a
Anoura caudifer
351 Anoura caudifer mitochondrion 16,546 HG003307 HG003307   n/a
Anourosorex squamipes
352 Anourosorex squamipes mitochondrion 17,121 KJ545899 KJ545899   n/a
Anser albifrons
353 Anser albifrons mitochondrion 16,737 AF363031 AF363031   13 fasta UniProt
Anser anser
354 Anser anser mitochondrion 16,738 EU932689 EU932689   13 fasta UniProt
Anser cygnoides
355a Anser cygnoides breed Yan Ling mitochondrion 16,742 KJ778677 KJ778677   n/a
355b Anser cygnoides mitochondrion 16,739 KJ124555 KJ124555   n/a
Anser fabalis
356 Anser fabalis mitochondrion 16,688 HQ890328 HQ890328   n/a
Anser indicus
357 Anser indicus mitochondrion 16,731 KM455570 KM455570   n/a
Anseranas semipalmata
358 Anseranas semipalmata mitochondrion 16,870 AY309455 AY309455   13 fasta UniProt
Antedon mediterranea
359 Antedon mediterranea mitochondion 16,156 AM404181 AM404181   13 fasta UniProt
Antheraea pernyi
360 Antheraea pernyi mitochondrion 15,566 AY242996 AY242996   13 fasta UniProt
Antheraea yamamai
361 Antheraea yamamai mitochondrion 15,338 EU726630 EU726630   13 fasta UniProt
Anthoceros angustus
362 Anthoceros angustus chloroplast 161,162 AB086179 AB086179   89 fasta UniProt
Anthocharis bambusarum
363 Anthocharis bambusarum mitochondrion 15,180 KC465748 KC465748   13 fasta UniProt
Anthomastus sp. USNM 1081145
364 Anthomastus sp. USNM 1081145 mitochondrion 19,124 KM015353 KM015353   n/a
Anthomastus sp. USNM 1171062
365 Anthomastus sp. USNM 1171062 mitochondrion 18,715 KM015352 KM015352   n/a
Anthriscus cerefolium
366 Anthriscus cerefolium chloroplast 154,719 GU456628 GU456628   n/a
Anthropoides paradiseus
367 Anthropoides paradiseus mitochondrion 16,696 FJ769844 FJ769844   13 fasta UniProt
Anthropoides virgo
368 Anthropoides virgo mitochondrion 16,541 FJ769845 FJ769845   13 fasta UniProt
Antidorcas marsupialis
369 Antidorcas marsupialis mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,444 JN632596 JN632596   13 fasta UniProt
Antigonia capros
370 Antigonia capros mitochondrion 16,508 AP002943 AP002943   13 fasta UniProt
Antillogorgia bipinnata
371 Antillogorgia bipinnata mitochondrion 18,733 DQ640646 DQ640646   14 fasta UniProt
Antilocapra americana
372 Antilocapra americana mitochondrion, isolate UAM 16,352 JN632597 JN632597   13 fasta UniProt
Antilope cervicapra
373a Antilope cervicapra mitochondrion 16,431 AP003422 AP003422   13 fasta UniProt
373b Antilope cervicapra mitochondrion, isolate AWWP 16,430 JN632598 JN632598   13 fasta UniProt
Antricola mexicanus
374 Antricola mexicanus mitochondrion 14,415 KC769591 KC769591   13 fasta UniProt
Antrokoreana gracilipes
375 Antrokoreana gracilipes mitochondrion 14,747 DQ344025 DQ344025   13 fasta UniProt
Anyperodon leucogrammicus
376 Anyperodon leucogrammicus mitochondrion 16,616 GQ131336 GQ131336   13 fasta UniProt
Aotus azarai
377 Aotus azarai mitochondrion 16,555 KC757385 KC757385   n/a
378 Aotus azarai azarai mitochondrion 16,585 JN161099 JN161099   n/a
379 Aotus azarai infulatus mitochondrion 16,586 KC592390 KC592390   n/a
Aotus lemurinus
380 Aotus lemurinus mitochondrion 16,580 FJ785421 FJ785421   13 fasta UniProt
Aotus nancymaae
381a Aotus nancymaae mitochondrion, isolate AnaBL003 16,469 JN161100 JN161100   n/a
381b Aotus nancymaae mitochondrion, isolate AnaBL005 16,471 JN161101 JN161101   n/a
Apalone ferox
382 Apalone ferox mitochondrion 16,866 FJ890514 FJ890514   13 fasta UniProt
Apareiodon affinis
383 Apareiodon affinis mitochondrion 16,679 AP011998 AP011998   n/a
Apatides fortis
384 Apatides fortis mitochondrion 16,171 FJ613421 FJ613421   13 fasta UniProt
Apatura ilia
385 Apatura ilia mitochondrion 15,242 JF437925 JF437925   13 fasta UniProt
Apatura metis
386 Apatura metis mitochondrion 15,236 JF801742 JF801742   13 fasta UniProt
Apeltes quadracus
387 Apeltes quadracus mitochondrion 16,472 AB445126 AB445126   13 fasta UniProt
Aphelenchoides besseyi
388 Aphelenchoides besseyi mitochondrion isolate AB1 16,216 KJ739799 KJ739799   n/a
Aphis gossypii
389 Aphis gossypii mitochondrion 15,869 KJ669654 KJ669654   n/a
Aphredoderus sayanus
390 Aphredoderus sayanus mitochondrion 16,601 AP004403 AP004403   13 fasta UniProt
Aphrocallistes vastus
391 Aphrocallistes vastus mitochondrion 17,427 EU000309 EU000309   13 fasta UniProt
Aphrodroma brevirostris
392 Aphrodroma brevirostris mitochondrion 16,414 AY158678 AY158678   13 fasta UniProt
Aphyocypris chinensis
393 Aphyocypris chinensis mitochondrion 16,606 AB218688 AB218688   13 fasta UniProt
Aphyocypris kikuchii
394 Aphyocypris kikuchii mitochondrion 16,601 JX184925 JX184925   13 fasta UniProt
Apios americana
395 Apios americana chloroplast 148,772 KF856618 KF856618   n/a
Apis cerana
396 Apis cerana mitochondrion 15,895 GQ162109 GQ162109   13 fasta UniProt
Apis florea
397 Apis florea mitochondrion 15,993 KC170303 KC170303   n/a
Apis mellifera
398 Apis mellifera ligustica mitochondrion 16,343 L06178 L06178   13 fasta UniProt
399a Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 1.4.15 16,051 KJ396188 KJ396188   n/a
399b Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 2.2.15 16,051 KJ396187 KJ396187   n/a
399c Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 4.2.15 16,051 KJ396189 KJ396189   n/a
399d Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 12.2.15 16,051 KJ396191 KJ396191   n/a
399e Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 13.4.15 16,051 KJ396190 KJ396190   n/a
399f Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 15.4.25 16,051 KJ396184 KJ396184   n/a
399g Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 16.1.5 16,051 KJ396186 KJ396186   n/a
399h Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 17.1.5 16,051 KJ396185 KJ396185   n/a
399i Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 18.1.5 16,051 KJ396183 KJ396183   n/a
399j Apis mellifera mellifera mitochondrion isolate 22.2.5 16,051 KJ396182 KJ396182   n/a
400 Apis mellifera scutellata mitochondrion 16,411 KJ601784 KJ601784   n/a
401 Apis mellifera syriaca mitochondrion 15,428 KP163643 KP163643 PRJNA188271 n/a
Aplidium conicum
402 Aplidium conicum mitochondrion 15,183 FN313538 FN313538   13 fasta UniProt
Aplocheilus panchax
403 Aplocheilus panchax mitochondrion 16,519 AB373005 AB373005   13 fasta UniProt
Aplysia californica
404 Aplysia californica mitochondrion 14,117 AY569552 AY569552   13 fasta UniProt
Aplysia dactylomela
405 Aplysia dactylomela mitochondrion 14,128 DQ991927 DQ991927   13 fasta UniProt
Aplysia kurodai
406a Aplysia kurodai mitochondrion 14,131 KF148053 KF148053   n/a
406b Aplysia kurodai mitochondrion 14,113 KJ415053 KJ415053   n/a
Aplysina cauliformis
407 Aplysina cauliformis mitochondrion 19,620 EU518938 EU518938   n/a
Aplysina fulva
408 Aplysina fulva mitochondrion 19,620 EU237476 EU237476   n/a
Apocheima cinerarium
409 Apocheima cinerarium mitochondrion 15,722 KF836545 KF836545   n/a
Apochrysa matsumurae
410 Apochrysa matsumurae mitochondrion 16,214 AP011624 AP011624   13 fasta UniProt
Apodemia mormo
411 Apodemia mormo mitochondrion voucher AP1234 15,262 KJ647171 KJ647171   n/a
Apodemus agrarius
412a Apodemus agrarius mitochondrion 16,263 JN629047 JN629047   n/a
412b Apodemus agrarius mitochondrion, specimen voucher JBRI-Mam-001 16,260 HM034866 HM034866   n/a
Apodemus chejuensis
413 Apodemus chejuensis mitochondrion 16,261 HM034867 HM034867   n/a
Apodemus chevrieri
414 Apodemus chevrieri mitochondrion 16,298 HQ896683 HQ896683   n/a
Apodemus draco
415 Apodemus draco mitochondrion 16,282 HQ333255 HQ333255   n/a
Apodemus latronum
416 Apodemus latronum mitochondrion 16,288 HQ333256 HQ333256   n/a
Apodemus peninsulae
417a Apodemus peninsulae mitochondrion 16,266 HQ660074 HQ660074   n/a
417b Apodemus peninsulae mitochondrion 16,269 JN546584 JN546584   n/a
Apogon semilineatus
418 Apogon semilineatus mitochondrion 16,508 AP005996 AP005996   n/a
Apolygus lucorum
419 Apolygus lucorum mitochondrion 14,768 HQ902161 HQ902161   13 fasta UniProt
Aporia crataegi
420 Aporia crataegi mitochondrion 15,140 JN796473 JN796473   n/a
Aporia intercostata
421 Aporia intercostata mitochondrion 15,144 KC461928 KC461928   n/a
Apostichopus japonicus
422 Apostichopus japonicus mitochondrion 16,099 FJ906623 FJ906623   13 fasta UniProt
Appalachioria falcifera
423 Appalachioria falcifera mitochondrion 15,282 JX437063 JX437063   n/a
Aprasia parapulchella
424 Aprasia parapulchella mitochondrion 16,528 KJ004564 KJ004564   n/a
Apteryx haastii
425 Apteryx haastii mitochondrion 16,980 AF338708 AF338708   13 fasta UniProt
Apteryx owenii
426 Apteryx owenii mitochondrion 17,020 GU071052 GU071052   13 fasta UniProt
Apus apus
427 Apus apus mitochondrion 17,037 AM237310 AM237310   13 fasta UniProt
Aquarius paludum
428 Aquarius paludum mitochondrion 15,380 FJ456944 FJ456944   13 fasta UniProt
Aquatica leii
429 Aquatica leii mitochondrion 16,856 KF667531 KF667531   n/a
Aquila chrysaetos
430 Aquila chrysaetos mitochondrion 17,332 KF905228 KF905228   n/a
Ara glaucogularis
431 Ara glaucogularis mitochondrion 16,983 JQ782215 JQ782215   n/a
Ara rubrogenys
432 Ara rubrogenys mitochondrion 17,002 JQ782216 JQ782216   n/a
Arabidopsis thaliana (Description)
433a Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast 154,478 AP000423 AP000423   80 fasta UniProt
433b Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype C24 mitochondrion 366,922 JF729200 JF729200   n/a
433c Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Col-0 mitochondrion 366,750 JF729201 JF729201   n/a
433d Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Landsberg erecta mitochondrion 345,418 JF729202 JF729202   n/a
433e Arabidopsis thaliana mitochondrion 366,924 Y08501 Y08501   117 fasta UniProt
Arabis alpina
434 Arabis alpina complete chloroplast 152,866 HF934132 HF934132 PRJEB1719 n/a
Arabis hirsuta
435 Arabis hirsuta chloroplast 153,689 AP009369 AP009369   78 fasta UniProt
Arachnocampa flava
436 Arachnocampa flava mitochondrion 16,923 JN861748 JN861748   13 fasta UniProt
Aradacanthia heissi
437 Aradacanthia heissi mitochondrion 15,528 HQ441233 HQ441233   n/a
Aralia undulata
438 Aralia undulata chloroplast 156,333 KC456163 KC456163   n/a
Arapaima gigas
439 Arapaima gigas mitochondrion 16,433 EF523611 EF523611   13 fasta UniProt
Aratinga acuticaudata
440 Aratinga acuticaudata acuticaudata mitochondrion 16,998 JQ782214 JQ782214   13 fasta UniProt
Aratinga brevipes
441 Aratinga brevipes mitochondrion 16,972 KC936100 KC936100   13 fasta UniProt
Araucaria heterophylla
442 Araucaria heterophylla plastid 146,723 KM067155 KM067155   n/a
Arbacia lixula
443 Arbacia lixula mitochondrion 15,719 X80396 X80396   13 fasta UniProt
Arborophila ardens
444 Arborophila ardens mitochondrion voucher BO32 16,728 KC352729 KC352729   13 fasta UniProt
Arborophila brunneopectus
445 Arborophila brunneopectus mitochondrion voucher AB01 16,719 KC352730 KC352730   13 fasta UniProt
Arborophila gingica
446 Arborophila gingica mitochondrion 16,728 FJ752425 FJ752425   12 fasta UniProt
Arborophila rufipectus
447 Arborophila rufipectus mitochondrion 16,728 FJ194942 FJ194942   13 fasta UniProt
Arborophila rufogularis
448 Arborophila rufogularis mitochondrion 16,726 FJ752424 FJ752424   13 fasta UniProt
Archilochus colubris
449 Archilochus colubris mitochondrion 16,356 EF532935 EF532935   13 fasta UniProt
Architeuthis dux
450a Architeuthis dux mitochondrion 20,331 FJ429092 FJ429092   13 fasta UniProt
450b Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 60445_(S) 20,332 KC701743 KC701743   13 fasta UniProt
450c Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate GS_14_(N) 20,332 KC701754 KC701754   13 fasta UniProt
450d Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 1 20,332 KC701741 KC701741   13 fasta UniProt
450e Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 2 20,332 KC701757 KC701757   14 fasta UniProt
450f Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 132 20,332 KC701731 KC701731   13 fasta UniProt
450g Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 236 20,332 KC701730 KC701730   13 fasta UniProt
450h Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 316 20,332 KC701753 KC701753   13 fasta UniProt
450i Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 327 20,333 KC701762 KC701762   14 fasta UniProt
450j Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 329 20,332 KC701740 KC701740   13 fasta UniProt
450k Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 373 20,332 KC701750 KC701750   13 fasta UniProt
450l Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 397 20,332 KC701751 KC701751   13 fasta UniProt
450m Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 1526 20,332 KC701761 KC701761   13 fasta UniProt
450n Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 1662 20,333 KC701744 KC701744   13 fasta UniProt
450o Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 2096 20,332 KC701755 KC701755   13 fasta UniProt
450p Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 2099 20,332 KC701749 KC701749   13 fasta UniProt
450q Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 2100 20,332 KC701735 KC701735   13 fasta UniProt
450r Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 3135/3_(M) 20,332 KC701728 KC701728   14 fasta UniProt
450s Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 60441 20,332 KC701759 KC701759   13 fasta UniProt
450t Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate 60442 20,332 KC701737 KC701737   13 fasta UniProt
450u Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate A 20,332 KC701725 KC701725   13 fasta UniProt
450v Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate B 20,332 KC701746 KC701746   14 fasta UniProt
450w Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate C 20,341 KC701724 KC701724   13 fasta UniProt
450x Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate D 20,332 KC701729 KC701729   13 fasta UniProt
450y Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate E 20,332 KC701745 KC701745   13 fasta UniProt
450z Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate FtL7b 20,332 KC701734 KC701734   13 fasta UniProt
450A Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate GS_10_(F) 20,333 KC701764 KC701764   13 fasta UniProt
450B Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate GS_13_(I) 20,332 KC701763 KC701763   13 fasta UniProt
450C Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate GS_15_(K) 20,332 KC701736 KC701736   14 fasta UniProt
450D Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate GS_16_(J) 20,332 KC701732 KC701732   13 fasta UniProt
450E Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate GS_17_(L) 20,332 KC701752 KC701752   13 fasta UniProt
450F Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate GS_MTV_(G) 20,332 KC701747 KC701747   13 fasta UniProt
450G Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate M1b 20,332 KC701748 KC701748   13 fasta UniProt
450H Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate M.1.19 20,332 KC701760 KC701760   13 fasta UniProt
450I Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate NHM 20,332 KC701726 KC701726   8 fasta UniProt
450J Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate NS7b 20,332 KC701727 KC701727   13 fasta UniProt
450K Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate South_African_Museum 20,332 KC701738 KC701738   13 fasta UniProt
450L Architeuthis dux mitochondrion isolate Z9260_(T) 20,332 KC701742 KC701742   14 fasta UniProt
Arconaia lanceolata
451 Arconaia lanceolata mitochondrion 15,782 KJ144818 KJ144818   n/a
Arcos sp. KU 149
452 Arcos sp. KU 149 mitochondrion 16,534 AP004452 AP004452   13 fasta UniProt
Arctica islandica
453a Arctica islandica pop-variant 10MRD mitochondrion 18,267 KF363952 KF363952   n/a
453b Arctica islandica pop-variant 27663 mitochondrion 18,289 KF363951 KF363951   n/a
Arctocephalus forsteri
454 Arctocephalus forsteri mitochondrion 15,413 AF513820 AF513820   13 fasta UniProt
Arctocephalus pusillus
455 Arctocephalus pusillus mitochondrion 16,652 AM181018 AM181018   13 fasta UniProt
Arctocephalus townsendi
456 Arctocephalus townsendi mitochondrion 16,571 AM181021 AM181021   13 fasta UniProt
Arctodus simus
457 Arctodus simus mitochondrion 16,754 FM177762 FM177762   13 fasta UniProt
Arctogadus glacialis
458 Arctogadus glacialis mitochondrion 16,644 AM919429 AM919429   13 fasta UniProt
Arctonyx collaris
459 Arctonyx collaris voucher YP6001 mitochondrion 16,481 HM106329 HM106329   n/a
Arctoscopus japonicus
460 Arctoscopus japonicus mitochondrion 16,577 AP003090 AP003090   13 fasta UniProt
Arcyptera coreana
461 Arcyptera coreana mitochondrion 15,783 GU324311 GU324311   13 fasta UniProt
Ardea novaehollandiae
462 Ardea novaehollandiae mitochondrion 17,511 DQ780878 DQ780878   13 fasta UniProt
Ardisia polysticta
463 Ardisia polysticta chloroplast 156,506 KC465962 KC465962   n/a
Arenaria interpres
464 Arenaria interpres mitochondrion 16,725 AY074885 AY074885   13 fasta UniProt
Argas africolumbae
465 Argas africolumbae mitochondrion 14,440 JQ665720 JQ665720   n/a
Argas lagenoplastis
466 Argas lagenoplastis mitochondrion 14,478 KC769587 KC769587   13 fasta UniProt
Argas miniatus
467 Argas miniatus mitochondrion 14,416 KC769590 KC769590   13 fasta UniProt
Argas sp. SpringbokSA-QMS95171
468 Argas sp. SpringbokSA-QMS95171 mitochondrion 14,450 KC769588 KC769588   13 fasta UniProt
Argiope amoena
469 Argiope amoena mitochondrion 14,121 KJ607907 KJ607907   n/a
Argiope bruennichi
470 Argiope bruennichi mitochondrion 14,063 KJ594561 KJ594561   n/a
