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7 Dec 2018

SourceData and BioStudies collaboration makes published data more accessible

SourceData and BioStudies collaboration brings open data sharing to EMBO Press Read more
Graphic illustrating the concept of networking


30 Nov 2018

Discovering new enzymes just got easier

EMBL-EBI's MGnify and Biocatalysts create an easy way to discover new enzymes. An industry case study. Read more
Biocatalysts logo. Discover new enzymes with MGnify
29 Nov 2018

Silver Engage Watermark acknowledges public engagement efforts

The Wellcome Genome Campus, home of EMBL-EBI, has been rewarded with the Silver Engage Watermark for public engagement Read more
DNA bracelets at LifeLab 2018
26 Nov 2018

Algorithm identifies multiple gene–environment relationships

New method will enhance understanding of relationship between genotype and environmental factors Read more
22 Nov 2018

Bone remodelling - BioModels Model of the Month

Bone is an organ undergoing a continuous remodelling process where old bone cells get absorbed and replaced with new bone cells. Osteoclasts are cells that absorb old bone tissue during growth to repair bones with micro-fractures. Osteoblasts secrete the substance of bone which forms the bone matrix. Proctor et al. (2016) created a mathematical model, including the mechanisms of multiple signalling pathways that regulates osteoclast and osteoblast. The authors then simulated the effects of varying loads of exercise on the bone mass. Read more
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13 Nov 2018

New releases: InterPro 71.0 and InterProScan 5.32-71.0

InterPro version 71.0 and InterProScan 5.32-71.0 are now available! InterPro now features hundreds of new methods integrated from partner databases, and InterProScan draws on over 35,000 entries. Read more
InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification
6 Nov 2018

Latest ENA Nucleic Acids Research DB issue paper published

The latest European Nucletoide Archive NAR DB issue paper has been published  It provides a summary of ENA services and content, an update on the latest developments with our data coordination services and submissions systems, and a look forward to our new browser system. Read more
5 Nov 2018

Parasitic worm genomes reveal novel treatment possibilities

Largest ever genomic study of parasitic worms identifies new genes and predicts new potential drug targets Read more
1 Nov 2018

Genomes of all known UK species to be sequenced

The genomes of 66,000 UK species are to be sequenced as part of a global effort to sequence all known eukaryotic species on Earth Read more


26 Oct 2018

Sanofi joins Open Targets

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi joins public-private collaboration Open Targets Read more
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25 Oct 2018

Gene activity shapes immunity across species

Immune response genes have varied activity in an individual’s cells as well as across species  Read more
23 Oct 2018

Ewan Birney awarded ERC Synergy grant to study variation in vertebrates

EMBL-EBI Director and collaborators receive grant to investigate the sources of phenotype variation Read more
Two medaka fish facing each other
23 Oct 2018

Classification of pre-clinical data could boost drug research

Annotation of substantial dataset of 135 000 animal model and phenotype assays to help identify new drugs and drug targets Read more
18 Oct 2018

Expanded INSDC sequence accession formats in December 2018

By the end of 2018, ENA and other INSDC members will expand the accession formats used for sequences. We have assigned almost all the possible accession numbers using the current, shorter formats. Using these longer formats will allow us to expand accession ranges and give us greater capacity. The expanded format for Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS), Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly (TSA), and Targeted Locus Study (TLS) sequencing projects will use a six-letter prefix followed by a two-digit version number and 7, 8, or 9 digits (for example, AAAAAA020000001). Read more
16 Oct 2018

New ENA Assembly Submission Tool: Webin-CLI

We have recently developed a new Webin Command Line Submission Tool: Webin-CLI (see   Read more
11 Oct 2018

Genetics-based disease predictions for chronic blood cancers

Researchers combine extensive genetic and clinical information to predict the prognosis for blood cancer patients Read more
Touchscreen showing genetic data. Credit Wellcome Sanger Institute
8 Oct 2018

25 UK species’ genomes sequenced for first time

25 Genomes project to aid conservation and understanding of biodiversity Read more
1 Oct 2018

Newly sequenced mouse genomes unearth unknown genes

Sixteen newly sequenced mouse strains reveal unexpected diversity that could impact disease research Read more


27 Sep 2018

Increasing the power of the GWAS Catalog for human disease research

Identifying genetic loci behind common human disease and understanding their mechanisms of action is the driving factor for much of biological research worldwide. Read more
27 Sep 2018

Using genetics to tackle tuberculosis

In a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, UK scientists have revealed a faster, more accurate way of diagnosing and treating tuberculosis (TB), using DNA sequencing. Read more
DNA sequencing is accurate enough to diagnose tuberculosis and guide treatment
18 Sep 2018

LifeLab - free events highlight discovery on your doorstep

EBL-EBI is supporting LifeLab to launch a programme of events to engage the public in science for European Researchers' Night Read more


29 Aug 2018

PhenoMeNal: an online portal for metabolomics

PhenoMeNal enables researchers to perform complex metabolomics analyses in the cloud Read more
PhenoMenal logo on binary data background
24 Aug 2018

