What are the Aggregated Views of Proteins?

Macromolecular Interactions
Functional Annotations

The PDBe-KB aggregated view of proteins provides a comprehensive overview of structural data available in PDB for a full-length protein sequence. Either PDB or UniProt identifiers can be used to display all the available data, and in particular all the PDB entries related to the protein sequence, all the observed small-molecules interacting with the protein, all the macromolecular interaction sites and partners, and additional functional annotations, such as sequence conservation and druggable sites. Learn more about PDBe-KB...

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Examples: 2etx Q14676

Latest updates

  • Redesigned layout
  • New annotations for ligands (reactants, drug-like)
  • New annotations for proteins (solvent accessible surface area, PTM sites)
  • Predicted models from the 3D-Beacons Network (https://3d-beacons.org)
  • Interactive Mol* 3D-viewer for the summary, structures and similar proteins pages
  • Providing download link to the superposition raw data
  • New functionality to view superposed structure clusters of a protein
  • New functionality to view all the ligands superposed for a protein
  • New annotations for peptides and antibodies
  • New download service to get .mmcif, .pdb and .fasta files, as well as validation reports for multiple PDB entries
  • New 'Similar PDBs' section that lists PDBs with 90%+ sequence similarity
  • New 'Processed Proteins' section for polyprotein entries
  • New changelog for the protein landing page