Argopecten irradians
471 Argopecten irradians mitochondrion 16,221 EU023915 EU023915   12 fasta UniProt
472 Argopecten irradians irradians mitochondrion 16,211 DQ665851 DQ665851   12 fasta UniProt
Argulus americanus
473 Argulus americanus mitochondrion 15,102 AY456187 AY456187   13 fasta UniProt
Argynnis childreni
474 Argynnis childreni mitochondrion isolate N1860 15,131 KF590547 KF590547   n/a
Argynnis hyperbius
475 Argynnis hyperbius mitochondrion 15,156 JF439070 JF439070   13 fasta UniProt
Argyrosomus japonicus
476 Argyrosomus japonicus mitochondrion 16,496 JQ728563 JQ728563   n/a
Ariadne ariadne
477 Ariadne ariadne mitochondrion 15,179 KF990123 KF990123   n/a
Ariomma indica
478 Ariomma indica mitochondrion 16,537 AP012513 AP012513   n/a
Ariomma lurida
479 Ariomma lurida mitochondrion 16,526 AP012512 AP012512   n/a
Ariosoma shiroanago
480 Ariosoma shiroanago mitochondrion 16,922 AP010861 AP010861   13 fasta UniProt
Aristida purpurea
481 Aristida purpurea plastid 138,423 KJ920224 KJ920224   n/a
Armillifer armillatus
482 Armillifer armillatus mitochondrion 16,747 AY456186 AY456186   13 fasta UniProt
Arnoglossus polyspilus
483 Arnoglossus polyspilus mitochondrion 17,439 AP014586 AP014586   13 fasta UniProt
Arothron firmamentum
484 Arothron firmamentum mitochondrion 16,474 AP006742 AP006742   n/a
Arothron hispidus
485 Arothron hispidus mitochondrion 16,483 AP011930 AP011930   13 fasta UniProt
Arothron manilensis
486 Arothron manilensis mitochondrion 16,487 AP011929 AP011929   13 fasta UniProt
Arothron mappa
487 Arothron mappa mitochondrion 16,493 AP011931 AP011931   13 fasta UniProt
Arripis trutta
488 Arripis trutta mitochondrion 17,244 AP006810 AP006810   n/a
Artemia franciscana
489 Artemia franciscana mitochondrion 15,822 X69067 X69067   13 fasta UniProt
Artemia tibetiana
490 Artemia tibetiana mitochondrion 15,742 JQ975178 JQ975178   13 fasta UniProt
Artemia urmiana
491 Artemia urmiana mitochondrion 15,945 JQ975176 JQ975176   13 fasta UniProt
Artemisia frigida
492 Artemisia frigida chloroplast 151,076 JX293720 JX293720   n/a
Artemisia montana
493 Artemisia montana chloroplast 151,130 KF887960 KF887960   n/a
Arthroderma obtusum
494 Arthroderma obtusum mitochondrion 24,105 FJ385029 FJ385029   15 fasta UniProt
Arthroderma otae
495 Arthroderma otae mitochondrion 23,943 FJ385030 FJ385030   15 fasta UniProt
Arthroderma uncinatum
496 Arthroderma uncinatum mitochondrion 28,530 FJ385028 FJ385028   15 fasta UniProt
Artibeus jamaicensis
497 Artibeus jamaicensis mitochondrion 16,651 AF061340 AF061340   13 fasta UniProt
Artibeus lituratus
498 Artibeus lituratus mitochondrion 16,709 JN209840 JN209840   n/a
Arundinaria appalachiana
499 Arundinaria appalachiana chloroplast 139,547 KC817462 KC817462   n/a
Arundinaria fargesii
500 Arundinaria fargesii chloroplast 139,696 JX513413 JX513413   n/a
Arundinaria gigantea
501 Arundinaria gigantea chloroplast 138,935 JX235347 JX235347   n/a
Arundinaria tecta
502 Arundinaria tecta chloroplast 139,499 KC817463 KC817463   75 fasta UniProt
Ascalohybris subjacens
503 Ascalohybris subjacens mitochondrion 15,873 KC758703 KC758703   13 fasta UniProt
Ascaloptynx appendiculatus
504 Ascaloptynx appendiculatus mitochondrion 15,877 FJ171324 FJ171324   13 fasta UniProt
Ascaridia columbae
505 Ascaridia columbae mitochondrion 13,931 JX624729 JX624729   n/a
Ascaridia galli
506 Ascaridia galli mitochondrion 13,977 JX624728 JX624728   n/a
Ascaridia sp. GHL-2013
507 Ascaridia sp. GHL-2013 mitochondrion 13,862 JX624730 JX624730   n/a
Ascaris lumbricoides
508a Ascaris lumbricoides mitochondrion 14,303 HQ704900 HQ704900   n/a
508b Ascaris lumbricoides mitochondrion 14,281 JN801161 JN801161   n/a
Ascaris sp. chimpanzee-cA
509 Ascaris sp. chimpanzee-cA mitochondrion 14,268 KC839986 KC839986   n/a
Ascaris sp. gibbon-gA
510 Ascaris sp. gibbon-gA mitochondrion 14,274 KC839987 KC839987   n/a
Ascaris suum
511a Ascaris suum mitochondrion 14,284 X54253 X54253   12 fasta UniProt
511b Ascaris suum mitochondrion, host = swine, country = China 14,311 HQ704901 HQ704901   n/a
Ascidiella aspersa
512 Ascidiella aspersa mitochondrion 17,146 HF548561 HF548561 PRJEB608 n/a
Asclepias nivea
513 Asclepias nivea chloroplast 161,592 KF539844 KF539844   n/a
Asclepias syriaca
514a Asclepias syriaca chloroplast 158,719 KF386166 KF386166 PRJNA47027 77 fasta UniProt
514b Asclepias syriaca mitochondrion 682,498 KF541337 KF541337 n/a
Ascobulla fragilis
515 Ascobulla fragilis mitochondrion 14,745 AY345022 AY345022   13 fasta UniProt
Ascoschoengastia sp. TATW-1
516 Ascoschoengastia sp. TATW-1 mitochondrion 16,067 AB300501 AB300501   13 fasta UniProt
Aseraggodes kobensis
517 Aseraggodes kobensis mitochondrion 16,944 KJ601760 KJ601760   n/a
Ashtoret lunaris
518 Ashtoret lunaris mitochondrion 15,807 LK391941 LK391941   n/a
Asiotmethis jubatus
519 Asiotmethis jubatus mitochondrion 15,669 KF658071 KF658071   n/a
Asiotmethis zacharjini
520 Asiotmethis zacharjini mitochondrion voucher Z0730 15,660 JX468876 JX468876   n/a
Aspergillus fumigatus
521a Aspergillus fumigatus strain AF293 mitochondrion 31,765 JQ346808 JQ346808 PRJNA131 20 fasta UniProt
521b Aspergillus fumigatus strain A1163 mitochondrion 30,696 JQ346807 JQ346807 PRJNA18733 19 fasta UniProt
521c Aspergillus fumigatus strain AF210 mitochondrion 31,762 JQ346809 JQ346809 PRJNA52783 20 fasta UniProt
Aspergillus nidulans
522 Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4 mitochondrion 33,227 JQ435097 JQ435097 PRJNA130 20 fasta UniProt
Aspergillus niger
523 Aspergillus niger strain N909 mitochondrion 31,103 DQ207726 DQ207726   16 fasta UniProt
Aspergillus oryzae
524 Aspergillus oryzae 3.042 mitochondrion 29,192 JX129489 JX129489 PRJNA88495 n/a
525 Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 mitochondrion 29,202 AP007176 AP007176 PRJNA20809 n/a
Aspergillus tubingensis
526 Aspergillus tubingensis strain 0932 mitochondrion 33,656 DQ217399 DQ217399   16 fasta UniProt
Aspergillus ustus
527 Aspergillus ustus strain 3.3904 mitochondrion 33,007 KM245566 KM245566   n/a
Aspiorhynchus laticeps
528 Aspiorhynchus laticeps mitochondrion 16,591 KF564793 KF564793   n/a
Assurger anzac
529 Assurger anzac mitochondrion 16,510 AP012508 AP012508   n/a
Astacopsis gouldi
530 Astacopsis gouldi mitochondrion 16,678 KM458973 KM458973   n/a
Astatotilapia calliptera
531 Astatotilapia calliptera mitochondrion 16,578 JN628855 JN628855   13 fasta UniProt
Asterias amurensis
532 Asterias amurensis mitochondrion 16,427 AB183559 AB183559   13 fasta UniProt
Asterionella formosa
533 Asterionella formosa chloroplast 121,238 KC509519 KC509519   n/a
Asterionellopsis glacialis
534 Asterionellopsis glacialis chloroplast 146,024 KC509520 KC509520   n/a
Asterionellopsis glacialis RNA virus
535 Asterionellopsis glacialis RNA virus genomic RNA isolate: AglaRNAV 8,842 AB973945 AB973945   n/a
Astrangia sp. JVK-2006
536 Astrangia sp. JVK-2006 mitochondrion 14,853 DQ643832 DQ643832   13 fasta UniProt
Astreopora explanata
537 Astreopora explanata mitochondrion 18,106 KJ634269 KJ634269   n/a
Astreopora myriophthalma
538 Astreopora myriophthalma mitochondrion 18,106 KJ634272 KJ634272   n/a
Astroblepus sp. NM-2010
539 Astroblepus sp. NM-2010 mitochondria 16,565 AP012004 AP012004   n/a
Astronotus ocellatus
540 Astronotus ocellatus mitochondrion 16,569 AP009127 AP009127   13 fasta UniProt
Astropecten polyacanthus
541 Astropecten polyacanthus mitochondrion 16,304 AB183560 AB183560   13 fasta UniProt
Astrospartus mediterraneus
542 Astrospartus mediterraneus mitochondrion 16,238 FN562580 FN562580   13 fasta UniProt
Astyanax mexicanus
543 Astyanax mexicanus mitochondrial DNA 16,682 AP011982 AP011982   n/a
Asymmetron inferum
544 Asymmetron inferum mitochondrion 15,084 AP009352 AP009352   13 fasta UniProt
Asymmetron lucayanum
545 Asymmetron lucayanum mitochondrion 15,102 AB110092 AB110092   13 fasta UniProt
Asymmetron sp. A TK-2007
546 Asymmetron sp. A TK-2007 mitochondrion 15,050 AP009353 AP009353   13 fasta UniProt
Ataxolepis apus
547 Ataxolepis apus mitochondrion 16,528 AP010887 AP010887   13 fasta UniProt
Ateleopus japonicus
548 Ateleopus japonicus mitochondrion 16,650 AP002916 AP002916   13 fasta UniProt
Ateles belzebuth
549a Ateles belzebuth mitochondrion 16,560 FJ785422 FJ785422   13 fasta UniProt
549b Ateles belzebuth mitochondrion 16,559 KC757386 KC757386   n/a
Atelura formicaria
550 Atelura formicaria mitochondrion 15,205 EU084035 EU084035   13 fasta UniProt
Athyma asura
551 Athyma asura mitochondrion isolate N1803 15,181 KF590542 KF590542   n/a
Athyma cama
552 Athyma cama mitochondrion isolate N114 15,269 KF590526 KF590526   n/a
Athyma kasa
553 Athyma kasa mitochondrion isolate LWW1204385 15,230 KF590524 KF590524   n/a
Athyma opalina
554 Athyma opalina mitochondrion isolate N7153 15,240 KF590551 KF590551   n/a
Athyma perius
555 Athyma perius mitochondrion isolate N321 15,277 KF590528 KF590528   n/a
Athyma selenophora
556a Athyma selenophora mitochondrion isolate LWW1204387 15,200 KF590525 KF590525   n/a
556b Athyma selenophora mitochondrion isolate N369 15,208 KF590529 KF590529   n/a
Athyma sulpitia
557 Athyma sulpitia mitochondrion 15,268 JQ347260 JQ347260   n/a
Atractomorpha sinensis
558 Atractomorpha sinensis mitochondrion 15,558 EU263919 EU263919   13 fasta UniProt
Atractosteus tropicus
559 Atractosteus tropicus mitochondrion 16,280 KJ531198 KJ531198   n/a
Atrichum angustatum
560 Atrichum angustatum mitochondrion 115,146 KC784956 KC784956   40 fasta UniProt
Atrina pectinata
561 Atrina pectinata mitochondrion 16,811 KC153059 KC153059   n/a
Atropa belladonna
562 Atropa belladonna strain Ab5p(kan) chlororplast 156,687 AJ316582 AJ316582   82 fasta UniProt
Attacus atlas
563 Attacus atlas mitochondrion isolate SYAU01 15,282 KF006326 KF006326   13 fasta UniProt
Atule mate
564 Atule mate mitochondrion 16,565 KM522838 KM522838   n/a
Atympanophrys shapingensis
565 Atympanophrys shapingensis mitochondrion 17,631 JX458090 JX458090   13 fasta UniProt
Auchenoglanis occidentalis
566 Auchenoglanis occidentalis mitochondrion 16,535 AP012005 AP012005   n/a
Aulichthys japonicus
567 Aulichthys japonicus mitochondrion 16,594 AB445127 AB445127   13 fasta UniProt
Aulorhynchus flavidus
568 Aulorhynchus flavidus mitochondrion 16,894 AP009196 AP009196   13 fasta UniProt
Aulostomus chinensis
569 Aulostomus chinensis mitochondrion 18,154 AP009197 AP009197   13 fasta UniProt
Aurelia aurita
570a Aurelia aurita mitochondrion 16,937 DQ787873 DQ787873   15 fasta UniProt
570b Aurelia aurita mitochondrion 16,971 HQ694729 HQ694729   n/a
Aureococcus anophagefferens
571 Aureococcus anophagefferens chloroplast 89,599 GQ231541 GQ231541   105 fasta UniProt
Aureoumbra lagunensis
572 Aureoumbra lagunensis chloroplast 94,346 GQ231542 GQ231542   110 fasta UniProt
Auriculinella bidentata
573 Auriculinella bidentata mitochondrion 14,135 JN606066 JN606066   n/a
Auriglobus modestus
574 Auriglobus modestus mitochondrion 16,807 AP011917 AP011917   13 fasta UniProt
Austinogebia edulis
575 Austinogebia edulis mitochondrion 15,761 JN897376 JN897376   n/a
Austinograea alayseae
576a Austinograea alayseae mitochondrion 15,611 KC851803 KC851803   n/a
576b Austinograea alayseae mitochondrion specimen voucher 6K-984-070359 15,620 JQ035660 JQ035660   n/a
Austinograea rodriguezensis
577 Austinograea rodriguezensis mitochondrion 15,611 JQ035658 JQ035658   n/a
Austropotamobius pallipes
578 Austropotamobius pallipes mitochondrion 15,679 KP205430 KP205430   n/a
Auxenochlorella protothecoides
579a Auxenochlorella protothecoides chloroplast 84,576 KC631634 KC631634   n/a
579b Auxenochlorella protothecoides chloroplast 84,580 KC843975 KC843975   n/a
579c Auxenochlorella protothecoides mitochondrion 57,274 KC843974 KC843974   n/a
Auxis rochei
580a Auxis rochei mitochondrion 16,501 AB103467 AB103467   13 fasta UniProt
580b Auxis rochei mitochondrion 16,505 KM651784 KM651784   n/a
Auxis thazard
581 Auxis thazard mitochondrion 16,506 AB105447 AB105447   13 fasta UniProt
Avahi laniger
582a Avahi laniger mitochondrion 16,787 KC757387 KC757387   n/a
582b Avahi laniger mitochondrion isolate NARA5.12 16,362 KJ944209 KJ944209   n/a
Avocettina infans
583 Avocettina infans mitochondrion 16,680 AP010855 AP010855   13 fasta UniProt
Axinella corrugata
584 Axinella corrugata mitochondrion 25,610 AY791693 AY791693   14 fasta UniProt
Axis axis
585 Axis axis mitochondrion, isolate CYTO 16,349 JN632599 JN632599   13 fasta UniProt
Axis porcinus
586 Axis porcinus mitochondrion, isolate CYTO 16,375 JN632600 JN632600   13 fasta UniProt
Aythya americana
587 Aythya americana mitochondrion 16,616 AF090337 AF090337   13 fasta UniProt
Aythya ferina
588 Aythya ferina mitochondrion 16,616 KJ710708 KJ710708   n/a
Aythya fuligula
589 Aythya fuligula mitochondrion voucher JS04 16,616 KJ722069 KJ722069   n/a
Azadirachta indica
590 Azadirachta indica chloroplast 160,737 KF986530 KF986530   79 fasta UniProt
Azumapecten farreri
591a Azumapecten farreri isolate Zhikong mitochondrion 21,695 EU715252 EU715252   12 fasta UniProt
591b Azumapecten farreri mitochondrion 20,889 EF473269 EF473269   11 fasta UniProt
Babesia bovis
592 Babesia bovis mitochondrion 6,005 EU075182 EU075182 PRJNA18731 3 fasta UniProt
Babesia gibsoni
593a Babesia gibsoni mitochondrion, strain: HUVIMdr1 5,867 AB685183 AB685183   3 fasta UniProt
593b Babesia gibsoni mitochondrion, strain: HUVIMdr2 5,867 AB685184 AB685184   3 fasta UniProt
593c Babesia gibsoni mitochondrion, strain: HUVIMwt1 5,867 AB685182 AB685182   3 fasta UniProt
Babesia microti
594 Babesia microti strain RI mitochondrion 11,149 FO082868 FO082868 PRJEA72411 3 fasta UniProt
Babina adenopleura
595a Babina adenopleura mitochondrion 2,657 KF771301 KF771301   n/a
595b Babina adenopleura mitochondrion isolate A-A-WZ001 18,982 JX033120 JX033120   13 fasta UniProt
Babina holsti
596 Babina holsti mitochondrion 19,113 AB761264 AB761264   n/a
Babina okinavana
597 Babina okinavana mitochondrion 19,959 AB761266 AB761266   n/a
Babina pleuraden
598 Babina pleuraden mitochondrion 2,653 KF771303 KF771303   n/a
Babina subaspera
599 Babina subaspera mitochondrion 18,525 AB761265 AB761265   n/a
Babylonia areolata
600 Babylonia areolata mitochondrion 15,445 HQ416443 HQ416443   n/a
Babylonia lutosa
601 Babylonia lutosa mitochondrion 15,346 KF897830 KF897830   n/a
Bactrocera carambolae
602 Bactrocera carambolae mitochondrion 15,915 EF014414 EF014414   13 fasta UniProt
Bactrocera correcta
603 Bactrocera correcta mitochondrion, isolate F11 15,936 JX456552 JX456552   n/a
Bactrocera cucurbitae
604 Bactrocera cucurbitae mitochondrion 15,825 JN635562 JN635562   n/a
Bactrocera dorsalis
605 Bactrocera dorsalis mitochondrion 15,915 DQ845759 DQ845759   13 fasta UniProt
Bactrocera minax
606 Bactrocera minax mitochondrion 16,043 HM776033 HM776033   13 fasta UniProt
Bactrocera oleae
607 Bactrocera oleae mitochondrion 15,815 AY210702 AY210702   13 fasta UniProt
Bactrocera papayae
608 Bactrocera papayae isolate SH63 mitochondrion 15,915 DQ917578 DQ917578   13 fasta UniProt
Bactrocera philippinensis
609 Bactrocera philippinensis mitochondrion 15,915 DQ995281 DQ995281   13 fasta UniProt
Bactrocera tryoni
610 Bactrocera tryoni mitochondrion 15,925 HQ130030 HQ130030   n/a
Bagarius yarrelli
611 Bagarius yarrelli mitochondrion 16,503 JQ026260 JQ026260   n/a
Bahaba taipingensis
612 Bahaba taipingensis mitochondrion 16,500 JX232404 JX232404   13 fasta UniProt
Bahadzia jaraguensis
613 Bahadzia jaraguensis mitochondrion 14,657 FR872382 FR872382   n/a
Baikalospongia intermedia
614 Baikalospongia intermedia profundalis mitochondrion 28,227 JQ302310 JQ302310   n/a
Bajacalifornia megalops
615 Bajacalifornia megalops mitochondrion 16,798 AP009578 AP009578   13 fasta UniProt
Balaena mysticetus
616 Balaena mysticetus mitochondrion 16,390 AJ554051 AJ554051   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera acutorostrata
617 Balaenoptera acutorostrata mitochondrion 16,417 AJ554054 AJ554054   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera bonaerensis
618 Balaenoptera bonaerensis mitochondrion 16,421 AP006466 AP006466   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera borealis
619 Balaenoptera borealis mitochondrion 16,410 AP006470 AP006470   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera brydei
620a Balaenoptera brydei mitochondrion 16,408 AP006469 AP006469   13 fasta UniProt
620b Balaenoptera brydei mitochondrion isolate:NSMT-33072 16,411 AB201259 AB201259   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera edeni
621 Balaenoptera edeni mitochondrion isolate:NSMT-33622 16,409 AB201258 AB201258   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera musculus
622 Balaenoptera musculus mitochondrion 16,402 X72204 X72204   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera omurai
623 Balaenoptera omurai mitochondrion 16,404 AB201256 AB201256   13 fasta UniProt
Balaenoptera physalus
624a Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion 16,398 X61145 X61145   13 fasta UniProt
624b Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 761 16,401 KC572708 KC572708   n/a
624c Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 2821 16,401 KC572709 KC572709   n/a
624d Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 4632 16,401 KC572710 KC572710   n/a
624e Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 4767 16,400 KC572711 KC572711   n/a
624f Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 6224 16,403 KC572712 KC572712   n/a