The first complete biting midge genome

Collaboration with Pirbright Institute produces first complete Culicoides biting midge genome. Read more
Close up image of Culicoides biting midge
22 Aug 2018

New approach for testing cancer drug response

First large-scale systematic analysis explores how inherited genome effects drug response of cancer cells Read more
Single cells and DNA


30 Jul 2018

Fighting mosquito-transmitted diseases

EU-funded Infravec2 releases no-cost resources for scientists fighting mosquito-transmitted diseases Read more
Close-up of mosquito on skin. Infravec2 collaboration with EMBL-EBI. Credit: Shutterstock
26 Jul 2018

Art meets structural biology

The Protein Data Bank in Europe celebrates its schools art project with its largest exhibition yet   Read more
2018 PDBe Art exhibition private viewing at Michaelhouse Cafe in Cambridge, UK. PHOTO: Sreenath Nair /EMBL-EBI
18 Jul 2018

Latest wheat assembly now available in Ensembl

New wheat genome assembly IWGSC RefSeq v1.0, which ‘maps’ the highly complex wheat genome is now available through EMBL-EBI’s Ensembl Plants Read more
Wheat against a blue sky. New wheat genome assembly in Ensembl. Credit: International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium
11 Jul 2018

Towards a comprehensive literature search: Europe PMC now indexes preprints

Europe PMC has started indexing preprint abstracts, providing researchers with a more comprehensive picture of current life science research. Read more
Europe PMC now indexes preprints. Credit: Europe PMC.
8 Jul 2018

Roots of leukaemia detectable in blood years before diagnosis

Researchers find that genetic changes in blood signal the risk of developing acute myeloid leukaemia years before the disease develops Read more
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Credit: Wikimedia Commons


27 Jun 2018

ENA Sequence Retrieval Day

European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) is organising a ENA sequence retrieval day on the 10-10-2018 to introduce users to powerful search, retrieval and downloads methods. Read more
27 Jun 2018

Cancer-causing virus HTLV-1 changes DNA loops to ‘affect tens of thousands of genes’

The virus acts at a large number of sites across the human genome, disrupting the regulation of tens of thousands of genes, which increases the risk of leukaemia Read more
 HTLV-1 leukaemic cells. Credit: Blood Journal. doi:
25 Jun 2018

EBI Metagenomics becomes MGnify

New name paves the way for new features and updates to be rolled out this year Read more
MGnify logo - white on bacteria background
22 Jun 2018

UniProt release 2018_06

UniProt release 2018_06 is out now with 116,587,823 proteins! Read the headline article 'Neuronal express mRNA delivery service' about updates to related Rat and Drosophila entries and other news on Read more
19 Jun 2018

Towards personalised medicine: one type of data is not enough

New computational method integrates multiple molecular data types to study the variability between patients in complex diseases Read more
Collage of DNA spiral, single cells, and with data superimposed
13 Jun 2018

New releases: InterPro 69.0 and InterProScan 5.30-69.0

InterPro database version 69.0 and InterProScan version 5.30-69.0 for functional analysis are now available. InterPro now covers over 80.7% of the UniProt Knowledgebase and predicts GO terms for over 68 million proteins. Read more
InterPro logo
11 Jun 2018

ENA release 136

Release 136 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences is now available Read more
4 Jun 2018

One search - all the data

Data is at the heart of research. Every publication is a story about data. Thus it is essential to link data in public repositories, such as databases at EMBL-EBI, with the articles that have described or cited this data. But literature-data links come in all forms and shapes, from accession numbers to URLs and DOIs. Read more


31 May 2018

Highlighting RNA in a protein world

The Protein Data Bank (PDB) archive contains more than just proteins, many PDB entries also contain RNA, and finding them has just become a whole lot easier in the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe). RNA is vital to life, it carries both the genetic code and amino acids to the ribosome, where the RNA catalyses the synthesis of proteins. But it’s the ‘poor cousin’ to proteins in the PDB, lacking much of the standard naming and classification that proteins enjoy. This makes it difficult to find, for example, all the transfer RNAs. Read more
Transfer RNA highlighted against a background of proteins
30 May 2018

First Single Cell Expression resource at EMBL-EBI

Expression Atlas resource launches first collection of systematically reprocessed single-cell RNA sequencing data from a range of species Read more
Graphic representation of single cell
29 May 2018

Of mice and gorillas: how wild species may benefit from mouse genetic data

Functional catalogue of the mouse genome can inform the conservation of endangered species Read more
Cheetah, mouse and gorilla on jungle background with DNA double helix
23 May 2018

Using DNA sequencing to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis in Madagascar

Public health teams in Madagascar pioneer portable, real time DNA sequencing to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis  Read more
Health professionals being trained in using DNA sequencing to diagnose drug-resistant tuberculosis
8 May 2018

New global standards for biomedical data citation establish compact identifiers to improve long-term and consistent data citation Read more logo on white background
2 May 2018

