Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteomes. A proteome is a set of proteins produced in an organism, system, or biological context.

Major proteomics resources at the EBI include UniProtKB, IntAct, Reactome and PRIDE:

  • UniProt Knowledgebase contains protein sequences and functional information (1)
  • IntAct contains information about protein interactions (2)
  • Reactome contains information about protein involvement in human biological pathways (3)
  • PRIDE contains experimental evidence of published protein and peptide identifications (4)

UniProtKB can be used to find the sequence of a protein of interest, and to see what functional information has been ascribed to it. You can then use IntAct to look for published evidence of interactions involving your protein, or look for involvement in known biological processes with Reactome. Finally, you can search PRIDE to find the data from experiments where your protein was identified.