624g Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 6253 16,401 KC572713 KC572713   n/a
624h Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 7835 16,401 KC572714 KC572714   n/a
624i Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 10744 16,401 KC572715 KC572715   n/a
624j Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 23640 16,401 KC572716 KC572716   n/a
624k Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 24014 16,401 KC572717 KC572717   n/a
624l Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 25376 16,401 KC572718 KC572718   n/a
624m Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 25399 16,401 KC572719 KC572719   n/a
624n Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 25400 16,401 KC572720 KC572720   n/a
624o Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 25404 16,401 KC572721 KC572721   n/a
624p Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 25519 16,401 KC572722 KC572722   n/a
624q Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 25520 16,401 KC572723 KC572723   n/a
624r Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 26294 16,401 KC572724 KC572724   n/a
624s Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 26295 16,401 KC572725 KC572725   n/a
624t Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 28409 16,401 KC572726 KC572726   n/a
624u Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 28506 16,401 KC572727 KC572727   n/a
624v Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 29875 16,401 KC572728 KC572728   n/a
624w Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 29941 16,401 KC572729 KC572729   n/a
624x Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 29950 16,401 KC572730 KC572730   n/a
624y Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 30475 16,401 KC572731 KC572731   n/a
624z Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 30477 16,391 KC572732 KC572732   n/a
624A Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 30478 16,401 KC572733 KC572733   n/a
624B Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 35292 16,392 KC572734 KC572734   n/a
624C Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 35297 16,401 KC572735 KC572735   n/a
624D Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37552 16,401 KC572736 KC572736   n/a
624E Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37553 16,401 KC572737 KC572737   n/a
624F Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37554 16,401 KC572738 KC572738   n/a
624G Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37558 16,401 KC572739 KC572739   n/a
624H Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37559 16,401 KC572740 KC572740   n/a
624I Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37561 16,401 KC572741 KC572741   n/a
624J Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37563 16,401 KC572742 KC572742   n/a
624K Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37587 16,401 KC572743 KC572743   n/a
624L Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37593 16,401 KC572744 KC572744   n/a
624M Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 37792 16,401 KC572745 KC572745   n/a
624N Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43537 16,401 KC572746 KC572746   n/a
624O Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43538 16,401 KC572747 KC572747   n/a
624P Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43539 16,403 KC572748 KC572748   n/a
624Q Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43540 16,401 KC572749 KC572749   n/a
624R Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43545 16,393 KC572750 KC572750   n/a
624S Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43547 16,401 KC572751 KC572751   n/a
624T Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43554 16,401 KC572753 KC572753   n/a
624U Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43555 16,401 KC572754 KC572754   n/a
624V Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43558 16,401 KC572755 KC572755   n/a
624W Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43559 16,401 KC572756 KC572756   n/a
624X Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43560 16,401 KC572757 KC572757   n/a
624Y Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43567 16,401 KC572758 KC572758   n/a
624Z Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43574 16,402 KC572759 KC572759   n/a
624[ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43577 16,401 KC572760 KC572760   n/a
624\ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43617 16,400 KC572761 KC572761   n/a
624] Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43618 16,401 KC572762 KC572762   n/a
624^ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43658 16,401 KC572763 KC572763   n/a
624_ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43786 16,401 KC572764 KC572764   n/a
624` Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43803 16,400 KC572765 KC572765   n/a
624a Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43809 16,401 KC572766 KC572766   n/a
624b Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43811 16,401 KC572767 KC572767   n/a
624c Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43813 16,401 KC572768 KC572768   n/a
624d Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43827 16,401 KC572769 KC572769   n/a
624e Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43834 16,401 KC572770 KC572770   n/a
624f Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43836 16,401 KC572771 KC572771   n/a
624g Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43837 16,401 KC572772 KC572772   n/a
624h Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43843 16,401 KC572773 KC572773   n/a
624i Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43924 16,401 KC572774 KC572774   n/a
624j Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43925 16,401 KC572775 KC572775   n/a
624k Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43936 16,401 KC572776 KC572776   n/a
624l Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43944 16,401 KC572777 KC572777   n/a
624m Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43957 16,401 KC572778 KC572778   n/a
624n Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 43965 16,401 KC572779 KC572779   n/a
624o Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 51409 16,401 KC572780 KC572780   n/a
624p Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 52780 16,402 KC572781 KC572781   n/a
624q Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 60211 16,401 KC572782 KC572782   n/a
624r Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 62006 16,401 KC572783 KC572783   n/a
624s Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 62286 16,401 KC572784 KC572784   n/a
624t Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 62952 16,402 KC572785 KC572785   n/a
624u Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 62953 16,394 KC572786 KC572786   n/a
624v Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 67227 16,401 KC572787 KC572787   n/a
624w Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 67243 16,401 KC572788 KC572788   n/a
624x Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 67300 16,401 KC572789 KC572789   n/a
624y Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 67327 16,401 KC572790 KC572790   n/a
624z Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72978 16,401 KC572791 KC572791   n/a
624{ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72979 16,401 KC572792 KC572792   n/a
624| Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72980 16,401 KC572793 KC572793   n/a
624} Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72981 16,401 KC572794 KC572794   n/a
624~ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72982 16,401 KC572795 KC572795   n/a
624 Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72983 16,401 KC572796 KC572796   n/a
624€ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72984 16,401 KC572797 KC572797   n/a
624 Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72985 16,401 KC572798 KC572798   n/a
624‚ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72986 16,401 KC572799 KC572799   n/a
624ƒ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72987 16,401 KC572800 KC572800   n/a
624„ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72988 16,401 KC572801 KC572801   n/a
624… Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72989 16,401 KC572802 KC572802   n/a
624† Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72990 16,401 KC572803 KC572803   n/a
624‡ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72991 16,401 KC572804 KC572804   n/a
624ˆ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72992 16,401 KC572805 KC572805   n/a
624‰ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 72993 16,401 KC572806 KC572806   n/a
624Š Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 73346 16,401 KC572807 KC572807   n/a
624‹ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 73347 16,401 KC572808 KC572808   n/a
624Œ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 73349 16,401 KC572809 KC572809   n/a
624 Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76417 16,401 KC572810 KC572810   n/a
624Ž Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76724 16,401 KC572812 KC572812   n/a
624 Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76733 16,401 KC572813 KC572813   n/a
624 Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76734 16,401 KC572814 KC572814   n/a
624‘ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76735 16,401 KC572815 KC572815   n/a
624’ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76795 16,401 KC572816 KC572816   n/a
624“ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76796 16,401 KC572817 KC572817   n/a
624” Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76841 16,401 KC572818 KC572818   n/a
624• Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76850 16,401 KC572819 KC572819   n/a
624– Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76892 16,401 KC572820 KC572820   n/a
624— Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76902 16,401 KC572821 KC572821   n/a
624˜ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76903 16,392 KC572822 KC572822   n/a
624™ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 76963 16,401 KC572823 KC572823   n/a
624š Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 79754 16,401 KC572824 KC572824   n/a
624› Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 79781 16,401 KC572825 KC572825   n/a
624œ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 88576 16,401 KC572826 KC572826   n/a
624 Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 88580 16,401 KC572827 KC572827   n/a
624ž Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 88585 16,401 KC572828 KC572828   n/a
624Ÿ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 88586 16,401 KC572829 KC572829   n/a
624  Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91292 16,401 KC572830 KC572830   n/a
624¡ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91293 16,401 KC572831 KC572831   n/a
624¢ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91294 16,401 KC572832 KC572832   n/a
624£ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91295 16,400 KC572833 KC572833   n/a
624¤ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91296 16,401 KC572834 KC572834   n/a
624¥ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91297 16,400 KC572835 KC572835   n/a
624¦ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91299 16,401 KC572836 KC572836   n/a
624§ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91300 16,401 KC572837 KC572837   n/a
624¨ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91301 16,401 KC572838 KC572838   n/a
624© Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91302 16,401 KC572839 KC572839   n/a
624ª Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91303 16,401 KC572840 KC572840   n/a
624« Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91304 16,401 KC572841 KC572841   n/a
624¬ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91305 16,401 KC572842 KC572842   n/a
624­ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91306 16,401 KC572843 KC572843   n/a
624® Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91308 16,401 KC572844 KC572844   n/a
624¯ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91310 16,401 KC572845 KC572845   n/a
624° Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91311 16,401 KC572846 KC572846   n/a
624± Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91312 16,401 KC572847 KC572847   n/a
624² Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91313 16,401 KC572848 KC572848   n/a
624³ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91315 16,401 KC572849 KC572849   n/a
624´ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91316 16,401 KC572850 KC572850   n/a
624µ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91317 16,401 KC572851 KC572851   n/a
624¶ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91318 16,401 KC572852 KC572852   n/a
624· Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91319 16,401 KC572853 KC572853   n/a
624¸ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 91321 16,401 KC572854 KC572854   n/a
624¹ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 93840 16,401 KC572855 KC572855   n/a
624º Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 94604 16,401 KC572856 KC572856   n/a
624» Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 94605 16,401 KC572857 KC572857   n/a
624¼ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 94606 16,401 KC572858 KC572858   n/a
624½ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 94607 16,401 KC572859 KC572859   n/a
624¾ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolate 94608 16,401 KC572860 KC572860   n/a
624¿ Balaenoptera physalus mitochondrion isolte 76719 16,401 KC572811 KC572811   n/a
Balanoglossus carnosus
625 Balanoglossus carnosus mitochondrion 15,708 AF051097 AF051097   13 fasta UniProt
Balanoglossus clavigerus
626 Balanoglossus clavigerus mitochondrion 15,710 FN562579 FN562579   13 fasta UniProt
Balearica pavonina
627 Balearica pavonina mitochondrion 16,786 FJ769842 FJ769842   13 fasta UniProt
Balearica regulorum
628 Balearica regulorum mitochondrion 16,802 FJ769841 FJ769841   13 fasta UniProt
Balistapus undulatus
629 Balistapus undulatus mitochondrion 16,492 AP009203 AP009203   13 fasta UniProt
Balistes vetula
630 Balistes vetula mitochondrion 16,518 AP009204 AP009204   13 fasta UniProt
Balistoides conspicillum
631 Balistoides conspicillum mitochondrion 16,549 AP009205 AP009205   13 fasta UniProt
Bambusa emeiensis
632 Bambusa emeiensis chloroplast 139,493 HQ337797 HQ337797   n/a
Bambusa oldhamii
633 Bambusa oldhamii chloroplast 139,350 FJ970915 FJ970915   77 fasta UniProt
Bambusicola fytchii
634 Bambusicola fytchii mitochondrion 16,726 FJ752423 FJ752423   13 fasta UniProt
Bambusicola thoracicus
635 Bambusicola thoracicus mitochondrion 16,726 EU165706 EU165706   13 fasta UniProt
Barbarea verna
636 Barbarea verna chloroplast 154,532 AP009370 AP009370   79 fasta UniProt
Barbatula nuda
637 Barbatula nuda mitochondrion 16,619 KF574248 KF574248   n/a
Barbatula toni
638 Barbatula toni mitochondrion 16,617 AB242162 AB242162   13 fasta UniProt
Barbonymus gonionotus
639 Barbonymus gonionotus mitochondrion 16,580 AB238966 AB238966   13 fasta UniProt
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii
640 Barbonymus schwanenfeldii mitochondrion 16,576 KJ573467 KJ573467   n/a
Barbourisia rufa
641 Barbourisia rufa mitochondrion 16,534 AP010879 AP010879   13 fasta UniProt
Barbus barbus
642 Barbus barbus mitochondrion 16,600 AB238965 AB238965   13 fasta UniProt
Barbus trimaculatus
643 Barbus trimaculatus mitochondrion 16,417 AB239600 AB239600   13 fasta UniProt
Barilius bendelisis
644 Barilius bendelisis mitochondrion 16,529 AP011433 AP011433   n/a
Barnettozyma californica
645 Barnettozyma californica strain CBS 252 mitochondrion 48,471 KC993183 KC993183   n/a
Bartramia pomiformis
646 Bartramia pomiformis mitochondrion 106,198 KC784955 KC784955   40 fasta UniProt
Basiliscus vittatus
647 Basiliscus vittatus mitochondrion 16,948 AB218883 AB218883   13 fasta UniProt
Bassozetus zenkevitchi
648 Bassozetus zenkevitchi mitochondrion 16,579 AP004405 AP004405   13 fasta UniProt
Bathyclupea argentea
649 Bathyclupea argentea mitochondrion except for D-loop 16,695 AB355923 AB355923   n/a
Bathygadus antrodes
650 Bathygadus antrodes mitochondrion 17,596 AP008988 AP008988   13 fasta UniProt
Bathyprion danae
651 Bathyprion danae mitochondrion 16,757 AP009400 AP009400   13 fasta UniProt
Bathyteuthis abyssicola
652 Bathyteuthis abyssicola mitochondrion 20,075 AP012225 AP012225   15 fasta UniProt
Bathytroctes breviceps
653 Bathytroctes breviceps mitochondrion 16,652 AP009576 AP009576   13 fasta UniProt
Bathytroctes macrolepis
654 Bathytroctes macrolepis mitochondrion 16,614 AP009577 AP009577   13 fasta UniProt
Bathytroctes michaelsarsi
655 Bathytroctes michaelsarsi mitochondrion 16,616 AP009579 AP009579   13 fasta UniProt
Bathytroctes microlepis
656 Bathytroctes microlepis mitochondrion 16,610 AP009401 AP009401   13 fasta UniProt
Batis maritima
657 Batis maritima mitochondrion 403,930 KJ820684 KJ820684   n/a
Batocera lineolata
658 Batocera lineolata mitochondrion 15,418 JN986793 JN986793   n/a
Batrachomoeus trispinosus
659 Batrachomoeus trispinosus mitochondrion 17,086 AP006738 AP006738   13 fasta UniProt