Celgene joins Open Targets

New industry partner strengthens drug discovery collaboration Read more
Celgene logo on white background
1 May 2018

New releases: InterPro 68.0 and InterProScan 5.29-68.0

InterPro database version 68.0 and InterProScan version 5.29-68.0 for functional analysis are now available. InterPro now covers over 80.7% of the UniProt Knowledgebase and predicts GO terms for over 67 million proteins. Read more
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30 Apr 2018

New insights into the origins of mutations in cancer

Scientists use data from human cancers and C. elegans to understand mutational causes of cancer Read more
C elegans microscopy. Credit Arturo Agostino.
12 Apr 2018

RNAcentral 9 is available

A new version of RNAcentral (release 9) is available. It features Rat Genome Database (RGD) as the 27th Expert Database, as well as new data from Ensembl, HGNC, PDB, and WormBase. Read more
RNAcentral logo
6 Apr 2018

Ensembl 92 has been released!

We are pleased to announce that the latest Ensembl update (e!92) has been released: Read more
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5 Apr 2018

PDX Finder - Free global portal for cancer models

First global online catalogue of Patient Derived Xenograft models helps cancer researchers save valuable time Read more
White mice next to data repository with PDX Finder logo


28 Mar 2018

UniProt release 2018_03

UniProt release 2018_03 is now out with 111,982,257 proteins! Read more: Read more
UniProt logo
26 Mar 2018

Ewan Birney becomes UKRI-BBSRC Council member

EMBL-EBI Director, Ewan Birney, appointed new member of UKRI-BBSRC Council  Read more
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19 Mar 2018

ENA Release 135

Release 135 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences is now available Read more
19 Mar 2018

New method probes gene expression by cell location

New method for single-cell sequencing analysis combines spatial and gene expression data, allowing scientists to redefine tissue identity Read more
SpatialDE: New single-cell sequencing analysis method to combine gene expression data and spatial data to redefine tissue identity. Credit: Andrea Danti / Adobe Stock
8 Mar 2018

Using robot avatars in bioinformatics training

In a first for EMBL-EBI Training, two postpartum students use robot avatars to study genomic medicine Read more
Small white robot with bioinformatics student
7 Mar 2018

Supporters of women in science shine

Role models across the Wellcome Genome Campus recognised for promoting gender equality Read more
Left to right: Treasa Creavin from Connecting Science, Ewan Birney, director of EMBL-EBI, Elspeth Bruford from EMBL-EBI, Genny Kiff from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Mike Stratton, director of Wellcome Sanger Institute
6 Mar 2018

How did we domesticate sheep and goats?

Sheep and goats use different patterns of gene selection to achieve similar characteristics Read more
Capra aegagrus (wild species, left) and Capra hircus (domesticspecies, right)
6 Mar 2018

New releases: InterPro 67.0 and InterProScan 5.28-67.0

InterPro database version 67.0 and InterProScan version 5.28-67.0 for functional analysis are now available. InterPro now covers over 80% of the UniProt Knowledgebase and predicts GO terms for over 63 million proteins. Read more
InterPro logo
2 Mar 2018

The genetic risk factors for depression

Taking account of major adversity in life is important for understanding and diagnosing depression. Read more
Artist's impression of depression and genetics. Credit: Spencer Phillips/EMBL-EBI


23 Feb 2018

Illuminating the ‘druggable genome’

New method shines a light on unexplored sections of the human genome to find promising drug targets Read more
Artist's impression of the dark genome
22 Feb 2018

Revealing the devil in early cell life detail

Summary Differences between cells can have significant effects during early life and in the early stages of disease  A new technique, scNMT-seq, helps scientists detect these changes and examine their causes  The knowledge gained will be useful for efforts to detect diseases like cancer earlier. Read more
Artist's impression of single cells map
9 Feb 2018

Study identifies new diabetes genes

Scientists identify a network of genes that could play an important role in the development of diabetes Read more
Artist's impression of DNA helix next to black mouse
7 Feb 2018

Cambridge selected for Health Data Research UK site

EMBL-EBI to work with other leading research organisations to transform UK medical informatics research Read more
Health Data Research UK logo


19 Jan 2018

Forthcoming changes to WGS and TSA sequences

ENA is making changes to provision of WGS and TSA sequences Read more
19 Jan 2018

Belgian PhD student decodes DNA and wins a Bitcoin

Three years after DNA Storage scientist Nick Goldman issues his ‘Bitcoin Challenge’ in Davos, University of Antwerp’s Sander Wuyts decodes the key. Read more
Bitcoin encoded in DNA sample, shipped to Antwerp
5 Jan 2018

ENA release 134

Release 134 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences is now available Read more
3 Jan 2018

Europe PMC releases new search snippet feature

Finding relevant research literature just became easier with Europe PMC's new search snippet feature. Snippets reveal the most relevant article excerpts containing the searched terms and can be very helpful in navigating search results. Read more
Europe PMC logo