Linking protein function and structure

Credit: Spencer Phillips

Linking protein function and structure

18 Oct 2019 - 09:12

UniProtKB entry pages now have direct links to PDBe-KB’s aggregated views for proteins, allowing researchers to easily access a comprehensive view of all the information available on their protein of choice.

The protein-centric aggregated views pages at PDBe-KB allow users to easily see all the PDB structures available for each UniProtKB entry. These pages show all the interactions of a specific protein observed in PDB structures, with ligands and other macromolecules, including DNA and RNA. Visitors to UniprotKB entry pages can now link directly to these PDBe-KB pages, from the 'Structure' section of the UniprotKB entry, and discover the related protein structure information available for this protein.

For example, the CREB-binding protein (CREBBP) is a 2426 amino acid long, multi-domain protein, and the various segments of the full-length protein are available in 91 PDB entries. The PDBe-KB aggregated view for CREBBP makes it clear which segments are covered by which PDB entries, highlights the observed ligand binding sites and macromolecular interaction interfaces, and shows additional functional annotations contributed by PDBe-KB partners.

Visit the PDBe-KB proteins page and provide either a PDB or UniprotKB accession to find out more.

See the whole story behind PDBe-KB in the newly released publication in the 2020 Database Issue of Nucleic Acids Research, or watch the PDBe-KB webinar on YouTube.

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