Batrachoseps attenuatus
660 Batrachoseps attenuatus mitochondrion 17,559 AY728228 AY728228   13 fasta UniProt
Batrachoseps wrighti
661 Batrachoseps wrighti mitochondrion 19,789 AY728221 AY728221   13 fasta UniProt
Batrachuperus londongensis
662 Batrachuperus londongensis mitochondrion 16,379 DQ333809 DQ333809   13 fasta UniProt
Batrachuperus pinchonii
663a Batrachuperus pinchonii mitochondrion 16,390 DQ333815 DQ333815   13 fasta UniProt
663b Batrachuperus pinchonii mitochondrion voucher BTIBET201411 16,375 KP122337 KP122337   n/a
Batrachuperus tibetanus
664 Batrachuperus tibetanus mitochondrion 16,379 DQ333817 DQ333817   13 fasta UniProt
Batrachuperus yenyuanensis
665 Batrachuperus yenyuanensis mitochondrion 16,394 DQ333818 DQ333818   13 fasta UniProt
Baylisascaris ailuri
666 Baylisascaris ailuri mitochondrion 14,657 HQ671080 HQ671080   n/a
Baylisascaris procyonis
667 Baylisascaris procyonis mitochondrion 14,781 JF951366 JF951366   n/a
Baylisascaris schroederi
668 Baylisascaris schroederi mitochondrion 14,778 HQ671081 HQ671081   n/a
Baylisascaris transfuga
669 Baylisascaris transfuga mitochondrion 14,898 HQ671079 HQ671079   n/a
Beauveria bassiana
670a Beauveria bassiana mitochondrion 29,961 EU371503 EU371503   15 fasta UniProt
670b Beauveria bassiana mitochondrion, isolate Bb147 32,263 EU100742 EU100742   19 fasta UniProt
Belligobio nummifer
671 Belligobio nummifer mitochondrion 16,610 KJ413052 KJ413052   n/a
Bemisia afer
672 Bemisia afer mitochondrion 14,968 KF734668 KF734668   n/a
Bemisia tabaci
673a Bemisia tabaci mitochondrion 15,322 AY521259 AY521259   13 fasta UniProt
673b Bemisia tabaci mitochondrion 15,632 JQ906700 JQ906700   n/a
Benedenia hoshinai
674 Benedenia hoshinai mitochondrion 13,554 EF055880 EF055880   n/a
Benedenia seriolae
675 Benedenia seriolae mitochondrion 13,498 HM222526 HM222526   12 fasta UniProt
Benthodesmus tenuis
676 Benthodesmus tenuis mitochondrion 16,864 AP012522 AP012522   n/a
Benthosema fibulatum
677 Benthosema fibulatum mitochondrial DNA 16,123 AP012253 AP012253   13 fasta UniProt
Benthosema glaciale
678 Benthosema glaciale mitochondrial DNA 16,159 AP012264 AP012264   13 fasta UniProt
Benthosema pterotum
679 Benthosema pterotum mitochondrial DNA 16,027 AP012260 AP012260   13 fasta UniProt
Berardius bairdii
680 Berardius bairdii mitochondrion 16,346 AJ554057 AJ554057   13 fasta UniProt
Berberis bealei
681 Berberis bealei chloroplast 164,792 KF176554 KF176554   n/a
Berthellina sp. TLT-2006
682 Berthellina sp. TLT-2006 mitochondrion 15,688 DQ991929 DQ991929   13 fasta UniProt
Beryx decadactylus
683 Beryx decadactylus mitochondrion 16,535 AP004430 AP004430   13 fasta UniProt
Beryx mollis
684 Beryx mollis mitochondrion 16,537 DQ993168 DQ993168   n/a
Beryx splendens
685 Beryx splendens mitochondrion 16,529 AP002939 AP002939   13 fasta UniProt
Beta macrocarpa
686 Beta macrocarpa mitochondrion 385,220 FQ378026 FQ378026   n/a
Beta vulgaris
687a Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima genotype male-fertile A mitochondrion 364,950 FP885845 FP885845   142 fasta UniProt
687b Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima genotype male-fertile B mitochondrion 367,943 FP885834 FP885834   139 fasta UniProt
688a Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris mitochondrial plasmid a 1,620 X04983 X04983   1 fasta UniProt
688b Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris mitochondrial plasmid pO 1,440 X00641 X00641   n/a
688c Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris mitochondrion 368,801 BA000009 BA000009   132 fasta UniProt
Betta splendens
689 Betta splendens mitochondrion 16,980 AB571120 AB571120   n/a
Bhagadatta austenia
690 Bhagadatta austenia mitochondrion isolate N1842 15,615 KF590545 KF590545   n/a
Bidyanus bidyanus
691 Bidyanus bidyanus mitochondrion 16,869 AP014539 AP014539   n/a
Bigelowiella natans
692 Bigelowiella natans plastid 69,166 DQ851108 DQ851108   57 fasta UniProt
Bilobella aurantiaca
693 Bilobella aurantiaca mitochondrion 16,312 EU084034 EU084034   13 fasta UniProt
Biomphalaria glabrata
694a Biomphalaria glabrata mitochondrion strain 1742 13,670 AY380531 AY380531   13 fasta UniProt
694b Biomphalaria glabrata mitochondrion strain M-line 13,670 AY380567 AY380567   13 fasta UniProt
Biomphalaria tenagophila
695 Biomphalaria tenagophila mitochondrion 13,722 EF433576 EF433576   13 fasta UniProt
Bipes biporus
696a Bipes biporus mitochondrion voucher MVZ 236257 16,412 AY605480 AY605480   13 fasta UniProt
696b Bipes biporus mitochondrion voucher MVZ 236258 16,430 AY605481 AY605481   13 fasta UniProt
Bipes canaliculatus
697 Bipes canaliculatus mitochondrion 16,200 AY605482 AY605482   13 fasta UniProt
Bipes tridactylus
698 Bipes tridactylus mitochondrion 16,222 AY605477 AY605477   13 fasta UniProt
Bismarckia nobilis
699 Bismarckia nobilis plastid 158,210 JX088664 JX088664   n/a
Bison bison
700a Bison bison mitochondrion 16,319 EU177871 EU177871   13 fasta UniProt
700b Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B853 16,322 GU946977 GU946977   13 fasta UniProt
700c Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate b854 16,322 GU946978 GU946978   13 fasta UniProt
700d Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B855 16,318 GU946979 GU946979   13 fasta UniProt
700e Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B877 16,320 GU946980 GU946980   13 fasta UniProt
700f Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B880 16,322 GU946981 GU946981   13 fasta UniProt
700g Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B897 16,320 GU946982 GU946982   13 fasta UniProt
700h Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B925 16,322 GU946983 GU946983   13 fasta UniProt
700i Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B929 16,322 GU946984 GU946984   13 fasta UniProt
700j Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B935 16,321 GU946985 GU946985   13 fasta UniProt
700k Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B959 16,322 GU946986 GU946986   13 fasta UniProt
700l Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B961 16,320 GU946987 GU946987   13 fasta UniProt
700m Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B973 16,323 GU946988 GU946988   13 fasta UniProt
700n Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B979 16,320 GU946989 GU946989   13 fasta UniProt
700o Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B985 16,323 GU946990 GU946990   13 fasta UniProt
700p Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1005 16,323 GU946991 GU946991   13 fasta UniProt
700q Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1018 16,318 GU946992 GU946992   13 fasta UniProt
700r Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1029 16,322 GU946993 GU946993   13 fasta UniProt
700s Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1031 16,323 GU946994 GU946994   13 fasta UniProt
700t Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1050 16,322 GU946995 GU946995   13 fasta UniProt
700u Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1051 16,322 GU946996 GU946996   13 fasta UniProt
700v Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1091 16,320 GU946997 GU946997   13 fasta UniProt
700w Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1191 16,319 GU946998 GU946998   13 fasta UniProt
700x Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate B1428 16,321 GU946999 GU946999   13 fasta UniProt
700y Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate BFN5 16,323 GU947000 GU947000   13 fasta UniProt
700z Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate BNBR1 16,322 GU947001 GU947001   13 fasta UniProt
700A Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate BTSBH1001 16,321 GU947002 GU947002   13 fasta UniProt
700B Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate BTSBH1005 16,322 GU947003 GU947003   13 fasta UniProt
700C Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate VZ 16,323 JN632601 JN632601   13 fasta UniProt
700D Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate wElkIsland1 16,320 GU947005 GU947005   13 fasta UniProt
700E Bison bison mitochondrion, isolate wElkIsland14 16,320 GU947006 GU947006   13 fasta UniProt
700F Bison bison mitochondrion,, isolate BYNP1586 16,323 GU947004 GU947004   13 fasta UniProt
700G Bison bison mitochondrion,isolate B790 16,322 GU946976 GU946976   13 fasta UniProt
Bison bonasus
701a Bison bonasus mitochondrion 16,326 HM045017 HM045017   13 fasta UniProt
701b Bison bonasus mitochondrion, isolate CYTO 16,326 JN632602 JN632602   13 fasta UniProt
Biston panterinaria
702 Biston panterinaria mitochondrion 15,517 JX406146 JX406146   13 fasta UniProt
Bittacus pilicornis
703 Bittacus pilicornis mitochondrion 15,842 HQ696578 HQ696578   13 fasta UniProt
Biwia springeri
704 Biwia springeri mitochondrion 16,606 AP011360 AP011360   n/a
Biwia zezera
705 Biwia zezera mitochondrion 16,599 AB250107 AB250107   13 fasta UniProt
Blanus cinereus
706 Blanus cinereus mitochondrion 16,969 EU443257 EU443257   13 fasta UniProt
Blarinella quadraticauda
707 Blarinella quadraticauda mitochondrion 17,014 KJ131179 KJ131179   n/a
Blastocerus dichotomus
708 Blastocerus dichotomus mitochondrion, isolate MRGBd8 16,359 JN632603 JN632603   13 fasta UniProt
Blastocladiella emersonii
709 Blastocladiella emersonii mitochondrion 36,503 DQ287690 DQ287690   17 fasta UniProt
Blastocystis sp. DMP/02-328
710 Blastocystis sp. DMP/02-328 mitochondrion 27,719 EF494739 EF494739   27 fasta UniProt
Blastocystis sp. NandII
711 Blastocystis sp. NandII mitochondrion 28,382 EF494740 EF494740   27 fasta UniProt
Blastocystis sp. subtype 3
712a Blastocystis sp. subtype 3 strain DMP/08-326 mitochondrion 28,243 HQ909886 HQ909886   n/a
712b Blastocystis sp. subtype 3 strain DMP/08-1043 mitochondrion 28,269 HQ909887 HQ909887   n/a
712c Blastocystis sp. subtype 3 strain DMP/IH478 mitochondrion 28,243 HQ909888 HQ909888   n/a
Blattella bisignata
713 Blattella bisignata mitochondrion 16,470 JX233805 JX233805   13 fasta UniProt
Blattella germanica
714 Blattella germanica mitochondrion 15,025 EU854321 EU854321   13 fasta UniProt
Blicca bjoerkna
715 Blicca bjoerkna mitochondrion 16,605 AP009304 AP009304   n/a
Blumeria graminis
716 Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei linear mitochondrial plasmid pBgh 7,965 AY189817 AY189817   2 fasta UniProt
Boa constrictor
717 Boa constrictor mitochondrion 18,905 AB177354 AB177354   13 fasta UniProt
Boea hygrometrica
718a Boea hygrometrica chloroplast 153,493 JN107811 JN107811   n/a
718b Boea hygrometrica mitochondrion 510,519 JN107812 JN107812   n/a
Boleophthalmus boddarti
719 Boleophthalmus boddarti mitochondrion 16,727 KF874277 KF874277   n/a
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris
720 Boleophthalmus pectinirostris mitochondrion 17,111 JN631352 JN631352   13 fasta UniProt
Bolinichthys distofax
721 Bolinichthys distofax mitochondrial DNA 16,077 AP012232 AP012232   13 fasta UniProt
Bolinus brandaris
722 Bolinus brandaris mitochondrion 15,380 EU827194 EU827194   13 fasta UniProt
Bolitoglossa n. sp. RLM-2004
723 Bolitoglossa n. sp. RLM-2004 mitochondrion 21,657 AY728235 AY728235   13 fasta UniProt
Bolocera tuediae
724 Bolocera tuediae mitochondrion, isolate NOR1 19,143 HG423145 HG423145   n/a
Bomarea edulis
725 Bomarea edulis plastid 154,925 KM233641 KM233641   n/a
Bombina bombina
726a Bombina bombina mitochondrion voucher 112.19 17,362 JX893172 JX893172   n/a
726b Bombina bombina mitochondrion voucher 113.52 17,453 JX893173 JX893173   n/a
Bombina fortinuptialis
727 Bombina fortinuptialis mitochondrion 17,575 AY458591 AY458591   13 fasta UniProt
Bombina lichuanensis
728 Bombina lichuanensis mitochondrion voucher BL3589 18,554 JX893183 JX893183   n/a
Bombina maxima
729a Bombina maxima mitochondrion 18,388 EU789363 EU789363   13 fasta UniProt
729b Bombina maxima mitochondrion voucher 114.68 18,659 JX893181 JX893181   n/a
Bombina microdeladigitora
730 Bombina microdeladigitora mitochondrion voucher 1770 18,256 JX893182 JX893182   n/a
Bombina orientalis
731 Bombina orientalis mitochondrion 17,847 AY585338 AY585338   13 fasta UniProt
Bombina variegata
732 Bombina variegata mitochondrion 18,551 AY971143 AY971143   13 fasta UniProt
733a Bombina variegata pachypus mitochondrion voucher 3358 18,083 JX893180 JX893180   n/a
733b Bombina variegata pachypus mitochondrion voucher Prato1 17,543 JX893179 JX893179   n/a
734a Bombina variegata scabra mitochondrion voucher 17.169 17,855 JX893176 JX893176   n/a
734b Bombina variegata scabra mitochondrion voucher 1962 17,908 JX893178 JX893178   n/a
735a Bombina variegata variegata mitochondrion voucher 113.57 17,560 JX893177 JX893177   n/a
735b Bombina variegata variegata mitochondrion voucher 2806 18,557 JX893175 JX893175   n/a
735c Bombina variegata variegata mitochondrion voucher 2819 18,473 JX893174 JX893174   n/a
Bombus hypocrita
736 Bombus hypocrita sapporensis mitochondrion, 15,468 EU401918 EU401918   13 fasta UniProt
Bombus ignitus
737 Bombus ignitus mitochondrion 16,434 DQ870926 DQ870926   13 fasta UniProt
Bombyx mandarina
738 Bombyx mandarina mitochondrion 15,928 AB070263 AB070263   13 fasta UniProt
Bombyx mori
739a Bombyx mori mitochondrion 15,643 AF149768 AF149768   13 fasta UniProt
739b Bombyx mori mitochondrion strain C-108 15,656 AB070264 AB070264 PRJNA18061 13 fasta UniProt
Boraras maculatus
740 Boraras maculatus mitochondrion, except for D-loop 15,640 AP011420 AP011420   n/a
Boreogadus saida
741 Boreogadus saida mitochondrion 16,745 AM919428 AM919428   13 fasta UniProt
Boreus elegans
742 Boreus elegans mitochondrion 16,803 HQ696579 HQ696579   13 fasta UniProt
Bos gaurus
743 Bos gaurus mitochondrion, isolate Mondulkiri 16,345 JN632604 JN632604   13 fasta UniProt
Bos grunniens
744a Bos grunniens breed Datong yak mitochondrion 16,323 KJ463418 KJ463418   n/a
744b Bos grunniens breed Gannan yak mitochondrion 16,322 KJ704989 KJ704989   n/a
744c Bos grunniens mitochondrion 16,321 JQ437480 JQ437480   n/a
744d Bos grunniens mitochondrion 16,323 JQ692071 JQ692071   13 fasta UniProt
744e Bos grunniens mitochondrion isolate J1 16,329 JQ846020 JQ846020   n/a
744f Bos grunniens mitochondrion isolate J2 16,323 JQ846021 JQ846021   n/a
744g Bos grunniens mitochondrion isolate J7 16,322 JQ846022 JQ846022   n/a
744h Bos grunniens mitochondrion, isolate bg008 16,323 EF494179 EF494179   13 fasta UniProt
Bos indicus
745a Bos indicus mitochondrion 16,341 AY126697 AY126697   13 fasta UniProt
745b Bos indicus mitochondrion, isolate A8 16,339 JN817298 JN817298   n/a
745c Bos indicus mitochondrion, isolate Adt23 16,339 JN817299 JN817299   n/a
745d Bos indicus mitochondrion, isolate Ar18 16,340 JN817302 JN817302   n/a
745e Bos indicus mitochondrion, isolate Ar22 16,340 JN817303 JN817303   n/a
745f Bos indicus mitochondrion, isolate Ar29 16,339 JN817304 JN817304   n/a
745g Bos indicus mitochondrion, isolate B1 16,340 JN817305 JN817305   n/a
745h Bos indicus mitochondrion, isolate H23 16,339 JN817330 JN817330   n/a
Bos javanicus
746a Bos javanicus mitochondrion 16,339 FJ997262 FJ997262   13 fasta UniProt
746b Bos javanicus mitochondrion, isolate Card4 16,345 JN632605 JN632605   13 fasta UniProt
746c Bos javanicus mitochondrion, isolate CERZA 16,519 JN632606 JN632606   13 fasta UniProt
Bos mutus
747 Bos mutus mitochondrion 16,322 KM233417 KM233417   n/a
Bos primigenius
748a Bos primigenius mitochondrion 16,338 JQ437479 JQ437479   n/a
748b Bos primigenius mitochondrion, isolate CPC98 16,338 GU985279 GU985279   13 fasta UniProt
Bos taurus
749a Bos taurus mitochondrion breed Hanwoo 16,339 KF926377 KF926377   13 fasta UniProt
749b Bos taurus mitochondrion breed Korean native 16,338 AY526085 AY526085   13 fasta UniProt
749c Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 3 16,342 KF163061 KF163061   n/a
749d Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 4 16,342 KF163062 KF163062   n/a
749e Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 5 16,342 KF163063 KF163063   n/a
749f Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 6 16,342 KF163064 KF163064   n/a
749g Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 7 16,342 KF163065 KF163065   n/a
749h Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 8 16,342 KF163066 KF163066   n/a
749i Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 9 16,342 KF163067 KF163067   n/a
749j Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 11 16,342 KF163068 KF163068   n/a
749k Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 12 16,342 KF163069 KF163069   n/a
749l Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 14 16,342 KF163070 KF163070   n/a
749m Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 15 16,342 KF163071 KF163071   n/a
749n Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 16 16,342 KF163072 KF163072   n/a
749o Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 19 16,342 KF163073 KF163073   n/a
749p Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 20 16,342 KF163074 KF163074   n/a
749q Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 21 16,342 KF163075 KF163075   n/a
749r Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 22 16,342 KF163076 KF163076   n/a
749s Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 23 16,342 KF163077 KF163077   n/a
749t Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 24 16,342 KF163078 KF163078   n/a
749u Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 25 16,342 KF163079 KF163079   n/a
749v Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 26 16,342 KF163080 KF163080   n/a
749w Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 27 16,342 KF163081 KF163081   n/a
749x Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 28 16,342 KF163082 KF163082   n/a
749y Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 29 16,342 KF163083 KF163083   n/a
749z Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 30 16,342 KF163084 KF163084   n/a
749A Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 31 16,342 KF163085 KF163085   n/a
749B Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 32 16,342 KF163086 KF163086   n/a
749C Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 33 16,342 KF163087 KF163087   n/a
749D Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 34 16,342 KF163088 KF163088   n/a
749E Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 35 16,342 KF163089 KF163089   n/a
749F Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 36 16,342 KF163090 KF163090   n/a
749G Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 37 16,342 KF163091 KF163091   n/a
749H Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 39 16,342 KF163092 KF163092   n/a
749I Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 40 16,342 KF163093 KF163093   n/a
749J Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 41 16,342 KF163094 KF163094   n/a
749K Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate 115 16,356 KJ789953 KJ789953   n/a
749L Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate PRI18 16,383 JQ967333 JQ967333   n/a
749M Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate RHV116 16,339 KJ709682 KJ709682   n/a
749N Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate RHV327 16,340 KJ709683 KJ709683   n/a
749O Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate RHV432 16,339 KJ709684 KJ709684   n/a
749P Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate RHV529 16,340 KJ709685 KJ709685   n/a
749Q Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate RHV665 16,340 KJ709686 KJ709686   n/a
749R Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate RHV987 16,340 KJ709681 KJ709681   n/a
749S Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate WPC1 16,426 KC153973 KC153973   13 fasta UniProt
749T Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate WPC19 16,339 KC153974 KC153974   13 fasta UniProt
749U Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate WPC23 16,448 KC153975 KC153975   13 fasta UniProt
749V Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate WPC24 16,339 KC153976 KC153976   13 fasta UniProt
749W Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate WPC25 16,339 KC153977 KC153977   13 fasta UniProt
749X Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate WPC26 16,339 KC153972 KC153972   13 fasta UniProt
749Y Bos taurus mitochondrion isolate XZ1 16,339 KP143771 KP143771   n/a
749Z Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Alt9280 16,339 JN817300 JN817300   n/a
749[ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Alt9301 16,339 JN817301 JN817301   n/a
749\ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Cal24 16,340 JN817306 JN817306   n/a
749] Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate CB86 16,339 GU947019 GU947019   13 fasta UniProt
749^ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate CB86Clone 16,340 GU947020 GU947020   13 fasta UniProt
749_ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Cbc16 16,339 JN817307 JN817307   n/a
749` Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate CCh01 16,341 JN817308 JN817308   n/a
749a Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Ccq3 16,339 JN817309 JN817309   n/a
749b Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Ccq31 16,339 JN817310 JN817310   n/a
749c Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Ccq40 16,339 JN817311 JN817311   n/a
749d Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Ch34 16,340 JN817312 JN817312   n/a
749e Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Chi336 16,340 JN817313 JN817313   n/a
749f Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Chi397 16,340 JN817314 JN817314   n/a
749g Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Chi425 16,339 JN817350 JN817350   n/a
749h Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Chi481 16,340 JN817315 JN817315   n/a
749i Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Chi575 16,340 JN817316 JN817316   n/a
749j Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Cin11 16,341 JN817317 JN817317   n/a
749k Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Cin15 16,340 JN817318 JN817318   n/a
749l Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Cin15b 16,340 JN817319 JN817319   n/a
749m Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Cin114 16,339 JN817320 JN817320   n/a
749n Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate CLH_19 16,339 GU947021 GU947021   13 fasta UniProt
749o Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Eg11 16,339 JN817321 JN817321   n/a
749p Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Eg12 16,340 JN817322 JN817322   n/a
749q Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Eg19 16,340 JN817324 JN817324   n/a
749r Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Eg23 16,340 JN817326 JN817326   n/a
749s Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Eg27 16,339 JN817327 JN817327   n/a
749t Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Eg28 16,339 JN817328 JN817328   n/a
749u Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Eg36 16,339 JN817329 JN817329   n/a
749v Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H914 16,338 GU947007 GU947007   13 fasta UniProt
749w Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H941 16,339 GU947008 GU947008   13 fasta UniProt
749x Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H974 16,340 GU947009 GU947009   13 fasta UniProt
749y Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H990 16,340 GU947010 GU947010   13 fasta UniProt
749z Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1002 16,338 GU947011 GU947011   13 fasta UniProt
749{ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1033 16,339 GU947012 GU947012   13 fasta UniProt
749| Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1037 16,338 GU947013 GU947013   13 fasta UniProt
749} Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1065 16,339 GU947014 GU947014   13 fasta UniProt
749~ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1107 16,339 GU947015 GU947015   13 fasta UniProt
749 Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1201 16,338 GU947016 GU947016   13 fasta UniProt
749€ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1207 16,338 GU947017 GU947017   13 fasta UniProt
749 Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate H1389 16,339 GU947018 GU947018   13 fasta UniProt
749‚ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Lmi50 16,340 JN817331 JN817331   n/a
749ƒ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mar10 16,340 JN817332 JN817332   n/a
749„ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mar12 16,340 JN817333 JN817333   n/a
749… Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mcg358 16,339 JN817334 JN817334   n/a
749† Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mcg363 16,340 JN817335 JN817335   n/a
749‡ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mcg378 16,340 JN817336 JN817336   n/a
749ˆ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mcg383 16,340 JN817337 JN817337   n/a
749‰ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mcg452 16,340 JN817338 JN817338   n/a
749Š Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mcg469 16,340 JN817339 JN817339   n/a
749‹ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Mcg489 16,339 JN817351 JN817351   n/a
749Œ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Per5 16,340 JN817340 JN817340   n/a
749 Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Per10 16,341 JN817341 JN817341   n/a
749Ž Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Per17 16,340 JN817342 JN817342   n/a
749 Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Pod16N 16,340 JN817343 JN817343   n/a
749 Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Pod41 16,340 JN817344 JN817344   n/a
749‘ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Rom242 16,340 JN817345 JN817345   n/a
749’ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Rom480 16,339 JN817346 JN817346   n/a
749“ Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate Rom558 16,340 JN817347 JN817347   n/a
749” Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate S8 16,339 JN817348 JN817348   n/a
749• Bos taurus mitochondrion, isolate S13 16,340 JN817349 JN817349   n/a
749– Bos taurus mitochondrion,isolate Eg18 16,338 JN817323 JN817323   n/a
749— Bos taurus mitochondrion,isolate Eg22 16,340 JN817325 JN817325   n/a
749˜ Bos taurus voucher proven bull 27223 mitochondrion 16,338 HQ025805 HQ025805   n/a
749™ Bos taurus, isolate Cab1 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184038 HQ184038   n/a
749š Bos taurus, isolate Chi466 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184039 HQ184039   n/a
749› Bos taurus, isolate Chi467 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184030 HQ184030   n/a
749œ Bos taurus, isolate Chi490 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184031 HQ184031   n/a
749 Bos taurus, isolate Chi597 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184032 HQ184032   n/a
749ž Bos taurus, isolate Ga15 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184036 HQ184036   n/a
749Ÿ Bos taurus, isolate Ga16 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184037 HQ184037   n/a
749  Bos taurus, isolate Mcg375 mitochondrion 16,340 HQ184045 HQ184045   n/a
749¡ Bos taurus, isolate Rom498 mitochondrion 16,342 HQ184040 HQ184040   n/a
749¢ Bos taurus, isolate Rom534 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184034 HQ184034   n/a
749£ Bos taurus, isolate Rom550 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184033 HQ184033   n/a
749¤ Bos taurus, isolate Rom561 mitochondrion 16,342 HQ184042 HQ184042   n/a
749¥ Bos taurus, isolate Rom584 mitochondrion 16,342 HQ184043 HQ184043   n/a
749¦ Bos taurus, isolate Rom590 mitochondrion 16,339 HQ184035 HQ184035   n/a
749§ Bos taurus, isolate Rom600 mitochondrion 16,342 HQ184044 HQ184044   n/a
749¨ Bos taurus,isolate Rom553 mitochondrion 16,342 HQ184041 HQ184041   n/a
Boselaphus tragocamelus
750 Boselaphus tragocamelus mitochondrion 16,322 EF536350 EF536350   13 fasta UniProt
Bostockia porosa
751 Bostockia porosa mitochondrion 16,477 AP014529 AP014529   n/a
Bostrychus sinensis
752 Bostrychus sinensis mitochondrion 16,508 JQ665462 JQ665462   n/a
Bothriocroton concolor
753 Bothriocroton concolor mitochondrion 14,809 JN863727 JN863727   n/a
Bothriocroton undatum
754 Bothriocroton undatum mitochondrion 14,769 JN863728 JN863728   n/a
Bothriometopus macrocnemis
755 Bothriometopus macrocnemis mitochondrion 15,564 EU183542 EU183542   13 fasta UniProt
Bothropolys sp. SP-2004
756 Bothropolys sp. SP-2004 mitochondrion 15,139 AY691655 AY691655   13 fasta UniProt
Bothus pantherinus
757 Bothus pantherinus mitochondrion 17,271 AP014587 AP014587   13 fasta UniProt
Botrylloides leachii
758a Botrylloides leachii, mitochondrial isolate BA_TR 14,408 HG931921 HG931921   n/a
758b Botrylloides leachii mitochondrion 14,408 HF548553 HF548553 PRJEB616 n/a
Botrylloides nigrum
759 Botrylloides nigrum mitochondrion, specimen voucher TAU:AS25496 14,427 HF548559 HF548559 PRJEB609 13 fasta UniProt
Botrylloides pizoni
760a Botrylloides pizoni mitochondrial isolate PE 14,323 HG931922 HG931922   n/a
760b Botrylloides pizoni mitochondrion 14,323 HF548554 HF548554 PRJEB617 n/a
Botrylloides violaceus
761 Botrylloides violaceus mitochondrion 14,357 HF548552 HF548552 PRJEB618 n/a
Botryllus schlosseri
762a Botryllus schlosseri mitochondrial isolate EA 14,934 HG931923 HG931923   n/a
762b Botryllus schlosseri mitochondrion isolate VE 14,945 FM177702 FM177702   n/a
762c Botryllus schlosseri mitochondrion, isolate sc6a-b 14,928 HF548551 HF548551 PRJEB614 n/a
762d Botryllus schlosseri mitochondrion, isolate TR 14,932 HF548550 HF548550 PRJEB615 n/a
Botryococcus braunii
763 Botryococcus braunii culture-collection SAG:807-1 chloroplast 172,826 KM462884 KM462884   n/a
Botrytis cinerea
764 Botrytis cinerea B05.10 mitochondrion 82,212 KC832409 KC832409 PRJNA15632 n/a
Boulardia latisquama
765 Boulardia latisquama plastid 80,361 HG514460 HG514460   n/a
Boulengeromyrus knoepffleri
766 Boulengeromyrus knoepffleri mitochondrial DNA 16,540 AP011568 AP011568   13 fasta UniProt
Boulengerula boulengeri
767 Boulengerula boulengeri mitochondrion 15,973 GQ244464 GQ244464   13 fasta UniProt
Boulengerula taitana
768 Boulengerula taitana mitochondrion 16,587 AY954504 AY954504   13 fasta UniProt
Bowenia serrulata
769 Bowenia serrulata chloroplast 165,695 JX402774 JX402774   n/a
Brachaluteres ulvarum
770 Brachaluteres ulvarum mitochondrion 16,421 AP009215 AP009215   13 fasta UniProt
Brachionus plicatilis
771a Brachionus plicatilis mitochondrion 12,672 AP009408 AP009408   8 fasta UniProt
771b Brachionus plicatilis mitochondrion, note: Bp-mtDNA-I 11,153 AP009407 AP009407   4 fasta UniProt
Brachirus orientalis
772 Brachirus orientalis mitochondrion 16,600 KJ513134 KJ513134   n/a
Brachycybe lecontii
773 Brachycybe lecontii mitochondrion 15,115 JX437064 JX437064   n/a
Brachyhypopomus occidentalis
774 Brachyhypopomus occidentalis mitochondrion 16,542 AP011570 AP011570   13 fasta UniProt
Brachymystax lenok
775 Brachymystax lenok mitochondrion 16,832 JQ686730 JQ686730   13 fasta UniProt
776a Brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis mitochondrion 16,748 JQ675732 JQ675732   n/a
776b Brachymystax lenok tsinlingensis mitochondrion 16,669 JQ686731 JQ686731   13 fasta UniProt
Brachyphylla cavernarum
777 Brachyphylla cavernarum mitochondrion 16,785 HG003308 HG003308   n/a
Brachypodium distachyon
778 Brachypodium distachyon chloroplast 135,199 EU325680 EU325680   75 fasta UniProt
Brachyrhynchus hsiaoi
779 Brachyrhynchus hsiaoi mitochondrion 15,250 HQ441232 HQ441232   n/a
Brachythele longitarsis
780 Brachythele longitarsis mitochondrion 14,070 EU523754 EU523754   13 fasta UniProt
Bracteacoccus aerius
781 Bracteacoccus aerius strain UTEX 1250 mitochondrion 47,158 KJ806265 KJ806265   n/a
Bracteacoccus minor
782 Bracteacoccus minor strain UTEX B66 mitochondrion 45,175 KJ806266 KJ806266   n/a
Bradypus variegatus
783 Bradypus variegatus mitochondrion 16,975 AY960979 AY960979   13 fasta UniProt
Brama japonica
784 Brama japonica mitochondrion, except for 12 rRNA gene 17,011 AP005998 AP005998   n/a
Branchiostegus albus
785 Branchiostegus albus mitochondrion 16,532 EU861053 EU861053   13 fasta UniProt
Branchiostegus argentatus
786 Branchiostegus argentatus mitochondrion 16,550 EU861054 EU861054   13 fasta UniProt
Branchiostegus japonicus
787 Branchiostegus japonicus mitochondrion 16,541 EU861052 EU861052   13 fasta UniProt
Branchiostoma belcheri
788 Branchiostoma belcheri mitochondrion 15,076 AB078191 AB078191   13 fasta UniProt
Branchiostoma floridae
789 Branchiostoma floridae mitochondrion 15,083 AF098298 AF098298   13 fasta UniProt
Branchiostoma japonicum
790 Branchiostoma japonicum strain Xiamen mitochondrion 15,075 DQ407722 DQ407722   13 fasta UniProt
Branchiostoma lanceolatum
791 Branchiostoma lanceolatum mitochondrion 15,076 Y16474 Y16474   13 fasta UniProt
Branta canadensis
792 Branta canadensis haplotype GCC-A mitochondrion 16,760 DQ019124 DQ019124   13 fasta UniProt
Brassaiopsis hainla
793 Brassaiopsis hainla chloroplast 156,459 KC456164 KC456164   n/a
Brassica carinata
794 Brassica carinata mitochondrion 232,241 JF920287 JF920287   n/a
Brassica juncea
795 Brassica juncea mitochondrion 219,766 JF920288 JF920288   n/a
796 Brassica juncea var. tumida mitochondrion 219,919 KJ461445 KJ461445   n/a
Brassica napus
797a Brassica napus chloroplast 152,860 GQ861354 GQ861354   81 fasta UniProt
797b Brassica napus linear mitochondrial plasmid 11,640 AB073400 AB073400   6 fasta UniProt
797c Brassica napus mitochondrion 221,853 AP006444 AP006444   79 fasta UniProt
797d Brassica napus mitochondrion, cultivar Polima, isolate NH12A 223,412 FR715249 FR715249   n/a
Brassica oleracea
798 Brassica oleracea mitochondrion 360,271 JF920286 JF920286   n/a
799 Brassica oleracea var. botrytis mitochondrion 219,962 KJ820683 KJ820683   n/a
Brassica rapa
800 Brassica rapa subsp. oleifera mitochondrion 219,747 JF920285 JF920285   n/a
Brettanomyces bruxellensis
801 Brettanomyces bruxellensis strain CBS 2499 mitochondrion 76,453 GQ354526 GQ354526   18 fasta UniProt
Brettanomyces custersianus
802 Brettanomyces custersianus mitochondrion 30,058 GQ354525 GQ354525   19 fasta UniProt
Breviceps adspersus
803 Breviceps adspersus mitochondrion, isolate: No. B01 28,757 AB777216 AB777216   n/a
Brevoortia tyrannus
804 Brevoortia tyrannus mitochondrion 16,692 AP009618 AP009618   n/a
Briareum asbestinum
805 Briareum asbestinum mitochondrion 18,632 DQ640649 DQ640649   14 fasta UniProt
Brienomyrus brachyistius
806 Brienomyrus brachyistius mitochondrial DNA 17,102 AP011569 AP011569   13 fasta UniProt
Brienomyrus niger
807 Brienomyrus niger mitochondrion 16,753 AP008929 AP008929   13 fasta UniProt
Brontostoma colossus
808 Brontostoma colossus mitochondrion 16,625 KM044501 KM044501   13 fasta UniProt
Brookesia decaryi
809 Brookesia decaryi mitochondrion 17,324 AB474914 AB474914   13 fasta UniProt
Brookesia superciliaris
810 Brookesia superciliaris mitochondrion, partial 12,151 EF222187 EF222187   13 fasta UniProt
Brotogeris cyanoptera
811 Brotogeris cyanoptera mitochondrion 17,369 HM627323 HM627323   n/a
Brycon orbignyanus
812 Brycon orbignyanus mitochondrion 16,800 KM245044 KM245044   n/a
Bryodema luctuosum
813 Bryodema luctuosum luctuosum mitochondrion 15,946 HQ833839 HQ833839   n/a
Bryopsis hypnoides
814 Bryopsis hypnoides chloroplast 153,429 GQ892829 GQ892829   69 fasta UniProt
Bubalus bubalis
815a Bubalus bubalis mitochondrion 16,359 AY702618 AY702618   13 fasta UniProt
815b Bubalus bubalis mitochondrion, isolate V54 16,358 JN632607 JN632607   13 fasta UniProt
Bubalus depressicornis
816 Bubalus depressicornis mitochondrion 16,357 EF536351 EF536351   13 fasta UniProt
Bubo bubo
817 Bubo bubo mitochondrion 16,250 AB918148 AB918148   n/a
Bucorvus leadbeateri
818 Bucorvus leadbeateri mitochondrion 17,061 HM640209 HM640209   13 fasta UniProt
Budorcas taxicolor
819 Budorcas taxicolor mitochondrion 16,667 FJ006534 FJ006534   13 fasta UniProt
Buergeria buergeri
820 Buergeria buergeri mitochondrion 19,959 AB127977 AB127977   13 fasta UniProt
Bufo gargarizans
821 Bufo gargarizans mitochondrion 17,277 DQ275350 DQ275350   13 fasta UniProt
Bufo japonicus
822 Bufo japonicus mitochondrion 17,757 AB303363 AB303363   13 fasta UniProt
Bufo tibetanus
823 Bufo tibetanus mitochondrion 17,405 JX878885 JX878885   13 fasta UniProt
Bufoceratias thele
824 Bufoceratias thele mitochondrion 16,430 AB282841 AB282841   13 fasta UniProt
Bugula neritina
825 Bugula neritina mitochondrion 15,433 AY690838 AY690838   13 fasta UniProt
Bungarus fasciatus
826 Bungarus fasciatus mitochondrion 17,234 EU579523 EU579523   13 fasta UniProt
Bungarus multicinctus
827 Bungarus multicinctus mitochondrion 17,144 EU579522 EU579522   13 fasta UniProt
Bunocephalus coracoideus
828 Bunocephalus coracoideus mitochondrion 16,477 AP012006 AP012006   n/a
Bunostomum phlebotomum
829a Bunostomum phlebotomum mitochondrion 13,790 FJ483517 FJ483517   12 fasta UniProt
829b Bunostomum phlebotomum mitochondrion 13,803 KF011546 KF011546   12 fasta UniProt
Bunostomum trigonocephalum
830a Bunostomum trigonocephalum mitochondrion 13,764 JQ234674 JQ234674   n/a
830b Bunostomum trigonocephalum mitochondrion 13,771 KF255998 KF255998   12 fasta UniProt
Bursaphelenchus mucronatus
831 Bursaphelenchus mucronatus mitochondrion 14,583 GU177865 GU177865   n/a
Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
832a Bursaphelenchus xylophilus mitochondrion 14,778 GQ332424 GQ332424   n/a
832b Bursaphelenchus xylophilus mitochondrion, isolate BxPt17AS 12,945 JQ514067 JQ514067   n/a
832c Bursaphelenchus xylophilus mitochondrion, isolate BxPt19SCD 12,945 JQ514068 JQ514068   n/a
Buteo buteo
833 Buteo buteo mitochondrion 18,674 AF380305 AF380305   13 fasta UniProt
Buthus occitanus
834 Buthus occitanus mitochondrion 15,060 EU523755 EU523755   13 fasta UniProt
Butomus umbellatus
835 Butomus umbellatus mitochondrion 450,826 KC208619 KC208619   n/a
Buxbaumia aphylla
836 Buxbaumia aphylla mitochondrion 100,725 KC784954 KC784954   39 fasta UniProt
Buxus microphylla
837 Buxus microphylla chloroplast 159,010 EF380351 EF380351   80 fasta UniProt
Bycanistes brevis
838 Bycanistes brevis mitochondrion 17,591 HM640210 HM640210   13 fasta UniProt
Cabdio morar
839 Cabdio morar mitochondrion 16,418 AP011335 AP011335   13 fasta UniProt
Cacajao calvus
840 Cacajao calvus mitochondrion 16,702 KC959985 KC959985   n/a
Cacatua moluccensis
841 Cacatua moluccensis mitochondrion 16,828 JF414239 JF414239   n/a
Caecilia gracilis
842 Caecilia gracilis mitochondrion 16,209 KF540147 KF540147   13 fasta UniProt
Caecilia tentaculata
843 Caecilia tentaculata mitochondrion 16,297 KF540146 KF540146   13 fasta UniProt
Caecilia volcani
844 Caecilia volcani mitochondrion 16,187 GQ244466 GQ244466   13 fasta UniProt
Caenis pycnacantha
845 Caenis pycnacantha mitochondrion 15,351 GQ502451 GQ502451   n/a
Caenolestes fuliginosus
846 Caenolestes fuliginosus mitochondrion 16,629 AJ508400 AJ508400   13 fasta UniProt
Caenorhabditis briggsae
847 Caenorhabditis briggsae mitochondrion 14,420 AC186293 AC186293   n/a
Caenorhabditis nigoni
848 Caenorhabditis nigoni strain JU1421 mitochondrion 13,413 KP259621 KP259621   n/a
Cafeteria roenbergensis
849 Cafeteria roenbergensis mitochondrion 43,159 AF193903 AF193903   34 fasta UniProt
Caiman crocodilus
850 Caiman crocodilus mitochondrion 17,900 AJ404872 AJ404872   13 fasta UniProt
Cairina moschata
851 Cairina moschata mitochondrion 16,610 EU755254 EU755254   13 fasta UniProt
Calamus caryotoides
852 Calamus caryotoides plastid 157,270 JX088663 JX088663   n/a
Calanthe triplicata
853 Calanthe triplicata chloroplast 158,759 KF753635 KF753635   n/a
Calanus hyperboreus
854 Calanus hyperboreus mitochondrion 17,910 JX678968 JX678968   13 fasta UniProt
Calicogorgia granulosa
855 Calicogorgia granulosa mitochondrion 20,246 GU047880 GU047880   14 fasta UniProt
California macrophylla
856 California macrophylla plastid 149,199 JQ031013 JQ031013   75 fasta UniProt
Calinaga davidis
857 Calinaga davidis mitochondrion 15,267 HQ658143 HQ658143   n/a
Callerebia suroia
858 Callerebia suroia mitochondrion 15,208 KF906483 KF906483   n/a
Calliarthron tuberculosum
859 Calliarthron tuberculosum chloroplast 178,981 KC153978 KC153978   n/a
Callicebus cupreus
860 Callicebus cupreus mitochondrion 16,551 KC959986 KC959986   n/a
Callicebus donacophilus
861 Callicebus donacophilus mitochondrion 16,563 FJ785423 FJ785423   13 fasta UniProt
Callicebus lugens
862 Callicebus lugens mitochondrion 16,689 KC592393 KC592393   n/a
Callimico goeldii
863 Callimico goeldii mitochondrion 16,523 KC592391 KC592391   n/a
Callinectes sapidus
864 Callinectes sapidus mitochondrion 16,263 AY363392 AY363392   13 fasta UniProt
Callionymus enneactis
865 Callionymus enneactis mitochondrion 17,171 AP012316 AP012316   n/a
Calliphora vicina
866 Calliphora vicina mitochondrion 16,112 JX913760 JX913760   n/a
Calliptamus italicus
867 Calliptamus italicus mitochondrion 15,675 EU938373 EU938373   13 fasta UniProt
Callistoctopus minor
868 Callistoctopus minor mitochondrion 15,974 HQ638215 HQ638215   13 fasta UniProt
Callitettix biformis
869 Callitettix biformis mitochondrion 15,222 JX844627 JX844627   n/a
Callitettix braconoides
870 Callitettix braconoides mitochondrion 15,637 JX844628 JX844628   n/a
Callitettix versicolor
871 Callitettix versicolor mitochondrion 15,374 EU725832 EU725832   n/a
Callithrix geoffroyi
872 Callithrix geoffroyi mitochondrion 16,502 KC757388 KC757388   n/a
Callithrix pygmaea
873 Callithrix pygmaea mitochondrion 16,520 KC757389 KC757389   n/a
Callitropsis nootkatensis
874 Callitropsis nootkatensis plastid 127,150 KP099642 KP099642   n/a
Callitropsis vietnamensis
875 Callitropsis vietnamensis plastid 127,541 KP099645 KP099645   n/a
Callorhinchus callorynchus
876 Callorhinchus callorynchus mitochondrion 16,758 HM147135 HM147135   13 fasta UniProt
Callorhinchus capensis
877 Callorhinchus capensis mitochondrion 16,760 HM147136 HM147136   13 fasta UniProt
Callorhinchus milii
878 Callorhinchus milii mitochondrion 16,769 HM147137 HM147137   13 fasta UniProt
Callorhinus ursinus
879 Callorhinus ursinus mitochondrion 16,668 AM181016 AM181016   13 fasta UniProt
Callyspongia plicifera
880 Callyspongia plicifera mitochondrion 18,846 EU237477 EU237477   n/a
Calocedrus formosana
881 Calocedrus formosana chloroplast 127,311 AB831010 AB831010   82 fasta UniProt
Caloglyphus berlesei
882 Caloglyphus berlesei mitochondrion 14,273 KF499016 KF499016   n/a
Caloperdix oculeus
883 Caloperdix oculeus mitochondrion 16,488 KJ914546 KJ914546   n/a
Calosoma sp. BYU-CO241
884 Calosoma sp. BYU-CO241 mitochondrion 16,462 GU176340 GU176340   n/a
Calotes versicolor
885 Calotes versicolor mitochondrion 16,670 AB183287 AB183287   13 fasta UniProt
Calumma parsonii
886 Calumma parsonii mitochondrion 17,497 AB474915 AB474915   13 fasta UniProt
Calycanthus floridus
887 Calycanthus floridus var. glaucus chloroplast 153,337 AJ428413 AJ428413   82 fasta UniProt
Calyptocephallela gayi
888 Calyptocephallela gayi mitochondrion 17,994 JF703228 JF703228   n/a
Calyptorhynchus baudinii
889 Calyptorhynchus baudinii mitochondrion 16,841 JF414242 JF414242   n/a
Calyptorhynchus lathami
890 Calyptorhynchus lathami mitochondrion 16,841 JF414241 JF414241   n/a
Calyptorhynchus latirostris
891 Calyptorhynchus latirostris mitochondrion 16,841 JF414243 JF414243   n/a
Camaena cicatricosa
892 Camaena cicatricosa mitochondrion 13,843 KM365408 KM365408   n/a
Cambaroides similis
893 Cambaroides similis mitochondrion 16,220 JN991196 JN991196   13 fasta UniProt
Camellia crapnelliana
894 Camellia crapnelliana chloroplast 156,997 KF753632 KF753632   n/a
Camellia cuspidata
895 Camellia cuspidata voucher HKAS:S.X.Yang3159 chloroplast 156,618 KF156833 KF156833   n/a
Camellia danzaiensis
896 Camellia danzaiensis voucher HKAS:S.X.Yang3147 chloroplast 156,576 KF156834 KF156834   n/a
Camellia grandibracteata
897 Camellia grandibracteata chloroplast 157,127 KJ806274 KJ806274   n/a
Camellia impressinervis
898 Camellia impressinervis voucher HKAS:S.X.Yang1080 chloroplast 156,892 KF156835 KF156835   n/a
Camellia leptophylla
899 Camellia leptophylla chloroplast 157,102 KJ806275 KJ806275   n/a
Camellia oleifera
900 Camellia oleifera plastid 156,971 JQ975031 JQ975031   n/a
Camellia petelotii
901 Camellia petelotii chloroplast 157,121 KJ806276 KJ806276   n/a
Camellia pitardii
902 Camellia pitardii voucher HKAS:S.X.Yang3148 chloroplast 156,585 KF156837 KF156837   n/a
Camellia pubicosta
903 Camellia pubicosta chloroplast 157,076 KJ806277 KJ806277   n/a
Camellia reticulata
904 Camellia reticulata chloroplast 156,971 KJ806278 KJ806278   n/a
Camellia sinensis
905a Camellia sinensis chloroplast 157,103 KC143082 KC143082   80 fasta UniProt
905b Camellia sinensis cultivar Longjing 43 chloroplast 157,085 KF562708 KF562708   n/a
906 Camellia sinensis var. assamica plastid 157,162 JQ975030 JQ975030   n/a
907 Camellia sinensis var. dehungensis chloroplast 157,110 KJ806279 KJ806279   n/a
908 Camellia sinensis var. pubilimba chloroplast 157,086 KJ806280 KJ806280   n/a
909 Camellia sinensis var. sinensis chloroplast 157,117 KJ806281 KJ806281   n/a
Camellia taliensis
910a Camellia taliensis plastid 157,153 JQ975032 JQ975032   n/a
910b Camellia taliensis voucher HKAS:S.X.Yang3157 chloroplast 156,974 KF156839 KF156839   n/a
910c Camellia taliensis voucher HKAS:S.X.Yang3158 chloroplast 156,975 KF156836 KF156836   n/a
Camellia yunnanensis
911 Camellia yunnanensis voucher HKAS:S.X.Yang1090 chloroplast 156,592 KF156838 KF156838   n/a
Camelus bactrianus
912 Camelus bactrianus isolate D1 mitochondrion 16,659 EF212037 EF212037   13 fasta UniProt
Camelus dromedarius
913a Camelus dromedarius mitochondrion 16,643 EU159113 EU159113   13 fasta UniProt
913b Camelus dromedarius mitochondrion, isolate Morocco 16,665 JN632608 JN632608   13 fasta UniProt
Camelus ferus
914 Camelus ferus 16,680 EF212038 EF212038   13 fasta UniProt
Campanulotes bidentatus
915 Campanulotes bidentatus compar mitochondrion 14,804 AY968672 AY968672   13 fasta UniProt
Campodea fragilis
916 Campodea fragilis mitochondrion 14,965 DQ529236 DQ529236   13 fasta UniProt
Campodea lubbocki
917 Campodea lubbocki mitochondrion 14,974 DQ529237 DQ529237   13 fasta UniProt
Campostoma anomalum
918 Campostoma anomalum mitochondrion 16,654 DQ536421 DQ536421   13 fasta UniProt
Campylomormyrus numenius
919 Campylomormyrus numenius mitochondrial DNA 16,636 AP011571 AP011571   13 fasta UniProt
Campylorhynchus zonatus
920 Campylorhynchus zonatus mitochondrion 16,780 KF509924 KF509924   n/a
Cancellaria cancellata
921 Cancellaria cancellata mitochondrion 16,648 EU827195 EU827195   13 fasta UniProt
Candida alai
922 Candida alai culture-collection NRRL:Y-27739 mitochondrion 30,368 HQ267968 HQ267968   13 fasta UniProt
Candida albicans
923a Candida albicans strain CBS 562 mitochondrion 40,177 KC993188 KC993188   n/a
923b Candida albicans strain L296 mitochondrion 33,631 JQ864234 JQ864234   14 fasta UniProt
923c Candida albicans strain L757 mitochondrion 33,928 JQ864233 JQ864233   14 fasta UniProt
924 Candida albicans SC5314 mitochondrion 40,420 AF285261 AF285261   14 fasta UniProt
Candida alimentaria
925 Candida alimentaria mitochondrion, isolate CBS 10151 35,173 FR877633 FR877633   19 fasta UniProt
Candida blackwelliae
926 Candida blackwelliae strain AS2.3639 mitochondrion 32,053 KC993199 KC993199   n/a
Candida bohioensis
927 Candida bohioensis mitochondrion 69,218 KF214631 KF214631   n/a
Candida buenavistaensis
928 Candida buenavistaensis strain NRRL Y-27734 mitochondrion 46,389 KC993175 KC993175   n/a
Candida castellii
929 Candida castellii mitochondrion 50,294 FM995165 FM995165   8 fasta UniProt
Candida chauliodis
930 Candida chauliodis strain NRRL Y-27909 mitochondrion 77,153 KF017574 KF017574   n/a
Candida corydali
931 Candida corydali strain NRRL Y-27910 mitochondrion 46,389 KC993198 KC993198   n/a
Candida deformans
932 Candida deformans mitochondrion, isolate CBS 2071 40,665 FR877635 FR877635   21 fasta UniProt
Candida frijolesensis
933 Candida frijolesensis strain NRRL Y-48060 mitochondrion 37,215 HM594866 HM594866   n/a
Candida galli
934 Candida galli mitochondrion, isolate CBS 9722 48,508 FR877636 FR877636   24 fasta UniProt
Candida gigantensis
935 Candida gigantensis strain NRRL Y-27736 mitochondrion 55,125 KF017572 KF017572   n/a
Candida glabrata
936 Candida glabrata mitochondrion 20,063 AJ511533 AJ511533   11 fasta UniProt
Candida jiufengensis
937 Candida jiufengensis mitochondrion 29,672 GU136397 GU136397   17 fasta UniProt
Candida labiduridarum
938 Candida labiduridarum strain NRRL Y-27940 mitochondrion 39,443 KC993196 KC993196   n/a
Candida maltosa
939 Candida maltosa mitochondrion 62,949 EU267175 EU267175   15 fasta UniProt
Candida metapsilosis
940 Candida metapsilosis strain MCO448 mitochondrion 24,152 AY962591 AY962591   15 fasta UniProt
Candida neerlandica
941 Candida neerlandica strain NRRL Y-27057 mitochondrion 32,141 EU334437 EU334437   18 fasta UniProt
Candida norvegica
942 Candida norvegica strain CBS 2874 mitochondrion 42,180 KF017573 KF017573   n/a
Candida orthopsilosis
943 Candida orthopsilosis strain MCO456 mitochondrion 22,528 AY962590 AY962590   15 fasta UniProt
Candida oxycetoniae
944 Candida oxycetoniae strain AS2.3656 mitochondrion 62,593 KC993187 KC993187   n/a
Candida parapsilosis
945 Candida parapsilosis mitochondrion 32,745 X74411 X74411   19 fasta UniProt
Candida phangngaensis
946 Candida phangngaensis mitochondrion, isolate CBS 10407 28,017 FR877634 FR877634   15 fasta UniProt
Candida prachuapensis
947 Candida prachuapensis mitochondrion 90,840 KF214632 KF214632   n/a
Candida pseudojiufengensis
948 Candida pseudojiufengensis strain AS2.3693 mitochondrion 33,625 KC993179 KC993179   n/a
Candida sake
949 Candida sake strain CBS 159 mitochondrion 26,205 KC993194 KC993194   n/a
Candida salmanticensis
950 Candida salmanticensis culture-collection CBS:5121 mitochondrion 27,812 HQ267969 HQ267969   16 fasta UniProt
Candida santjacobensis
951 Candida santjacobensis strain CBS 8183 mitochondrion 64,525 KC993178 KC993178   n/a
Candida saraburiensis
952 Candida saraburiensis strain KU-Xs13 mitochondrion 32,135 KC993174 KC993174   n/a
Candida sojae
953 Candida sojae mitochondrion 39,415 EF468347 EF468347   16 fasta UniProt
Candida subhashii
954a Candida subhashii mitochondrion 29,795 GU126492 GU126492   n/a
954b Candida subhashii strain FR-392-06-SUB1 mitochondrion 28,562 KC993184 KC993184   n/a
Candida tetrigidarum
955 Candida tetrigidarum strain NRRL Y-48142 mitochondrion 52,426 KC993180 KC993180   n/a
Candida theae
956 Candida theae strain G-17 mitochondrion 26,234 KC993195 KC993195   n/a
Candida tropicalis
957 Candida tropicalis strain CBS 94 mitochondrion 54,610 KC993185 KC993185   n/a
Candida vartiovaarae
958 Candida vartiovaarae strain CBS 4289 mitochondrion 33,201 KC993190 KC993190   n/a
Candida viswanathii
959 Candida viswanathii mitochondrion 39,242 EF536359 EF536359   17 fasta UniProt
Canis latrans
960 Canis latrans from Nebraska mitochondrion 16,724 DQ480509 DQ480509   13 fasta UniProt
Canis lupus
961a Canis lupus 16,729 DQ480505 DQ480505   13 fasta UniProt
961b Canis lupus mitochondrion 16,729 KF857179 KF857179   13 fasta UniProt
962 Canis lupus campestris mitochondrion 16,719 KC896375 KC896375   13 fasta UniProt
963 Canis lupus chanco mitochondrion 16,774 EU442884 EU442884   13 fasta UniProt
964 Canis lupus desertorum mitochondrion 16,770 KC461238 KC461238   13 fasta UniProt
965a Canis lupus familiaris breed German Shepherd mitochondrion 16,730 DQ480489 DQ480489   13 fasta UniProt
965b Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion 16,730 KF907309 KF907309   n/a
965c Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion 16,727 KF926378 KF926378   13 fasta UniProt
965d Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion 16,730 KJ472767 KJ472767   n/a
965e Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion 16,730 KJ522809 KJ522809   n/a
965f Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion 16,754 KJ789955 KJ789955   n/a
965g Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion 16,220 KM113774 KM113774   n/a
965h Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion 16,727 U96639 U96639   13 fasta UniProt
965i Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion isolate 1643_TAR3 16,218 KJ139384 KJ139384   n/a
965j Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion isolate 1646_TAR5 16,218 KJ139385 KJ139385   n/a
965k Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion isolate 1662_TAR3 16,218 KJ139386 KJ139386   n/a
965l Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion isolate 1676_GTAR4 16,218 KJ139387 KJ139387   n/a
965m Canis lupus familiaris mitochondrion isolate 1695_CAL1 16,218 KJ139388 KJ139388   n/a
966a Canis lupus laniger mitochondrion 16,723 FJ032363 FJ032363   13 fasta UniProt
966b Canis lupus laniger mitochondrion 16,729 KF573616 KF573616   n/a
967 Canis lupus lupus mitochondrion 16,757 AM711902 AM711902   13 fasta UniProt
Cantharellus cibarius
968 Cantharellus cibarius mitochondrion 58,656 KC573037 KC573037   n/a
Cantherhines pardalis
969 Cantherhines pardalis mitochondrion 16,426 AP009184 AP009184   13 fasta UniProt
Canthidermis maculata
970 Canthidermis maculata mitochondrion 16,524 AP009206 AP009206   13 fasta UniProt
Canthigaster coronata
971 Canthigaster coronata mitochondrion 16,446 AP006743 AP006743   n/a
Canthigaster jactator
972 Canthigaster jactator mitochondrion 16,513 AP011911 AP011911   13 fasta UniProt
Canthigaster rivulata
973 Canthigaster rivulata mitochondrion 16,446 AP006744 AP006744   n/a
Canthigaster valentini
974 Canthigaster valentini mitochondrion 16,452 AP011912 AP011912   13 fasta UniProt
Caperea marginata
975 Caperea marginata mitochondrion 16,383 AJ554052 AJ554052   13 fasta UniProt
Capitulum mitella
976a Capitulum mitella mitochondrion 14,915 AY514042 AY514042   13 fasta UniProt
976b Capitulum mitella mitochondrion, tissue type = muscle 14,916 AB167462 AB167462   13 fasta UniProt
Capra caucasica
977 Capra caucasica mitochondrion, isolate MA4105 16,624 JN632609 JN632609   13 fasta UniProt
Capra falconeri
978 Capra falconeri mitochondrion 16,640 FJ207525 FJ207525   13 fasta UniProt
Capra hircus
979a Capra hircus breed Chuanzhong black goat mitochondrion 16,641 KP273589 KP273589   n/a
979b Capra hircus breed Dazu black goat mitochondrion 16,641 KP271023 KP271023   n/a
979c Capra hircus breed Shaannan White goat mitochondrion 16,641 KP195268 KP195268   n/a
979d Capra hircus breed Xinong Shaneng milk goat mitochondrion 16,639 KP195269 KP195269   n/a
979e Capra hircus mitochondrion 16,651 KJ789954 KJ789954   n/a
979f Capra hircus mitochondrion isolate 1300 16,640 KJ192212 KJ192212   n/a
Capra ibex
980 Capra ibex mitochondrion 16,716 FJ207526 FJ207526   13 fasta UniProt
Capra nubiana
981 Capra nubiana mitochondrion 16,705 FJ207527 FJ207527   13 fasta UniProt
Capra pyrenaica
982 Capra pyrenaica mitochondrion 16,561 FJ207528 FJ207528   13 fasta UniProt
Capra sibirica
983 Capra sibirica mitochondrion 16,583 FJ207529 FJ207529   13 fasta UniProt
Caprella mutica
984 Caprella mutica mitochondrion 15,427 GU130250 GU130250   n/a
Caprella scaura
985 Caprella scaura mitochondrion 15,079 AB539699 AB539699   n/a
Capreolus capreolus
986a Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc1 16,355 KJ681480 KJ681480   n/a
986b Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc2 16,357 KJ681481 KJ681481   n/a
986c Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc3 16,355 KJ681482 KJ681482   n/a
986d Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc4 16,356 KJ681483 KJ681483   n/a
986e Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc5 16,354 KJ681484 KJ681484   n/a
986f Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc6 16,356 KJ681485 KJ681485   n/a
986g Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc7 16,359 KJ681486 KJ681486   n/a
986h Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cc8 16,355 KJ681487 KJ681487   n/a
986i Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cp1 16,357 KJ681488 KJ681488   n/a
986j Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cp2 16,356 KJ681489 KJ681489   n/a
986k Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cp3 16,359 KJ681490 KJ681490   n/a
986l Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate Cp4 16,355 KJ681491 KJ681491   n/a
986m Capreolus capreolus mitochondrion isolate CYTO 16,358 JN632610 JN632610   13 fasta UniProt
Capreolus pygargus
987a Capreolus pygargus mitochondrion 16,355 KJ681495 KJ681495   n/a
987b Capreolus pygargus mitochondrion isolate Cp5 16,357 KJ681492 KJ681492   n/a
987c Capreolus pygargus mitochondrion isolate Cp7 16,352 KJ681494 KJ681494   n/a
Capricornis crispus
988 Capricornis crispus mitochondrion 16,453 AP003429 AP003429   13 fasta UniProt
Capricornis milneedwardsii
989 Capricornis milneedwardsii mitochondrion 16,444 KF856568 KF856568   13 fasta UniProt
Capricornis sp. HD-2014
990 Capricornis sp. HD-2014 mitochondrion 16,441 KJ700441 KJ700441   n/a
Capricornis sumatraensis
991 Capricornis sumatraensis mitochondrion 16,441 FJ207534 FJ207534   13 fasta UniProt
Capricornis swinhoei
992 Capricornis swinhoei mitochondrion 16,524 EF558665 EF558665   13 fasta UniProt
Caprimulgus indicus
993 Caprimulgus indicus mitochondrion 17,536 KM272749 KM272749   n/a
Capsella bursa-pastoris
994 Capsella bursa-pastoris chloroplast 154,490 AP009371 AP009371   80 fasta UniProt
Capsicum annuum
995a Capsicum annuum chloroplast 156,781 JX270811 JX270811   n/a
995b Capsicum annuum cultivar CMS line FS4401 mitochondrion 507,452 KJ865409 KJ865409   n/a
995c Capsicum annuum cultivar Jeju mitochondrion 511,530 KJ865410 KJ865410   n/a
996 Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum chloroplast 156,612 KJ619462 KJ619462   n/a
Capsicum lycianthoides
997 Capsicum lycianthoides chloroplast 156,583 KP274856 KP274856   n/a
Carangoides armatus
998 Carangoides armatus mitochondrion 16,556 AP004444 AP004444   13 fasta UniProt
Carangoides malabaricus
999 Carangoides malabaricus mitochondrion 16,561 KJ174514 KJ174514   n/a
Caranx melampygus
1000 Caranx melampygus mitochondrion 16,593 AP004445 AP004445   13 fasta UniProt
Carapus bermudensis
1001 Carapus bermudensis mitochondrion 16,613 AP004404 AP004404   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius auratus
1002a Carassius auratus mitochondrion 16,594 KF147851 KF147851   n/a
1002b Carassius auratus mitochondrion 16,580 KJ476998 KJ476998   n/a
1002c Carassius auratus mitochondrion isolate AZ3 16,578 AB006953 AB006953   13 fasta UniProt
1003a Carassius auratus auratus mitochondrion 16,580 AB111951 AB111951   13 fasta UniProt
1003b Carassius auratus auratus mitochondrion 16,580 JN105355 JN105355   13 fasta UniProt
1004 Carassius auratus ssp. 'Pingxiang' mitochondrion 16,576 HQ875340 HQ875340   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius auratus x Cyprinus carpio
1005 Carassius auratus x Cyprinus carpio mitochondrion 16,580 AY694420 AY694420   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius auratus x Cyprinus carpio x Carassius cuvieri
1006 Carassius auratus x Cyprinus carpio x Carassius cuvieri mitochondrion 16,581 AY771781 AY771781   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius auratus x Megalobrama amblycephala pentaploid hybrid
1007 Carassius auratus x Megalobrama amblycephala pentaploid hybrid mitochondrion 16,580 GQ903707 GQ903707   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius auratus x Megalobrama amblycephala tetraploid hybrid
1008 Carassius auratus x Megalobrama amblycephala tetraploid hybrid mitochondrion 16,580 GQ903705 GQ903705   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius auratus x Megalobrama amblycephala triploid hybrid
1009 Carassius auratus x Megalobrama amblycephala triploid hybrid mitochondrion 16,580 GQ903706 GQ903706   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius carassius
1010a Carassius carassius mitochondrion 16,580 AY714387 AY714387   13 fasta UniProt
1010b Carassius carassius mitochondrion 16,597 JQ911695 JQ911695   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius cuvieri
1011 Carassius cuvieri mitochondrion 16,581 AB045144 AB045144   13 fasta UniProt
Carassius gibelio
1012a Carassius gibelio clone A mitochondrion 16,580 JF496198 JF496198   n/a
1012b Carassius gibelio clone D mitochondrion 16,580 JF496197 JF496197   n/a
1012c Carassius gibelio mitochondrion 16,581 GU170401 GU170401   13 fasta UniProt
Carcharhinus acronotus
1013 Carcharhinus acronotus mitochondrion 16,719 KF728380 KF728380   n/a
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides
1014 Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides mitochondrion 16,705 KF956523 KF956523   n/a
Carcharhinus melanopterus
1015 Carcharhinus melanopterus mitochondrion 16,706 KJ720818 KJ720818   n/a
Carcharhinus obscurus
1016 Carcharhinus obscurus mitochondrion 16,706 KC470543 KC470543   13 fasta UniProt
Carcharhinus plumbeus
1017 Carcharhinus plumbeus mitochondrion 16,706 KJ740750 KJ740750   n/a
Carcharias taurus
1018 Carcharias taurus mitochondrion 16,773 KF569943 KF569943   n/a
Carcharodon carcharias
1019 Carcharodon carcharias mitochondrion 16,744 KC914387 KC914387   13 fasta UniProt
Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda
1020a Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda mitochondrion 15,033 JQ178358 JQ178358   13 fasta UniProt
1020b Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda mitochondrion specimen voucher BY20(JMDX) 15,037 JX437074 JX437074   n/a
Cardamine impatiens
1021 Cardamine impatiens plastid 155,611 KJ136821 KJ136821   n/a
Cardamine resedifolia
1022 Cardamine resedifolia plastid 155,036 KJ136822 KJ136822   n/a
Cardinalis cardinalis
1023 Cardinalis cardinalis mitochondrion 16,779 KM078795 KM078795   n/a
Carduelis carduelis
1024 Carduelis carduelis mitochondrion 7,718 KM078790 KM078790   n/a
Carduelis pinus
1025 Carduelis pinus mitochondrion 16,812 KM078796 KM078796   n/a
Carduelis psaltria
1026 Carduelis psaltria mitochondrion 16,812 KM078806 KM078806   n/a
Carduelis sinica
1027a Carduelis sinica mitochondrion 16,813 HQ915865 HQ915865   n/a
1027b Carduelis sinica mitochondrion 16,816 KM078783 KM078783   n/a
Carduelis spinus
1028 Carduelis spinus mitochondrion 16,828 HQ915866 HQ915866   n/a
Caretta caretta
1029a Caretta caretta mitochondrion 16,737 FR694649 FR694649   n/a
1029b Caretta caretta mitochondrion 16,362 KP256531 KP256531   n/a
1029c Caretta caretta mitochondrion isolate 46603 16,399 JX454977 JX454977   n/a
1029d Caretta caretta mitochondrion isolate 69599 16,454 JX454983 JX454983   n/a
1029e Caretta caretta mitochondrion isolate 87410 16,411 JX454988 JX454988   n/a
Carettochelys insculpta
1030 Carettochelys insculpta mitochondrion 16,439 FJ862792 FJ862792   13 fasta UniProt
Carica papaya
1031a Carica papaya chloroplast 160,100 EU431223 EU431223   79 fasta UniProt
1031b Carica papaya mitochondrion 476,890 EU431224 EU431224   38 fasta UniProt
Carinotetraodon lorteti
1032 Carinotetraodon lorteti mitochondrion 16,456 AP011918 AP011918   13 fasta UniProt
Carinotetraodon salivator
1033 Carinotetraodon salivator mitochondrion 16,437 AP011919 AP011919   13 fasta UniProt
Carios capensis
1034 Carios capensismitochondrion 14,418 AB075953 AB075953   13 fasta UniProt
Caristius macropus
1035 Caristius macropus mitochondrion, except for D-loop 16,263 AP005999 AP005999   n/a
Carnation yellow fleck virus
1036 Carnation yellow fleck virus 15,602 GU234167 GU234167   n/a
Carnegiella strigata
1037 Carnegiella strigata mitochondrial DNA 17,852 AP011983 AP011983   n/a
Carollia perspicillata
1038 Carollia perspicillata mitochondrion 16,711 HG003309 HG003309   n/a
Carpiodes carpio
1039 Carpiodes carpio mitochondrion 16,611 AY366087 AY366087   13 fasta UniProt
Carpodacus erythrinus
1040 Carpodacus erythrinus mitochondrion 16,820 KM078766 KM078766   n/a
Carpodacus roseus
1041 Carpodacus roseus mitochondrion 16,796 KM078779 KM078779   n/a
Carposina sasakii
1042 Carposina sasakii mitochondrion 15,611 HQ840719 HQ840719   13 fasta UniProt
Carterocephalus silvicola
1043 Carterocephalus silvicola mitochondrion 15,765 KJ629163 KJ629163   n/a
Cassiopea frondosa
1044 Cassiopea frondosa mitochondrion 15,949 JN700936 JN700936   15 fasta UniProt
Castanea mollissima
1045 Castanea mollissima chloroplast 160,799 HQ336406 HQ336406   78 fasta UniProt
Castanopsis echinocarpa
1046 Castanopsis echinocarpa chloroplast 160,647 KJ001129 KJ001129   n/a
Castor canadensis
1047 Castor canadensis mitochondrion 16,701 FR691684 FR691684   n/a
Castor fiber
1048a Castor fiber mitochondrion, isolate al M85 16,702 FR691685 FR691685   n/a
1048b Castor fiber mitochondrion, isolate bi 121 16,722 FR691687 FR691687   n/a
1048c Castor fiber mitochondrion, isolate in 86 16,730 FR691686 FR691686   n/a
1048d Castor fiber mitochondrion, isolate po 134 16,689 FR691689 FR691689   n/a
1048e Castor fiber mitochondrion, isolate tu 161 16,691 FR691688 FR691688   n/a
Casuarius casuarius
1049 Casuarius casuarius mitochondrion 16,756 AF338713 AF338713   13 fasta UniProt
Cataetyx rubrirostris
1050 Cataetyx rubrirostris mitochondrion 16,495 AP004407 AP004407   13 fasta UniProt
Catharanthus roseus
1051 Catharanthus roseus cultivar Pacifica Punch Halo chloroplast 154,950 KC561139 KC561139   n/a
Cathartes aura
1052 Cathartes aura mitochondrion 16,779 AY463690 AY463690   13 fasta UniProt
Cathaya argyrophylla
1053 Cathaya argyrophylla chloroplast 107,122 AB547400 AB547400   70 fasta UniProt
Catla catla
1054a Catla catla mitochondrion 16,590 JQ087872 JQ087872   n/a
1054b Catla catla mitochondrion 16,594 JQ838172 JQ838172   13 fasta UniProt
Catopsilia pomona
1055 Catopsilia pomona mitochondrion 15,142 JX274649 JX274649   n/a
Catostomus commersonii
1056 Catostomus commersonii mitochondrion 16,625 AB127394 AB127394   13 fasta UniProt
Caudacaecilia cf. asplenia ZRC 1.12502
1057 Caudacaecilia cf. asplenia ZRC 1.12502 mitochondrion 15,989 KF540148 KF540148   13 fasta UniProt
Caulophryne jordani
1058 Caulophryne jordani mitochondrion 16,657 AP004417 AP004417   13 fasta UniProt
Causus defilippii
1059 Causus defilippii mitochondrion 17,342 GU045452 GU045452   13 fasta UniProt
Cavariella salicicola
1060 Cavariella salicicola voucher ZMIOZ 20711 mitochondrion 16,317 KC332935 KC332935   n/a
Cavia porcellus
1061a Cavia porcellus mitochondrion 16,801 AJ222767 AJ222767   13 fasta UniProt
1061b Cavia porcellus strain SHD mitochondrion 16,797 KP100656 KP100656   n/a
Cebus albifrons
1062 Cebus albifrons mitochondrion 16,554 AJ309866 AJ309866   13 fasta UniProt
Cecropis daurica
1063 Cecropis daurica mitochondrion 17,949 KJ499911 KJ499911   n/a
Cedrus deodara
1064 Cedrus deodara chloroplast 119,299 AB480043 AB480043   72 fasta UniProt
Celaenorrhinus maculosa
1065 Celaenorrhinus maculosa mitochondrion 15,282 KF543077 KF543077   n/a
Celastrina hersilia
1066 Celastrina hersilia mitochondrion 15,302 HM243589 HM243589   n/a
Celleporella hyalina
1067a Celleporella hyalina mitochondrion, isolate N 17,265 JQ839275 JQ839275   n/a
1067b Celleporella hyalina mitochondrion, isolate W 14,692 JQ839276 JQ839276   n/a
Cenchrus americanus
1068 Cenchrus americanus plastid 140,718 KJ490012 KJ490012 PRJNA227491 81 fasta UniProt
Centaurea diffusa
1069 Centaurea diffusa chloroplast 152,559 KJ690264 KJ690264   n/a
Centotheca lappacea
1070 Centotheca lappacea plastid 139,464 KJ920225 KJ920225   n/a
Centrobranchus choerocephalus
1071 Centrobranchus choerocephalus mitochondrial DNA 16,311 AP012237 AP012237   13 fasta UniProt
Centromochlus perugiae
1072 Centromochlus perugiae mitochondrion 16,677 AP012024 AP012024   n/a
Centropyge loricula
1073 Centropyge loricula mitochondrion 16,509 AP006006 AP006006   13 fasta UniProt
Centruroides limpidus
1074 Centruroides limpidus mitochondrion 14,519 AY803353 AY803353   13 fasta UniProt
Cepaea nemoralis
1075 Cepaea nemoralis mitochondrion 14,100 U23045 U23045   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalopholis argus
1076 Cephalopholis argus mitochondrion 16,767 KC593377 KC593377   n/a
Cephalopholis boenak
1077 Cephalopholis boenak mitochondrion voucher CB2012081A 16,771 KC537759 KC537759   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalopholis sexmaculata
1078 Cephalopholis sexmaculata mitochondrion 16,589 KJ469385 KJ469385   n/a
Cephalopholis sonnerati
1079 Cephalopholis sonnerati mitochondrion 16,587 KC593378 KC593378   n/a
Cephalophus adersi
1080 Cephalophus adersi mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,435 JN632611 JN632611   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus callipygus
1081a Cephalophus callipygus mitochondrion, isolate C97 16,427 JN632612 JN632612   13 fasta UniProt
1081b Cephalophus callipygus mitochondrion, isolate GLC23 16,427 JN632613 JN632613   13 fasta UniProt
1081c Cephalophus callipygus mitochondrion, isolate GLC24 16,427 JN632614 JN632614   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus dorsalis
1082 Cephalophus dorsalis mitochondrion, isolate CAR35 16,434 JN632615 JN632615   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus jentinki
1083 Cephalophus jentinki mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,425 JN632616 JN632616   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus leucogaster
1084 Cephalophus leucogaster mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,427 JN632617 JN632617   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus natalensis
1085 Cephalophus natalensis mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,429 JN632618 JN632618   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus nigrifrons
1086 Cephalophus nigrifrons mitochondrion, isolate GLC20 16,431 JN632619 JN632619   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus ogilbyi
1087 Cephalophus ogilbyi mitochondrion, isolate CAR125 16,426 JN632620 JN632620   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus rufilatus
1088 Cephalophus rufilatus mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,431 JN632621 JN632621   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus silvicultor
1089 Cephalophus silvicultor mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,426 JN632622 JN632622   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalophus spadix
1090 Cephalophus spadix mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,430 JN632623 JN632623   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalorhynchus heavisidii
1091 Cephalorhynchus heavisidii mitochondrion, isolate SUN 16,371 JN632624 JN632624   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalotaxus oliveri
1092 Cephalotaxus oliveri chloroplast 134,337 KC136217 KC136217   n/a
Cephalothrix simula
1093 Cephalothrix simula mitochondrion 16,296 FJ594739 FJ594739   13 fasta UniProt
Cephalothrix sp. SCS-2010
1094 Cephalothrix sp. SCS-2010 mitochondrion 15,800 GU564482 GU564482   13 fasta UniProt
Cephus cinctus
1095 Cephus cinctus mitochondrion 19,339 FJ478173 FJ478173   13 fasta UniProt
Ceracris kiangsu
1096 Ceracris kiangsu mitochondrion isolate H6012 15,665 GU270284 GU270284   n/a
Ceracris versicolor
1097 Ceracris versicolor mitochondrion 15,616 KJ188251 KJ188251   n/a
Ceraesignum maximum
1098 Ceraesignum maximum mitochondrion voucher FMNH:318221 15,578 HM174253 HM174253   n/a
Ceraphron sp. MM-2014
1099 Ceraphron sp. MM-2014 mitochondrion 14,947 KJ570858 KJ570858   n/a
Cerataulina daemon
1100 Cerataulina daemon chloroplast 120,144 KJ958484 KJ958484   n/a
Ceratias uranoscopus
1101 Ceratias uranoscopus mitochondrion 18,365 AB282851 AB282851   13 fasta UniProt
Ceratitis capitata
1102 Ceratitis capitata mitochondrion 15,980 AJ242872 AJ242872   13 fasta UniProt
Ceratobaeus sp. MM-2013
1103 Ceratobaeus sp. MM-2013 mitochondrion 15,851 KF696669 KF696669   13 fasta UniProt
Ceratocystis cacaofunesta
1104 Ceratocystis cacaofunesta mitochondrion 103,147 JX185564 JX185564   n/a
Ceratophyllum demersum
1105 Ceratophyllum demersum chloroplast 156,252 EF614270 EF614270   80 fasta UniProt
Ceratoscopelus maderensis
1106 Ceratoscopelus maderensis mitochondrial DNA 14,460 AP012259 AP012259   12 fasta UniProt
Ceratotherium simum
1107 Ceratotherium simum mitochondrion 16,832 Y07726 Y07726   13 fasta UniProt
Ceratozamia hildae
1108 Ceratozamia hildae chloroplast 165,734 JX407108 JX407108   n/a
Cercocebus chrysogaster
1109 Cercocebus chrysogaster mitochondrion 16,551 KC757390 KC757390   n/a
Cercocebus torquatus
1110 Cercocebus torquatus mitochondrion 16,542 KJ434959 KJ434959   n/a
Cercopithecus albogularis
1111 Cercopithecus albogularis mitochondrion 16,544 KC757391 KC757391   n/a
Cercopithecus diana
1112 Cercopithecus diana mitochondrion 16,505 KJ434958 KJ434958   n/a
Cercopithecus lhoesti
1113 Cercopithecus lhoesti mitochondrion 16,518 KJ434957 KJ434957   n/a
Cercopithecus mitis
1114 Cercopithecus mitis mitochondrion 16,512 KJ434956 KJ434956   n/a
Cerion incanum
1115 Cerion incanum mitochondrion 15,177 KM365085 KM365085   n/a
Cermatobius longicornis
1116 Cermatobius longicornis mitochondrion 16,833 KC155628 KC155628   13 fasta UniProt
Cervaphis quercus
1117 Cervaphis quercus mitochondrion 15,272 KF254841 KF254841   n/a
Cervus canadensis
1118a Cervus canadensis songaricus mitochondrion 16,419 HQ191429 HQ191429   n/a
1118b Cervus canadensis songaricus mitochondrion 16,419 KJ025072 KJ025072   n/a
Cervus elaphus
1119 Cervus elaphus mitochondrion 16,357 AB245427 AB245427   13 fasta UniProt
1120 Cervus elaphus xanthopygus mitochondrion 16,416 GU457434 GU457434   13 fasta UniProt
1121 Cervus elaphus yarkandensis mitochondrion 16,351 GU457435 GU457435   13 fasta UniProt
Cervus nippon
1122 Cervus nippon centralis mitochondrion 16,663 AB211429 AB211429   13 fasta UniProt
1123 Cervus nippon hortulorum mitochondrion 16,434 GU457433 GU457433   13 fasta UniProt
1124a Cervus nippon kopschi mitochondrion 16,429 HQ832482 HQ832482   13 fasta UniProt
1124b Cervus nippon kopschi mitochondrion, specimen voucher SCU404 3-HN-2011 16,428 JN389444 JN389444   n/a
1125 Cervus nippon sichuanicus mitochondrion 16,429 JN389443 JN389443   n/a
1126 Cervus nippon taiouanus mitochondrion 16,436 DQ985076 DQ985076   13 fasta UniProt
1127 Cervus nippon yakushimae mitochondrion 16,440 AB218689 AB218689   13 fasta UniProt
1128 Cervus nippon yesoensis mitochondrion 16,543 AB210267 AB210267   13 fasta UniProt
Ceryle rudis
1129 Ceryle rudis mitochondrion 17,355 KJ461938 KJ461938   n/a
Cethosia biblis
1130 Cethosia biblis mitochondrion 15,211 KF990124 KF990124   n/a
Cetomimus sp. AMS I34481001
1131 Cetomimus sp. AMS I34481001 mitochondrion 16,532 AP010881 AP010881   13 fasta UniProt
Cetopsidium sp. NM-2010
1132 Cetopsidium sp. NM-2010 mitochondrial DNA 16,625 AP012007 AP012007   n/a
Cetorhinus maximus
1133 Cetorhinus maximus mitochondrion 16,670 KF597303 KF597303   13 fasta UniProt
Cetostoma regani
1134 Cetostoma regani mitochondrion 16,508 AP004423 AP004423   13 fasta UniProt
Chabertia erschowi
1135 Chabertia erschowi mitochondrion 13,705 KF660603 KF660603   n/a
Chabertia ovina
1136a Chabertia ovina mitochondrion 13,682 GQ888721 GQ888721   12 fasta UniProt
1136b Chabertia ovina mitochondrion 13,717 KF660604 KF660604   n/a
Chaca bankanensis
1137 Chaca bankanensis mitochondrial DNA 16,754 AP012008 AP012008   n/a
Chaceon granulatus
1138 Chaceon granulatus mitochondrion 16,135 AB769383 AB769383   n/a
Chaenomugil proboscideus
1139 Chaenomugil proboscideus mitochondrion 16,666 JF911705 JF911705   n/a
Chaetobromus involucratus
1140 Chaetobromus involucratus subsp. dregeanus plastid 132,725 KJ920226 KJ920226   n/a
Chaetoceros simplex
1141 Chaetoceros simplex chloroplast 116,459 KJ958479 KJ958479   n/a
Chaetoderma nitidulum
1142 Chaetoderma nitidulum mitochondrion 21,008 EF211990 EF211990   14 fasta UniProt
Chaetodermis penicilligerus
1143 Chaetodermis penicilligerus mitochondrion 16,433 AP009216 AP009216   13 fasta UniProt
Chaetodon auripes
1144 Chaetodon auripes mitochondrion 16,530 AP006004 AP006004   13 fasta UniProt
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis
1145 Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis mitochondrion 16,833 AP006007 AP006007   13 fasta UniProt
Chaetomium thermophilum
1146 Chaetomium thermophilum var. thermophilum DSM 1495 mitochondrion 127,206 JN007486 JN007486   n/a
Chaetosoma scaritides
1147 Chaetosoma scaritides mitochondrion 15,511 EU877951 EU877951   13 fasta UniProt
Chaetosphaeridium globosum
1148a Chaetosphaeridium globosum chloroplast 131,183 AF494278 AF494278   95 fasta UniProt
1148b Chaetosphaeridium globosum mitochondrial DNA 56,574 AF494279 AF494279   46 fasta UniProt
Chaeturichthys stigmatias
1149 Chaeturichthys stigmatias mitochondrion 18,562 KC495071 KC495071   13 fasta UniProt
Chalarodon madagascariensis
1150 Chalarodon madagascariensis mitochondrion 16,851 AB266748 AB266748   13 fasta UniProt
Chalceus macrolepidotus
1151 Chalceus macrolepidotus mitochondrion 16,850 AB054130 AB054130   13 fasta UniProt
Chalinolobus tuberculatus
1152 Chalinolobus tuberculatus mitochondrion 16,818 AF321051 AF321051   13 fasta UniProt
Challia fletcheri
1153 Challia fletcheri mitochondrion 20,456 JN651407 JN651407   n/a
Chamaeleo africanus
1154 Chamaeleo africanus mitochondrion 17,415 EF222196 EF222196   13 fasta UniProt
Chamaeleo arabicus
1155 Chamaeleo arabicus mitochondrion 17,400 EF222193 EF222193   13 fasta UniProt
Chamaeleo calcaricarens
1156 Chamaeleo calcaricarens mitochondrion 17,451 EF222195 EF222195   13 fasta UniProt
Chamaeleo calyptratus
1157 Chamaeleo calyptratus mitochondrion 17,433 EF222192 EF222192   13 fasta UniProt
Chamaeleo chamaeleon
1158 Chamaeleo chamaeleon mitochondrion 17,470 EF222198 EF222198   13 fasta UniProt
1159a Chamaeleo chamaeleon musae mitochondrion, isolate 36 17,388 JF317635 JF317635   n/a
1159b Chamaeleo chamaeleon musae mitochondrion, isolate 58 17,344 JF317636 JF317636   n/a
1159c Chamaeleo chamaeleon musae mitochondrion, isolate 177 17,359 JF317637 JF317637   n/a
1159d Chamaeleo chamaeleon musae mitochondrion, isolate 195 17,499 JF317638 JF317638   n/a
1160a Chamaeleo chamaeleon recticrista mitochondrion, isolate 69 17,435 JF317643 JF317643   n/a
1160b Chamaeleo chamaeleon recticrista mitochondrion, isolate 100 17,416 JF317642 JF317642   n/a
1160c Chamaeleo chamaeleon recticrista mitochondrion, isolate 105 17,369 JF317639 JF317639   n/a
1160d Chamaeleo chamaeleon recticrista mitochondrion, isolate 108 17,434 JF317640 JF317640   n/a
1160e Chamaeleo chamaeleon recticrista mitochondrion, isolate 114 17,421 JF317644 JF317644   n/a
1160f Chamaeleo chamaeleon recticrista mitochondrion, isolate 123 17,398 JF317645 JF317645   n/a
1160g Chamaeleo chamaeleon recticrista mitochondrion, isolate 169 17,500 JF317641 JF317641   n/a
Chamaeleo dilepis
1161 Chamaeleo dilepis mitochondrion 17,875 EF222189 EF222189   13 fasta UniProt
Chamaeleo monachus
1162 Chamaeleo monachus mitochondrion 18,900 EF222190 EF222190   13 fasta UniProt
Chamaeleo zeylanicus
1163 Chamaeleo zeylanicus mitochondrion 18,923 EF222191 EF222191   13 fasta UniProt
Champsocephalus gunnari
1164 Champsocephalus gunnari mitochondrion 18,863 GU217678 GU217678   n/a
Champsodon cf. snyderi CBM-ZF 10876
1165 Champsodon cf. snyderi CBM-ZF 10876 mitochondrion 18,903 AP006815 AP006815   n/a
Chandlerella quiscali
1166 Chandlerella quiscali mitochondrion 13,757 HM773029 HM773029   12 fasta UniProt
Channa argus
1167a Channa argus mitochondrion 16,558 AP006041 AP006041   n/a
1167b Channa argus mitochondrion 16,559 GU937112 GU937112   13 fasta UniProt
1167c Channa argus mitochondrion 16,558 JX978723 JX978723   13 fasta UniProt
1167d Channa argus mitochondrion 16,558 KC823605 KC823605   n/a
Channa argus x Channa maculata
1168a Channa argus x Channa maculata mitochondrion 16,558 JX978725 JX978725   13 fasta UniProt
1168b Channa argus x Channa maculata mitochondrion 16,558 KC823604 KC823604   n/a
Channa maculata
1169a Channa maculata mitochondrion 16,559 JX978724 JX978724   13 fasta UniProt
1169b Channa maculata mitochondrion 16,558 KC310861 KC310861   13 fasta UniProt
1169c Channa maculata mitochondrion 16,559 KC823606 KC823606   n/a
Channa maculata x Channa argus
1170 Channa maculata x Channa argus mitochondrion 16,559 KC823607 KC823607   n/a
Channa marulius
1171a Channa marulius mitochondrion 16,569 AB968638 AB968638   n/a
1171b Channa marulius mitochondrion 16,569 KF420268 KF420268   n/a
Chanodichthys dabryi
1172 Chanodichthys dabryi mitochondrion 16,622 KC526217 KC526217   13 fasta UniProt
Chanodichthys mongolicus
1173a Chanodichthys mongolicus mitochondrion 16,622 AP009060 AP009060   13 fasta UniProt
1173b Chanodichthys mongolicus mitochondrion 16,621 KC701385 KC701385   13 fasta UniProt
1173c Chanodichthys mongolicus mitochondrion 16,622 KF826087 KF826087   n/a
Chara vulgaris
1174a Chara vulgaris chloroplast 184,933 DQ229107 DQ229107   104 fasta UniProt
1174b Chara vulgaris mitochondrion 67,737 AY267353 AY267353   46 fasta UniProt
Charybdis feriata
1175 Charybdis feriata mitochondrion 15,660 KF386147 KF386147   n/a
Charybdis japonica
1176 Charybdis japonica mitochondrion 15,738 FJ460517 FJ460517   13 fasta UniProt
Chattonella marina
1177 Chattonella marina mitochondrion 44,772 AB546636 AB546636   41 fasta UniProt
Chauliodus sloani
1178 Chauliodus sloani mitochondrion 17,814 AP002915 AP002915   13 fasta UniProt
Chauliognathus opacus
1179 Chauliognathus opacus mitochondrion 14,893 FJ613418 FJ613418   13 fasta UniProt
Chauliops fallax
1180 Chauliops fallax mitochondrion 15,739 JX839706 JX839706   n/a
Chaunax abei
1181 Chaunax abei mitochondrion 16,486 AP004415 AP004415   13 fasta UniProt
Chaunax pictus
1182 Chaunax pictus mitochondrion 16,487 AB282833 AB282833   13 fasta UniProt
Chaunax tosaensis
1183 Chaunax tosaensis mitochondrion 16,488 AP004416 AP004416   13 fasta UniProt
Cheilinus undulatus
1184 Cheilinus undulatus mitochondrion 16,613 GU296101 GU296101   13 fasta UniProt
Cheilochromis euchilus
1185 Cheilochromis euchilus mitochondrion 16,582 JN252050 JN252050   13 fasta UniProt
Cheilodactylus zonatus
1186 Cheilodactylus zonatus mitochondrion 16,661 AP006013 AP006013   n/a
Cheirogaleus medius
1187 Cheirogaleus medius mitochondrion 16,804 KC757392 KC757392   n/a
Cheirotonus jansoni
1188 Cheirotonus jansoni mitochondrion 17,249 KC428100 KC428100   13 fasta UniProt
Chelodina longicollis
1189 Chelodina longicollis mitochondrion 16,647 KJ713173 KJ713173   n/a
Chelodina rugosa
1190 Chelodina rugosa mitochondrion 16,582 HQ172157 HQ172157   13 fasta UniProt
Chelon labrosus
1191 Chelon labrosus mitochondrion 16,898 JF911706 JF911706   n/a
Chelonia mydas
1192a Chelonia mydas isolate Sample ID 9277 mitochondrion 16,440 JX454972 JX454972   n/a
1192b Chelonia mydas mitochondrion 16,497 AB012104 AB012104   13 fasta UniProt
1192c Chelonia mydas mitochondrion isolate 8855 16,435 JX454971 JX454971   n/a
1192d Chelonia mydas mitochondrion isolate 13768 16,435 JX454974 JX454974   n/a
1192e Chelonia mydas mitochondrion isolate 28666 16,435 JX454976 JX454976   n/a
1192f Chelonia mydas mitochondrion isolate CGG-01Cmyd 16,495 JX454990 JX454990   n/a
Chelonodon patoca
1193 Chelonodon patoca mitochondrion 16,720 AP009541 AP009541   13 fasta UniProt
Chelus fimbriatus
1194 Chelus fimbriatus mitochondrion 16,661 HQ172156 HQ172156   13 fasta UniProt
Chelydra serpentina
1195 Chelydra serpentina mitochondrion 16,631 EF122793 EF122793   13 fasta UniProt
Chenopodium album
1196 Chenopodium album mitochondrial plasmid mp1 1,309 X58911 X58911   1 fasta UniProt
Cherax bicarinatus
1197 Cherax bicarinatus mitochondrion 16,099 KM501041 KM501041   n/a
Cherax boesemani
1198 Cherax boesemani strain sor1 mitochondrion 15,889 KM501039 KM501039   n/a
Cherax cainii
1199 Cherax cainii mitochondrion 15,801 KF649849 KF649849   13 fasta UniProt
Cherax destructor
1200a Cherax destructor mitochondrion 15,894 AY383557 AY383557   13 fasta UniProt
1200b Cherax destructor mitochondrion 15,989 KJ573469 KJ573469   n/a
Cherax glaber
1201 Cherax glaber mitochondrion 15,806 KF649852 KF649852   n/a
Cherax holthuisi
1202 Cherax holthuisi strain SOR3 mitochondrion 15,858 KM501042 KM501042   n/a
Cherax monticola
1203 Cherax monticola mitochondrion 15,917 KF649851 KF649851   13 fasta UniProt
Cherax quadricarinatus
1204 Cherax quadricarinatus mitochondrion 15,869 KF649850 KF649850   n/a
Cherax sp. YPL-2015
1205 Cherax sp. YPL-2015 mitochondrion 15,874 KM501043 KM501043   n/a
Cherax tenuimanus
1206 Cherax tenuimanus mitochondrion 15,797 KP205429 KP205429   n/a
Chikila fulleri
1207 Chikila fulleri mitochondrion 16,198 HQ456771 HQ456771   13 fasta UniProt
Chilo auricilius
1208 Chilo auricilius mitochondrion 15,367 KJ174087 KJ174087   n/a
Chilo suppressalis
1209a Chilo suppressalis mitochondrion 15,465 HQ860290 HQ860290   n/a
1209b Chilo suppressalis mitochondrion,collected 06/06/2010 China 15,395 JF339041 JF339041   13 fasta UniProt
Chilodus punctatus
1210 Chilodus punctatus mitochondrion 16,869 AP011984 AP011984   n/a
Chilomycterus reticulatus
1211 Chilomycterus reticulatus mitochondrion 16,519 AP009188 AP009188   13 fasta UniProt
Chiloscyllium griseum
1212 Chiloscyllium griseum mitochondrion 16,755 JQ434458 JQ434458   n/a
Chiloscyllium plagiosum
1213a Chiloscyllium plagiosum mitochondrion 16,725 JX162601 JX162601   n/a
1213b Chiloscyllium plagiosum mitochondrion voucher F007ZJ004(JMDX) 16,726 FJ853422 FJ853422   13 fasta UniProt
Chiloscyllium punctatum
1214 Chiloscyllium punctatum mitochondrion 16,703 JQ082337 JQ082337   13 fasta UniProt
Chimaera fulva
1215 Chimaera fulva mitochondrion 21,336 HM147138 HM147138   13 fasta UniProt
Chimaera monstrosa
1216 Chimaera monstrosa mitochondrion 18,580 AJ310140 AJ310140   13 fasta UniProt
Chimonocalamus longiusculus
1217 Chimonocalamus longiusculus chloroplast 139,821 JX513415 JX513415   n/a
Chinchilla lanigera
1218 Chinchilla lanigera mitochondrion 16,580 JX312692 JX312692   n/a
Chionochloa macra
1219 Chionochloa macra plastid 135,720 KJ920227 KJ920227   n/a
Chionodraco myersi
1220 Chionodraco myersi mitochondrion 16,942 DQ526430 DQ526430   12 fasta UniProt
Chionoecetes japonicus
1221 Chionoecetes japonicus pacificus mitochondrion, isolate: CJP-YT-2012 15,341 AB735678 AB735678   n/a
Chirocentrus dorab
1222 Chirocentrus dorab mitochondrion (partial) 15,989 AP006229 AP006229   13 fasta UniProt
Chironomus tepperi
1223 Chironomus tepperi mitochondrion 15,652 JN861749 JN861749   13 fasta UniProt
Chiropotes albinasus
1224 Chiropotes albinasus mitochondrion 16,706 KC757393 KC757393   n/a
Chiropotes israelita
1225 Chiropotes israelita mitochondrion 16,670 KC592392 KC592392   n/a
Chitala blanci
1226 Chitala blanci mitochondrion 16,272 AP008921 AP008921   13 fasta UniProt
Chitala lopis
1227 Chitala lopis mitochondrion 16,177 AP008922 AP008922   13 fasta UniProt
Chitala ornata
1228 Chitala ornata mitochondrion 16,164 AP008923 AP008923   13 fasta UniProt
Chitoria ulupi
1229 Chitoria ulupi mitochondrion 15,279 KP284554 KP284554   n/a
Chitra indica
1230 Chitra indica mitochondrion 16,726 JQ406951 JQ406951   n/a
Chlamydomonas moewusii
1231 Chlamydomonas moewusii mitochondrion 22,897 AF008237 AF008237   14